My Vampire System
426 Special blood
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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426 Special blood

(Note: I might have made a mistake in previous chapters but not sure. Rokene is from the Fifth family and has the ability to talk to animals. Clark is from the fourth family. They are not from the same family.)

Rokene had walked a short distance away; he would frequently stop and turn to look back. He hated the fact that he had left the only person that understood him behind, but he had no choice, right? If he didn't, he would have been in big trouble, and possibly his own family would have abandoned him, even if he was a direct descendant.

There were still others in the family that were older and more powerful than him. They were ready to take the leader position at any time. He wasn't exactly the first in line.

"What are you doing? Why are you so scared? I can explain everything that happened. He's a nice teacher, he will understand, he has to understand." Rokene said as he started to run back to the direction he once came from.

After a short while, he had arrived in the same spot he was at before, only it looked different. There was a fairly large purple dome shape out on the field that would constantly shift moving as if it was alive.

'What is that?!'

At first, Rokene thought he had come to the wrong place, but after seeing the three students bodies still outside of the dome, he could tell that he was in the right place.

'They must be fighting in there; I wonder what that is?'

As the dome of shadows Surrounded Clark, he couldn't help but feel a little anxious looking at the moving shadows around him. He himself had never encountered a shadow user before, or the so-called punishers but knew about them. They were the vampires who previously upheld the vampire law.

Which meant they needed strength, an ability that went beyond that of the thirteenth families. Because he could see the student in front of him was only at the vampire stage, he had been taking things too easily.

First, he quickly threw a blood swipe attack of his own to the side, and when it hit the wall, it looked like the attack was wholly absorbed, and the dome had kept its shape.

Attacking the dome, depending on the power of the attack used would lower Quinn's MC cells but usually after seeing this, others would come to the conclusion that the dome was hard to break, and Clark had done the exact same thing. Now focusing on the enemy in front of him.

The dome was used to force a closer combat battle; for some reason, he noticed Clark was keeping the distance at the mid-range. This was bad for Quinn, who had his new advanced tier gauntlets. But there was also another reason for using the skill shadow void. During his training before coming to the vampire world, it had increased to level three.

At the third level, all Shadow skills that were used while in the dome would be reduced down to fifty percent. An additional effect was his MC cells would regenerate at a faster speed while still in the dome. Before when using Shadow void, his MC cells wouldn't regenerate because the skill was still active.

Shadow void didn't take any MC after it was cast, but because of the defect before, it was risky as it would use nearly half of his MC points. Now it was always advantageous to fight in the shadow void as much as possible, as long as someone didn't attack it from the outside or in. It was perfect for one on one fights like these.

[Shadow Cloak]

One second the student was in front of him the next he had disappeared. Clark could still sense Quinn, but he was moving all over the place, and it was hard to pinpoint an exact location, but it was useless.

Using his sharp finger, Clark quickly made two cuts on the palm of his hands then he swung both his arms out, causing the blood to fly out and break apart like rain drops. Seeing this, in Quinn's head, all he needed to do was a flash step ahead of the blood. Thinking that Clark had planned to use his own blood to try to locate where Quinn was.

After all, he was invisible, it didn't mean objects and such couldn't touch or hit him, but it turned out, this wasn't Clark's reasoning.

"Click!" Clark said and in an instant… All of the blood drops that were flying threw the air started to glow slightly orange, and a small explosion came out from them all at the same time. A firework of explosions had erupted inside the dome, and although each explosion wasn't too big, all of them at once was big enough to cover nearly the entire range of the dome.

Quinn was hit and was sent flying backwards falling on the floor. Multiple parts of skin from his face and arms were ripped, and he was in serious danger as the pain seared through his body. The shadow was being used to cloak him, so it was unable to block the unexpected attack.

[12/95 HP]

'Blood bank activate!' Quinn asked, having already consumed 100 millilitres in his last fight, this was the next batch of hundred that was not consumed yet, and it was his last.

[Blood bank is now empty]

[62/95 HP]

His wounds were healing at an incredible rate, and even Clark could see this. It was abnormal even for a vampire unless they were consuming human blood, but he could see no such things. The burns and wounds all across Quinn's body started to heal, and unfortunately, there were tears and rips once again in the nice suit Logan had managed to make for him.

'His ability, is it explosive blood?' Quinn thought, and his guess was correct.

The fifth family's ability was the ability to create explosive power from their blood. Depending on how strong there MC points were and how much blood was used, the stronger explosions could be made.

When seeing the strange dome, Clark wasn't completely worried, and that was because of his ability, in a close spaced like this, as long as he was careful not to hurt himself it was advantageous. His explosives were more likely to hit in a smaller closed area like this one.

Not wanting Quinn to recover completely. Instead of splattering his blood out, he now threw out larger clumps of blood. Using a strong force, he could keep a lot of the blood together, but still, it would split out slightly.

Then when it was in front of Quinn.


The special word was used to ignite the blood, causing the explosion once more. This one was nearly twice the size of the others, and he was confident he had won the battle. However, the dome was still up, meaning the student was still alive.

As the dust from the explosion settled down, the shadow could be seen covering Quinn's front, and he was completely unharmed. Honestly, Quinn was unsure if it would work against something like an explosion. Since his shadow usually slowed down attacks. Still, it had worked, and now moving himself, and the shadow out, the power of the explosion set off again in a different place from where Quinn was.

This confused Clark slightly but he knew he couldn't think too much about it, as he needed to concentrate on the person running towards him.

[MC 30/100]

Although Quinn was successfully able to block the attack, the problem was it took a lot of his MC points doing so, even with the dome active. He wouldn't be able to block much more.

"Blood swipe." Throwing out two blood swipes with the red aura, and streams of real blood following after. Quinn knew this would be a big attack; if he blocked this one, he would no longer be able to use the shadow.

'I can only try one thing.'

Moving his arm, the shadow followed, and it was quickly placed on the ground in front of him.

[Shadow Hop]

Moving and stepping into the shadow in front of him, His body sunk in and had disappeared entirely. Allowing the attacks to go straight past hitting nothing.

This wasn't like the shadow cloak where Clark could still sense him; he had no clue where Quinn was. It was as if he had vanished entirely. Looking at the spot where he had last seen him, he could see nothing.

Then suddenly, out from behind, at the edge of the shadow void, Quinn had appeared.

[Wind walk activated]

[Flash step]

[Flash step]

[Flash step]

Using everything he had, not caring about conserving his stamina he had reached behind Clark's back in an instant. He quickly grabbed the top of his head and activated his gauntlets skill. The energy started to surge through Clark's body and caused an electric shock. Unsure whether it had any effect or not, as soon as both of his hands let go from the top of his head, he stomped the ground hard and threw out a fist performing a regular hammer strike hitting him right in the stomach.

[Flash step]

Using another flash step, he closed the distance not letting the force of the hammer strike fling Clark's body too far away, and lifting his leg up he swung it down pounding Clark to the ground. As Quinn raised his fist to hit Clark on the floor one more time, he felt his legs completely give in. They felt like jelly, and he had collapsed on the ground.

[Stamina has been depleted]

Quinn had kept an eye on his stamina during the fight, but it looked like using all of the skills consecutively without a break, or a breath in between had caused it to deplete faster than usual. But it was something he felt like he needed to do. He didn't know how effective the gauntlets would be against a vampire knight and it was a risk, at the same time Quinn didn't want to use any slashing attacks that would cause a new flesh wound, afraid that he would use it to cause an explosion.

Lying on the floor, the shadow Void around them started to disappear. It looked like even if he did still have MC points left, if his stamina was used up, he wouldn't have the strength to keep it active. Tilting his head to the side, he could see Clark's body unmoving.

Still, the unmoving body wasn't what made Quinn realize that the fight was over; it was the system message that appeared in front of his face.

[Congratulations, you have defeated a vampire knight]

[Instant level-up reward received!]


[You are now level 20]

[Evolution process will now begin . . .]


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