My Vampire System
421 The nice teacher cries
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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421 The nice teacher cries

"Stay?" Vorden replied.

It was strange that Layla was possibly talking about being left here on this planet, alone, behind with everyone else. Looking at the small horns on top of her head, and the friendly girls around the place that looked to be just like her, Vorden couldn't help but think maybe she did fit in with this type of crowd more.

'Perhaps she now feels more at home with people more like her now.' Vorden thought.

Seeing a slight frown and down look on Vorden's face, Layla felt like she needed to make sure there was no misunderstanding between her words.

"I don't mean to stay here forever." Layla started to explain. "You guys are going to try to go into the city to try and find more information, right? Is there any need for me to come along and try help? There is still a lot for me to learn here, and of course, I want to help Quinn. If I can, I want to stay here as long as possible learning as much as I can. When you guys really need me, and are ready to get Fex and Peter, then contact me through the mask. I'll check it every night at a certain time and will be ready to leave this place at any moment."

Now Vorden understood, she didn't want to stay behind on the planet, she just wanted to stay here so she could learn more. It was true that probably the three of them would be enough. The pending problem though seemed to be Cia. She had initially come because of Layla and if they were to leave without Layla, would she join them?

They couldn't exactly leave Cia with the other vampires. If they did, then there was a high chance she would be caught. This predicament was something Vorden really couldn't think of how to get out of. He would later need to consolidate Logan about this to see if he had any type of plan.

As time went on, the pairs started to inform each other of certain skills. Vorden and Layla pretended that they were exchanging important information. Logan and the big eyes girl just continued to stare at each other without a word being spoken. While Cia would continuously look in Layla's direction while Amy felt like her words were being spoken to a dead wall.

After the time was up, Vampires were asked to come to the front and explain what they learnt about their partners. While doing so, the Sub class would stand next to them. This was to see how much information they remembered while also sharing it with the others. Most of It went well, and when it came to Logan's turn, he just stood there at the front saying nothing.

And it looked like his partner also did the same, with a large smile on her face.

Seeing this awkward scene, Phil quickly interrupted as he remembered what type of Subclass she was, as she wasn't able to speak.

"Sorry this is my fault, I will do the explaining for this group as an exception.

Vorden already knew about Layla, so it was relatively easy for him to explain to the others and then it came to Cia's turn. Amy standing by her side, thought that she was doomed and wouldn't say anything. After all the whole time the two of them were together, her mind was somewhere else. Hardly any words were exchanged between the two, and Amy would just spout it out as if she was an information page about herself.

"Amy is something known as a succubus. Although some may not be able to tell this there are some clear signs. The red tail and the single horn that is placed only on the left side. This is because she is still only something known as an infant succubus. When she evolves and turns into a full succubus, she will grow two horns, evenly placed on both sides. Her tail will grow longer, her skin will redden, and finally, her wings will sprout out from her back.

"They are strong in illusion magic and are also able to lure certain men who are attracted to her easily. This is because the source of her energy is a man's special seed."

"Excellent," Paul said. He started to explain a few more details while showing Amy as an example. Then later he sent the two of them back.

Returning, Amy glanced at Cia who still looked to be deep in thoughts, She was absolutely shell shocked by the way Cia had managed to answer the whole class. She was sure she wasn't paying attention to a single word, yet somehow she had mentioned everything Amy had said to her.

Even Cia herself hadn't realised how well she was able to keep the information inside her head, but when looking at Layla, it was as if her mind was able to focus on two points of information at once. Noting down everything. She felt like she often did this when walking around and entering rooms. Her eyes would dart around and make points about everything small notes.

Even when looking at people, she would roughly know their weight and height. She could only assume that all of these things were a habit, but why?

After all was done for the lesson, the students were allowed to return to their dorm rooms, and Vorden had entered Logan's room to tell him what Layla had said. With the two of them, they hoped they would be able to come up with a plan because so far they had nothing.

"Well, the best thing to do first is to ask Cia what she would like to do." Logan replied. "I think it's best to bring her along with us, but if she refuses it will be hard to force her… it is a tricky situation, and we still haven't heard back from Quinn."

Logan sat on his chair in his room for a while with his hand on his chin. It was his thinking position, but it was taking longer for him than usual to come up with something. He didn't know if it was because he wasn't in his room with his comfy massage chair or the fact that he hadn't eaten his favourite sandwiches for a while for his brain power.

"I think we might have to stay here as well." Logan finally spoke. "I tried doing research on the thirteenth castle. Now that we know how many vampires and strong vampires are inside, with just us three, I fear we would be killed in seconds. If the students here know nothing more, I doubt we would be able to find more out in the town either. I suggest we don't move until we hear from Quinn, at the end of the day we will all move out with him."

With no plan of his own, Vorden felt like it was probably the only option they had.

The next day, when entering their classroom and sitting in their regular seats, everyone was surprised to see that Teacher Silver didn't seem to be at the front today. She would usually be there before everyone else and greet each one of them as they entered the room.

The kids at first were a little scared of Silver due to the stern expression on her face that seemed to never change. Still, slowly they all started to notice small gestures she would do that the other teachers didn't, these things showed to the whole class that she cared. She would greet everyone as they came in with their first names, pretty much on the second day.

On everyone's desk, notes had been taken down of what they would be going through in their class that day, and if needed for the lesoon, books would already be handed out on each desk. She had also created beautiful name tags that were placed in the front of everyone's desk, so it was easier for everyone to remember each other's name and they weren't just regular name tags as well. Looking at it, one could tell they each had care put into them when being made.

These wern't things the other teachers did, it really felt like she went the extra mile in helping those in her class.

It now made not only the boys, but the girls as well truly fall for their teacher Silver. Some were even thinking it would be best to join the thirteenth family just to serve under her, even with all the problems going on at the moment.

And this was why everyone was worried when all the students had arrived and Silver still hadn't.

"Did something happen to her?" A student asked.

"Maybe we should tell the other teachers." Another replied.

Then the sound of the sliding door was heard as Silver walked in, with it a certain air had arisen, and the room fell completely silent.

Everyone in an instant could tell something was wrong. Each step she took inside the room felt heavy, her hair that was usually done up nicely and tied back had fallen to her sides, and when she finally went to face the students her eyes looked lost. They all wanted to ask what happened, what was wrong? But it was considered rude in the vampire culture to ask such a thing of someone in a higher position.

"I am here to make an announcement that they have asked us to make not only to the students, But to the whole vampire settlement." Silver said in a monotone voice with no fluctuation at all. "That the vampire known as Fex Sanguis, a former member of the thirteenth family will be executed."

This was no new information for the students around them. The word had already spread of what would happen, but still no one knew exactly what he had done.

"The execution will be on the 25th of August on the day he came to this world, and it shall be a public one at the main plaza. Stationed at the front of the king's castle."

"A public execution!" Fred said out loud, but he wasn't the only one that was shocked by this. The others were as well. A public execution hadn't even been seen in their own life times. Most of the time, the matter would be dealt with by their own families or behind the scenes. The students could only think that Fex's crime had to be a truly serious one for them to go this far, and to even make everyone aware of it as well.


Slamming her fist onto the desk in front of her, it was hard for Silver to contain her emotions. She knew this moment was coming but having to inform people out loud of what was happening, made her realise all too soon the day was upon her and that she could do nothing.

"Now, I know why she's like that." Fred said.

Hearing this, Vorden was wondering what he meant, they were able to gather information that had informed them that Silver was part of the thirteenth family. So she would be upset, but this was different. This was beyond being upset, and Vorden was interested due to Silver helping him out before, she seemed like a genuinely good person.

"What do you mean?" Vorden asked.

"What isn't it obvious, although some people say Silver is heartless, it's as clear as day that she is being affected by her brother's execution."

'Silver is Fex's brother, and a vampire knight at that!' Vorden thought in his mind, and it seemed like at the same time Logan had received this information as well. This realisation was what they needed to move onto the next step.

'Now, we just need you Quinn.' Logan thought.


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