My Vampire System
435 An extra dead
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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435 An extra dead

Underneath the thirteenth castle, there were strange tunnels that seemed difficult to navigate. Certain pathways would lead to others opening up to different areas. The only light source in these deep underground tunnels were the torches that lit up the way, and walking through them right now were two vampires, who were dressed the same from head to toe.

They had most of their face covered, only allowing a slit between the eyes to be seen, a floating cloth dangled over from their mouth and nose while a large black tall hat was worn on top of their heads. These vampires in their unique clothing and face covering were from the ninth family known as the Fortuna family.

The tunnels below each had separate sections that would head off in different directions. These tunnels would eventually link to each castle. A dungeon to be used for their own family members and such until a punishment was decided. However, the tunnels were also linked to each other in some way, blocked by complicated door structures with secret codes. Using these doors, one would be able to travel underneath and move freely between each castle.

The ninth family was in charge of the cellars and tunnels underneath and had access to all the doors. Allowing them to transport criminals from one place to another. As for families, they all had access codes and such to their own doors underneath their castles but did not for others.

One would either have to get permission from another family, or request aid from the ninth family.

Right now, two of the guards from the ninth family had reached a fairly large cellar. Cries from several other creatures and vampires could be heard, but from this one there was no such noise.

A few loud bangs were heard against the bars of the cell.

"Get up, you're being transported to a new location." The guard said.

Lifting himself up from his bed, Fex wasn't exactly enthusiastic about going with these people as he slowly placed his feet along the floor to the bars.

"What's wrong, it shouldn't be time for me to go just yet, right?" With nothing to do in the cellar, all Fex had been doing was counting the time while down here. Sometimes he thought his actions were that of a mad man.

Waiting for the day of his so-called death. But It was the only thing he could do. He was pretty sure he had been accurate with his counting, and it should still be a while before he was to leave this place. Unless he had already gone mad, and was counting far slower than he thought.

"We are moving you to the main castle cellars, where you will be put under a heavier surveillance." The other guard said.

Unsure why they were deciding to be more cautious. Fex decided it wasn't his problem in the first place. It wasn't like there was anything he could do.

The guards put a set of cuffs behind Fex's back. Ones that would be strong enough to hold any regular vampire, and even if he could break out of them, the two guards were quite strong vampires. If there was one, Fex could take them out, but with his hands tied, two would be impossible.

Even if he did, what would he do next? Knowing what his fate was destined to be, he hadn't struggled and decided to go ahead and follow the ninth's men.

Meanwhile, at the same time, two other guards had also been sent to the thirteenth castle. The Wight that had been held captive was also temporarily staying there, but the first leader Bryce, had also made the decision that it would be best if he was transported and put under heavier protection considering what was going on at the moment.

When the two guards approached the Cellar, they had done the same, putting the cuffs on around Peter's wrist and letting him out of the cellar as they took him out and through the tunnels. However, something strange started to happen after Peter had left the cellar.

A strange energy was starting to flow through him strongly, stronger than he had felt before.. The feeling was similar to when he had consumed Quinn's blood, only this time he could tell. It wasn't borrowed power, but it was his own power rising inside him. With this, and the exit from the cellar, the connection between him and his master Quinn could be felt even more than before.

'Quinn, you're here… and you've grown stronger.' Peter thought.

As Quinn grew stronger, so did Peter. Although he couldn't use blood abilities like Quinn could, or shadow abilities. All of Quinn's stats would be replicated to Peter, so right now, he too had the strength of a strong Vampire noble.

He looked at the guards carefully, and it seemed like they had underestimated him greatly, only sending two people to escort him. This was perhaps because they had seen his skill when he fought against Xander. Xander was but a strong child, a Vampire with no ability.

Whereas these two were adult vampires who had an ability. Although they weren't nobles, they thought with two of them it would have been enough. Even if he could defeat the guard, where would he go, how would he navigate underground. Of course, Peter didn't know about the complexity of the dungeon tunnels.

Because of all this though, the guards had never expected what would happen to happen next.

While walking through the tunnels, waiting for the right moment. Peter used all his strength to barge one of the guards with his shoulder, banging him into the wall and causing him to be dazed and stumble. Then something the others hadn't expected. Without caring about pain, or breaking his bones, he forced his hands through the cuffs, snapping his fingers in the process and ripping pieces of flesh from his hand.

Still, this was no problem for the current Peter, who was now a Wight. He felt no pain, and his regeneration speed was great. His fingers and skin had not already healed.

"Grab him!" the guard shouted to the other, as the first one who had been barged into the door had regained his composure.

Both of the guard's hands had wrapped around Peter's waist, holding him in place. Peter, seeing this, used both of his own hands and grabbed onto the guards, and started to pull them apart.

"What, he's stronger than me! I can't hold him." The guard shouted as he could feel he was loosing the power struggle. His arms were slowly shaking as they were spread apart.

Then using his strength, Peter lifted the man over his shoulder, and slammed him onto the ground, dislocating his shoulder. The man coughed up blood and was heavily damaged. Still, Peter wouldn't give him a second chance to get back up. Neither of them had used their ability yet, and he didn't want to find out.

Running up to the man on the floor, Peter used all his strength once again, to kick the man's head, twisting his neck and killing him on the spot. He was a vampire and not a Wight, regenerating from a blow like that would be impossible.

The other guard in a panic, threw out a flurry of punches, but it was useless. Peter was far faster, dodging the attacks. Peter then threw out his own punches. Hitting the person rapidly, not letting up for a single second. Peter continued to punch the guard until no more sound was made.

When he finally stopped, the body had fallen to the floor, and it was no longer moving. Both of the guards had been killed, but Peter had no choice. If he didn't kill them, they would have informed others and more would have come. Making it harder for his escape.

While looking at the bodies, something strange was felt inside Peter, as if he could feel a little fire inside their bodies. This feeling was similar to the connection he felt with Quinn, sometimes only a little different.

Approaching the bodies on the floor, Peter wondered what would happen if he tried reaching out to this connection. As he placed his hand on the body,, he could feel the connection even better now. Naturally, he felt like closing his eyes and then his own energy started to flow out of his palm and started to head straight for the dead guard. As his energy touched the guards, a strange reaction had occurred.

The feeling was strange, and Peter let go and took a step back, but as soon as he did the guard in front of him stood up. His head twisted back in place, and at first, he started to walk very stiffly, but the guard's movements soon became normal once again. The guard bowed down before raising his head.

Looking at the guard closely, Peter could see that his eyes were now completely white and there was no such expression on his face, it was as if he had become an undead.

At that moment, a strange feeling came to him, as if information had entered his head suddenly. He now understood, the vampire in front of him had been turned into a lesser Wight. Turning around, he looked at the other dead guard on the floor.

"I'm going to need your help as well."


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