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433 Asking for help
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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433 Asking for help

Inside, Logan's room back at the vampire academy. Currently inside was Vorden, and they had even invited Cia this time as well. Although the girls and boys' room were often separated, there were no strict rules when people would visit or come into each other's room. Unlike back at the military academy.

It seemed like they were quite open about this and many times while staying there, Logan had noticed many females and male vampires going into each other's room. Coming out, their clothes would be ruffled and such, and their faces blushed with heat, it was obvious what was going on.

'Must just be a cultural difference, I guess.' Thought Logan.

Still, the reason they had gathered and asked for Cia to come along as well, was because they wanted to execute the next part of their plan. Moving together was important, even if they couldn't connect with Layla, she was still by far the safest out of all of them.

Honestly, although Cia had come into the room, she didn't want to cooperate with the others until she had learnt the truth. But what other choice did she have?

The only thing she was sure about right now was that she was human in a vampire world and the others in front of her were human as well. In a way, she was stuck, because without Logan's spray she would be unable to disguise herself as a vampire. Yeah, she had her bottle, but how long would that last and what would she do when it ran out. ti was simple, if she was on her own, she would be dead, and right now she was safer with them.

"I think maybe we can tell Silver the teacher, why we are here." Logan proposed as he sat down on his bed while the other two were standing.

"You mean, our teacher! Why would you do that? Won't that mean we've been found out?" Cia complained immediately, unaware of what the other two had learnt.

Looking at Vorden's reaction, Logan could tell he had found out the truth as well.

"Cia, I'm sorry that not much has been explained to you but you see, the person we came to rescue is a vampire as well, and it turns out that Silver and him are brother and sister," Logan explained.

For a moment, Cia remained in silence; she didn't know what was really going on or why any of it mattered.

"If they're brother and sister, then why doesn't she try saving him? What makes you think she will help?" Cia asked.

"Judging by her actions yesterday, she is currently very emotional," Logan replied. "The fact that Silver had come to Quinn in the human world in the first place and informed him of what was going to happen to her brother, meant she wanted him to do something. She wanted him to act, and that's what we have done. Maybe if she knows that we have arrived, then she will choose and be able to help us out."

"It's still risky though," Vorden added. "I also agree that there is a good chance she will help, based on her actions, but what if she doesn't and she reports us?"

Logan then quickly formed a robotic type gauntlet with the spiders from his hand, then soon after he displayed a holographic screen from it in front of them all. When the others looked at it, all they could see were times and events. It looked like it was the school timetable.

"I think we have run out of time and no longer have any choice," Logan replied. "This is the school timetable for the next week, and can you see what one of the lessons is?"

Looking at the time table, they looked at all of them carefully until Vorden spotted the troublesome lesson that would soon be coming up. "Sparring matches.." Vorden said.

"Although we are strong, and perhaps can put up a good fight against the vampires, I doubt we would be able to fight them without allowing any of our own blood to be split." Said Logan. "On top of this, Xander is most likely after your blood more than ever, and I hear he is quite the skilful student. We also don't have the option of just suddenly leaving. If we leave, then they will know and come after us, making them aware that something is up. The only time we can act, or the best time to act, would be when we have enough information and Quinn is here, or if that doesn't happen at the execution itself."

"So you're gambling on the fact that it's more likely that Silver will help us once she finds out our reason for being here," Vorden replied. "Or at least will get us out of the current sparing predicament."

Getting up from the bed, Logan then proceeded to open up a small latch, in his strange glove, around the area of his forearm. Inside it were the red blood pills that had been obtained from the trials when they had first arrived.

"Take them," Logan said, giving them to Vorden. "Without all my equipment, I have not been able to do a full check, but I'm 90 percent sure that they won't harm you in any way. Although I am unsure if it will have the effect that Quinn had said, but, there may be a time when you need them. For me, it's useless, since I don't fight using my own strength and speed, and Cia is a support type who is naturally weak, so if they really do have an effect, it's best if you take them for now."

Looking at the blood pills, Vorden put them away in his trouser pocket, tying the flap down. If he could, he would avoid using them, 90 percent still meant there was a 10 percent chance something bad could happen, and it was better for him if he didn't take that type of risk.

"What about the green injections, didn't Quinn say that would give us a boost as well?" Vorden asked.

"That…" Logan paused for a while. "I was unable to assess what that was. I think it's best if we avoid that at all costs."

With that, the day had ended and the three of them tried their best to go for a peaceful sleep for the night. When they returned to their classrooms the next day. Silver had as expected shown them the schedule for that week, and it did indeed include a sparring session. Of course, Logan had extracted this information from the school's server ahead of time.

Originally planning to leave earlier, he thought it wouldn't be a problem, but there was still no sign of Quinn anywhere, so they had stayed at the school longer than they thought they would. For them though, this only confirmed in all of their minds that the best option was to ask Silver.

When the class ended, the three of them had left the room as usual as if nothing had happened that day and when everyone left the classroom and Silver was at her desk. She was staring blankly ahead. There was a load of paperwork on her table, but her mind was constantly filled with thoughts and distractions of what to do. As the days went by and the execution was drawing closer and closer, she had images flash in her head, and plans of how she could save her brother.

'Why father... are you really going to let Fex just die like that?'

Silver was a little upset that her father had seemed to ignore the fact altogether and was treating Fex, his own son, just as if any other vampire had committed such a crime. He didn't even try to defend him or pardon him.

But in a way, this was expected for her. She knew he was like this, and this was where she got her own stubborn side from. When it came between choosing family and the laws one would choose family right?

Slowly, Silver was realising that she herself cared about her brother more than any of the stupid vampire laws. The only problem was, she wasn't going to go on a suicide mission. As it was right now, even if she got involved, she wouldn't be able to escape and her own life and her brothers would be taken. Perhaps then all of the thirteenth family would be treated as traitors, and because of her actions, what was happening to those that were in the thirteenth would worsen.

She couldn't do that. As a teacher at the school, she could already see how the other thirteenth members were being treated now, so she couldn't imagine what would happen if they found out she too had gone against the council.

Thinking about all of this was a lot on her mind but that's when she noticed a strange small little piece of paper that had magically appeared on her desk. Not only that but it was moving.

Eventually, the piece of paper had stopped moving, and then a small little spider from underneath the paper had left and gone away back climbing down the desk and heading off somewhere.

Looking at the piece of paper, Silver noticed that it was a note.

"We wish to help out Fex, please meet us in the storage room, based outside on the field."

Looking at the note, for some reason, a slight jolt was felt in her heart.

'Who said this, is it one of the other vampire families? Maybe the one that was hiding the identity of the vampire that created the illegal. Maybe they are finally making a move. Should I meet them… If they can help save Fex then I have to meet them.'

With her hopes on the mysterious note that just appeared in front of her, Silver decided to head to the location. She stood outside of the storage door, located off to the side on the outside field. Suddenly, she felt a little strange. Her senses were telling her there were three vampires inside, not any special vampires but just regular vampires.

However, they might have been only messengers. Opening the doors, she went straight in and quickly closed them behind her. When she turned her head, she could see three students inside the room, all of the ones she recognized that were in her class.

Her sudden hopes were dashed as she remembered each of them was from the tenth family.

Logan was the first to walk forward and approach Silver.

"We are here to save Fex," said Logan.


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