My Vampire System
420 Stay or go
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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420 Stay or go

"STOP!" Xander shouted out again, this time louder with his eyes glowing even fiercer, but still it didn't seem to slow down Vorden's advance. Instead, it just made it so all the students who weren't paying attention before, were now looking in the direction of the others.

'Why isn't it doing anything?' Xander thought. He knew he wasn't anything special when compared to the direct descendants. But this was the class from all the regular vampires. Everyone who was somebody was well known and had already been scouted to enter a family. Even if his influence skill wouldn't work on stopping someone completely, it should have at least had an effect on a no name like the person in front of him.

Yet, for some reason he hadn't even flinched or even slowed down for a second as if it had no effect on him at all. As if the person's mind in front of him was impenetrable.

Then, when the two of them were close enough, Vorden strangely leaned in and put his face right up to Xander's.

"You're crappy skills won't work on me… Because my mind is already broken." Lifting his hand upward, he shoved Xander to the side as he continued to walk towards Layla.

The shove wasn't hard. The person had done nothing to Xander, but just because his influence skill had failed him completely, he was sweating in fear right now. Lately too many unexpected things were happening to him lately na perhaps it was best for him to stay out of it.

"You've had your fun now, Raten, so let's switch." Said Vorden, standing by the chair in the black room. "What you did was a little risky, I know you're stronger than me, but remember we don't have any abilities here. It would be a hard fight against a vampire."

"Pft, you need to learn to read people better." Raten replied. "That person won't ever try to mess with you after this. He's broken and Fine, I'll switch. But I don't know why you like this softie, the blondie before was a lot better."

"Wait!" Xander shouted. He had somehow managed to pluck up the courage as there was still something he had that this person couldn't have. He had done his research into the student who had tried to stop him before, and he knew he belonged to the tenth family. Working with them, every vampire and even the sub classes knew there was no future. Compared to himself who was close with the first family.

"Are you sure you want to team up with him? I think you might change your mind. You see that boy there is from the tenth family."

Some of those who were watching around gasped as if they were watching some type of drama show. Since the scene in front of them hadn't turned violent yet, Silver and Paul decide to continue to let the spectacle go on for now. At the end of the day, what they did was their choice, and perhaps this was something they would come across in the future.

"Why do I care about that?" Layla replied. "Even if he was human, I would choose him a hundred times over you."

Although she didn't know it, these words were a low blow to a vampire's pride. Who often saw themselves as superior beings to humans. The words made him feel as if he had been stabbed in the heart and he fell to his knees.

"Okay shows over, everyone quickly get into your pairs." Phil said, clapping his hands. Everyone quickly moved into place, and Amy in the end had ended up with Cia as her partner.

"Both of you go into an empty space. This is more for the vampires to learn about you than the C classes. Tell them everything you know, perhaps show them some skills and introduce yourselves to the person next to you." Paul explained. "Then we can move onto the next step."

As Layla and Vorden got into their own space far away from Xander, the others tried to move so they were relatively close to them as well. This was especially the case for Cia, this didn't go unnoticed by Amy.

"Hey you don't happen to swing the other way, do you?" Amy asked, with her tail pointing in the direction of Layla. "That girl is so lucky to have so many people after her. I thought I was a beauty, but it turns out people don't like this, these days." She said placing her hands on her chest and lifting them up and down.

It was clear Amy was a confident and bold person; it wasn't the fact that she was ugly. In Fact many people would have considered her a beauty, but sometimes her confidence and her pushiness would scare guys away.

Hearing these comments, Cia's face had gone bright red. "No, no, it's not that, She's just the only person I really know from here." 

Hearing these words and what the blonde boy from before had said, Amy was starting to wonder if all of them were from the tenth family. It would explain why at times Layla seemed to be a bit on edge or out of place, and knew far less than the standard person, but if that was the case she was starting to wonder who was her turner. Normal vampires were not really allowed to turn people without permission, so it couldn't be the girl or the other two in front of her.

Then the confidence and memory of the blonde boy was struck in her head, and how he managed to resist Xander's influence skill. These things weren't normal for people from the tenth to do. 

'Is something happening over there?' She thought as she looked in the direction of the tenth castle. She couldn't shake the feeling that very soon something big was happening and it could have something to do with the rumours about the tenths' return. 

"Thank you." Layla said as she gave a warm hearted smile towards Logan. She started to think about the two of their relationships from the start. It had truly gotten off on the wrong foot. In Fact when they first met, Vorden strangled her up against the wall and she had stabbed him in the thigh with an arrow.

And here he was now protecting her. The world truly worked in strange ways.

"Don't worry, we need to look out for each other." Vorden replied. "Did you manage to find anything out about Fex?"

Layla started to explain what had happened during her week. She knew of Fex and it seemed like the others did too but not what he had done. It seemed like it was the same everywhere. She then went on to also explain what she had been doing the last week and how much she had learned. This included controlling her emotions. She no longer felt the need to have sudden outburst here and there and could harness that energy for herself.

This allowed her to call upon her attacks if need be, still if she truly wanted to evolve into the next stage. She would need to try to control this better or even use a strong outside source. This includes the negative emotions of people like Cia. Still, even after all her training, she had yet to evolve into the next stage once, but Phil constantly told her it would be something that would take some time. Especially depending how long she had been Hannyma for.

After hearing everything, Vorden had a list of what had happened so far.

"We think we've spent enough time here and since we can't find anything out about Fex, we are thinking of leaving soon. In the next few days or so. If you can, try to contact us somewhere alone at night and use the mask and we can give you further details then."

For a second, Layla looked around her and looked at Amy and the others. She thought back to her time and how much she had learnt so far. She then took in a deep breath before saying her next few words out loud. "No… I want to stay here."


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