My Vampire System
422 Bat Hunting
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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422 Bat Hunting

When entering through the square like teleporters, Quinn realised that the students didn't have to go through holding each other one by one like they did the circular teleporters. At first, Quinn thought this was done on purpose as a way to randomly split up the students for the assessment, but as they were transported to the new area, and he looked around him. He could see everyone was there and shortly after the teacher had arrived as well.

Just like the planet, they had come from it was dark outside when looking at the sky. All of them seemed to be in a strange open wasteland. There were no trees like where they once were, and there seemed to be nothing around them at all. No lake's no hills just a fat plain wasteland.

It was hard to tell if it was the same planet that Quinn had arrived on once before. When he had arrived at the red portal planet before, he had done so at a shelter There were plenty of buildings and strange items around, but they were all destroyed. After all, planets were large and vast, and some of them even had similar structures to earth. Where there would be separate continents with water in between.

So there was a good chance that Quinn would never see the shelter again even if he was on the same planet, but it did start to make him think. The planet was where he had found the Shadow ability book, while the book itself was an ability that only vampires could learn. Right now vampires used the planet as a training ground, was there a possibility that at one point the human shelter and the vampires had interacted with each other.

Maybe the vampires were even the ones who had destroyed the shelter. The shadow seems to be a complicated thing, during his training, he looked at the other descendants and saw them from time to time using their powers. Yet not a single one of them had the same shadow power as Quinn, and even the system had told him it would be best for him to hide it for now, only using it if his life was in danger.

When Clark had arrived, he went around to each of the students placing a strange small circular device on their clothing. It stuck on quite easy and it looked as if it would take quite a bit before falling off. He then also handed them each a small backpack that continued certain supplies inside, one of them being blood.

"This here is a tracker that will allow me to find you, as for the other things you can take a guess why they are needed," Clark explained. "This trip will last a total of three days. When the tracker beeps three times, it means you are to return to this spot so please try to get your bearings. If you are lost, then don't worry.

"My familiar is one of the best at tracking people, and we also have the trackers placed on you as back up. The task is to defeat ten death bat crystals, you may do so however you wish, you may do whatever you wish. But remember your fellow classmates are not the enemy. If I find you have stolen the bat crystals after they were already obtained you shall be in serious trouble."

From Clark's words, it sounded like working together to collect the crystals were not a problem, but one could not steal crystals from another. This meant working as a group presented its own problems. Although you are more likely to kill a death bat crystal one would have to find more. And then between the group, they would also need to decide how to distribute to Bat crystals to each other.

The larger the group, the more likely a person would eventually be left out, and the stronger ones would complain at the fact that they did more work. In the first place, there were only twenty five of them on the planet.

Clark then proceeded to sit down and open up his book as he started reading.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Clark said. "The assessment has already begun since we got here."

With that, the students decided to split off and start searching for the death bat beasts. Rokene had teamed up with Quinn and had also already summoned his familiar. With the three they could cover more ground and perhaps find a death bat quicker.

Some other students had formed groups, while there were very few who had decided to go off on their own, but those were mostly the stronger students.

Before leaving, Quinn looked into the direction of Siyrus and their group of three. Their eyes met for a brief second before Siyrus turned his head away and walked off in a different direction. At least, for now, it didn't seem like he would cause any trouble with Quinn again.

Nearly all the students decided to head off in a different direction to see if they could find anything. One of the hardest parts of this assessment was the fact that they were given next to no information. They wern't told where to go, or even where the death bats would most likely be.

If they were in a more varied terrain area, then perhaps they could have chosen certain places that were more likely to have beasts. But the open wasteland made it hard for them to choose any direction.

"Shouldn't it be obvious?" Rokene said while walking and looking at his black rabbit running about ahead of them.

"What do you mean?" Quinn replied.

"Well, the name of the beast is a death bat right, so doesn't that mean they will be in a cave of some sort. Just like regular bats." He replied.

But when Quinn looked around, he couldn't even find a mountain or a hill for any bats to even live in. He did agree, but right now it didn't make any sense.

They continued to walk with still nothing around them they could see, until the little black rabbit started to make some strange noises, and it immediately started to run back towards Rokene.

"It's here," Rokene said. "The rabbit says the Death bat is here."

But when they both looked around, they couldn't see anything. They both walked forward until they were where the rabbit stood and a little up ahead they could see a black shadow mound. From where they were the mound just looked like a fairly large thick boulder. It stood out all on its own and looked a little out of place as nothing was around it.

*Squeek Squeek

"It's saying that the thing that we are looking at is the death bat, but what's it dog out here?" Rokene replied.

From this distance, the bat was a little too far for Quinn to use his inspect skill to bring up any information at the same time he felt like he needed to be careful. Although he had defeated a king tier beast before, at the time he had nearly died and had the help of others. The flashbacks of the advanced beast killing all the students on the other planet came running through his head.

Some advanced beasts were stronger than others, and it was possible this was one of the stronger ones. With his hand, he bent down and grabbed a chuck of the land until it was like a small stone in his hand. It was a good weight and size similar to a baseball. Judging the distance and the right amount of strength. He threw the rock as hard and as fast as he could and managed to perfectly hit the top of the shadow border ahead.

"Bingo!" Rokene said as the stone bounced off and fell to the floor.

Suddenly, the boulder started to shake and vibrate, and it was slowly growing in size. It lifted its wing and revealed was a large bat looking creature that had the wingspan of at least two meters.

Not messing around both of them moved in towards the bat, the bat's movements seemed a little slow as if it was waking up from a sleep, so they decided to move a little faster. While on their way, Quinn was continually trying to use his inspect skill until he was finally within range.


[Advanced tier beast Death bat]

[ A large bat-like creature that uses the power of supersonic waves. The sound produced by the bat is at a frequency that is unheard of by most living beings. The attacks produced from the beast mouth also move at the speed of sound and are powerful. If the bat feels like its life is in danger, it will cry, calling others to the same area.]

"Perfect," Quinn said. "Let's go bat hunting!"


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