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434 The eighth family messege
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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434 The eighth family messege

Looking at the three students in front of her didn't give her hope. Silver remembered them quite well, especially the tall blonde student. This was because he had stuck up for one of her family members at one point, and she had made it her duty to try to protect him. Silver always repaid a favour.

it was because of this, she also remembered which family all of them belonged to, and she remembered that all of them had stated they were from the tenth family.

The tenth family, a family with no current power or influence at the council table, the weakest and worst family to belong to. But her mind soon started to change as she started to wonder. Why would the tenth family be trying to save Fex? What relation did they have with him? There was also the chance that this could have something to do with the rumours.

Was the tenth leader really still alive and returning, but this was a far fetched idea as it had nothing to do with Fex. Even in the past, the tenth family was never close to the thirteenth so why would the leader even attempt to save him.

"5… 4….3… 2… 1." Logan started to count down from five and then at that precise moment, something had happened. A strange smell had entered Silver's nose. It had hit her in an instant.

Quickly pulling out the spray bottle, Logan sprayed a few puffs here and there, he had covered his scent once more before putting it away.

Recognizing the strange smell. A natural reaction happened as Silver's eyes went beaming red as the realisation had hit her.

"You…You're humans!" She said.

Vorden placed both of his hands on his back grabbing his blades, and Cia stepped back slightly, as she stared back at the red eyes. The two of them were ready for a fight. Whether or not they could win was an entirely different thing altogether though.

'How, how were humans able to infiltrate this place, and they were even able to get rid of the scent. Have we been discovered?' Hardening her hand and her finger tips, Silver was prepared to throw out an attack and slice Logan's head then and there. It would have been easy and the attack would have been too fast for him to react.

"Remember why we are here." Logan calmly said. "We want to save Fex. Your brother."

Those words were exactly what silver needed. As the anger and panic inside her started to settle, so did the colour of her eyes. Vorden, still worried something would happen, kept his hands on his beast weapons on his back, while Cia was completely covered in sweat as if she was about to collapse. She felt like she couldn't breathe.

'Why does this feel, so familiar?' Cia thought her body was reacting to the vampire in front of her. In her mind, this just confirmed her thoughts. A vampire had to have removed her memories and even though she couldn't remember herself what had happened, her body could.

"Speak." Silver said, in a strong tone, still letting them who was in control of the situation.

"We are friends of Fex, and I'm sure you know about a Wight as well. We have come here to save both of them." Logan started to explain. A strange look appeared on her face, as she wondered how they would even know about Fex in the first place. On top of this, the only interaction that Fex should have had with the humans was at the military base.

Looking at the student's faces, they couldn't have been much older than Fex himself.

'Are these his friends?'

Seeing the concerned look on Silver's face, Logan continued on.

"You met with Quinn right, the other vampire. He is the one that came with us here. We are all here to save Fex."

"And you really think, you three and one vampire is enough to save Fex, when me, a vampire knight won't even go against them?" She replied. "You guys are delusional. So Quinn, is it? What family does he belong to?"

Although Silver sounded a little rude when saying this, in asking this question she was still looking for a little hope. Maybe the vampire had come to the vampire world after informing his leader what was to happen. If they had help from one of the families maybe they could do something.

"Family…" Logan replied, thinking about it. "I don't know, if he was here you would be able to ask him."

When thinking about this question, Logan knew that Quinn had obtained his Vampire abilities through the system and the strange book that was handed to him, but this wouldn't have been an acceptable answer and it was clear it wasn't what Silver was looking for?

She tried her best to keep a straight face, but Vorden had noticed that her fingers were twitching, as if she was nervous about something. It was clear this was a reaction to the current situation.

"I can't help." Silver said after a moment of silence. "You aren't strong enough to even attempt to break out or save my brother. I thought maybe there would be more of you. I won't turn you guys in, but I suggest that once the school summer is over, you guys return from where you came, and speak to no one from this place. As for the sparing next week, I will do my best to cover your backs."

'It's the least I can do for your good friends that have come all this way to try to save you, dear brother.' Sliver thought.

Turning around Silver's last hope was dashed, but she felt a little touched that there were others concerned for her brother's safety apart from her.

"Wait!" Vorden shouted. "I know we may be weak and you can't trust us, but even if you tell us to go back, even if we told Quinn that we would be going back, he will still try everything he can to save Fex. That's just how he is, and it's because of this stubborn side that we all decided to follow him in the first place. "

"If you can't trust us, then at least trust him."

Turning back, and looking at Vorden's eyes, she could see he had the same look, the same look as Fex's when talking about this person. Why did these two people seem to put so much trust in a single person? What was about this vampire that was so special?

"Even if you say that, where exactly is this person, he isn't even here for me to speak to him." Silver replied.

But, Vorden had no reply, they had no clue where Quinn was or why he was taking so long to come to them. But then at that moment, a voice could be heard in Silvers' head. It was the voice of one of the vampires, the power of the 8th family leader, telepathy that covered the range of the whole planet allowing the vampires to communicate with each other.

"Report, anyone in the nearby vicinity of the thirteenth castle, please go there immediately. Special permission has been granted from the leader to enter. The punisher intruder has been spotted. I repeat, the punisher intruder has been spotted."

Due to being at the school, Silver had yet to be informed of the details from the council meeting. Informing them that there was a punisher out and about, so she was deeply confused for a second. She knew of the punishers but didn't know what had happened. What was even more surprising was for some reason they were at the thirteenth castle?

"Please be on the lookout for two Male teens. They both have their mouths covered with some sort of strange masks, also it appears they have managed to take control of a few of our own. The Wight has escaped and is on the run with the Punisher. I repeat the Wight has escaped and on the run with the punisher."

"What is going on?" Silver said out loud while looking at the three in front of her.


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