My Vampire System
419 She“s with me
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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419 She“s with me

A week or so had passed since Logan, Vorden and Cia had joined the regular vampire classes. So far with their teacher Silver, they had gone through some interesting things. The first problem they often faced was that the students were given blood at the canteen to consume two days a week.

They were able to get by and avoided drinking the blood packs by either saying they were saving it for later or giving it to someone else and even pretending to drink the drinks. This just made Vorden realize how silly he was on the first day when he had consumed the blood. There were many things he could have done to avoid such a situation, and usually he was quick on his feet when thinking about things like this. The problem was, the situation was so different to what he was used to, that even he was being affected and couldn't think straight.

The next set of problems they had faced were the classes they had to attend. The theory classes were interesting, and it was nice that Silver started from the beginning. So they were able to learn what the vampire pool was, about the thirteen families, the vampire king, and what they all did.

Still, nothing was really explained about the tenth family and their past. There was no history lesson on the vampires' past as if it was something they wanted to forget and also nothing was mentioned about the extra empty castle on the other side. When Logan was trying to gather information, it seemed like none of the other vampire kids knew what the castle was used for either.

The problem came when they needed to take physical activity lessons. One of the first ones was learning the skill blood swipe. Of course, the others weren't able to do this and would never be able to do this because they just weren't vampires. They would try their best to imitate the others, swinging their arms and then faking their anger when it didn't work.

Of course, the other vampires laughed and mocked them but it wasn't seen too much of a big deal, that was because they were in the tenth's family. As Logan had suspected, saying they were in the tenth family was a blessing in disguise. Although they were mocked and teased as such, they weren't really hit or punched just for being weaker like back at their school.

As for Xander, just as Silver had said, she was looking out for Logan and the students that belonged to the thirteenth. Xander didn't really get the chance to mess with Vorden.

A few of the other vampire classes continued like this and they managed to get by the physical ones without much trouble. All they had to do was try to imitate the others but they were all starting to wonder how much longer they could stay there. It was okay to be like this for the first week. But it would only be a matter of time before they were caught. There was no further information on Fex, it seemed. It was best if they could get out of there.

"Today our practical lesson will be a bit different than usual." Silver said standing at the front of the class. "We will be doing something called joint exercises with the other campuses. When fighting or in trouble you won't always have another vampire by your side. There are also those in the subclasses there to help you.

"There are different subclasses even within the categories so it's important you know what each of them do and how they act. So today, we will be going to do some joint exercises with the C campus on the outside front field."

"YES!" Cia shouted out of happiness, the others around her looked at her for a second, before she slowly looked around and started to sit back down in her seat. If it was any other situation she would have been embarrassed but she didn't care. She was just over the moon that she would be seeing Layla again.

Lately her mind had been feeling worse than it did before, especially since she had been mulling over the fact that the people that had brought her to this world, were the ones that might have removed her memories in the first place, but if anyone might tell her the truth, she thought she would be able to reach out to Layla.

'It might be a good time to talk to her to see if she has found anything out.' Logan thought, 'And try to find a way out from here. Quinn should have escaped from that mountain a while ago. He tried to contact us using the mask but it looks like we missed it.'

With the explanation done, three classes each from the vampire side were sent to stand in front of the different campuses. For today two classes would head to work with Category A, then two classes sent for category B and the final two classes sent to work with category C.

When they arrived outside it looked like their class was doing activities with an old friend. As Vordens eyes and Xanders eyes managed to meet each other.

'He's still upset over this little thing, what's with people holding grudges?' Vorden thought.

'Ha, ha,' Raten started Laughing hysterically. 'Like you're one to talk.'

Silver and Paul met up and quickly shook hands as the class would begin, and Paul was left to do the explaining.

"So first, as you can see there are an even amount of Vampires to subclasses of the C class, so what I will want you to do in a moment is get into pairs with each other. I want the two of you to get to know each other. Explain your abilities, your strengths, weaknesses, things you have learnt over the past week." Paul said. "Once we have passed this stage we will then move onto the next. So, please go ahead and find your partner."

Immediately there was a rush from the thirsty vampires to go ahead and talk to the girls from the Sub C classes. Some of them already knew who they wanted to team up with, and some chose to stay with those that they knew and where from their family.

As for Cia, the whole time she only had one person in her sight. As soon as they were allowed to move, she was ready to sprint over to Layla. However, the second they were allowed to pair up, a loud of black figures in her eyesight had gone flying past her and stopped directly where Layla was. They surrounded her and it looked like Cia was unable to even barge in.

"Please be my partner!" One of the boys said.

"I'm the strongest vampire of my class. I think we will make a great couple…I mean partner." Another fumbled over their words.

As for Logan a strange big eyed tanned brown girl with bushy hair had come towards him and said nothing. She then just put his hand into his and stayed there in place.

For some reason, Logan preferred it this way, there was no communication and no hassle. Someone out of the blue had just chosen to be with him.

As for Vorden, he could see everything happening, what they needed to do was to get one of them to team up with Layla so they were able to get more information. He could see Cia struggling, as she couldn't get past the wall of boys, so instead he decided to walk over, but not before Amy, the blonde headed girl had blocked his path.

"Where are you going bad boy?" She said. "You're staying with me." Her tail flicked fast in the wind, but she noticed his eyes were never looking at her for even a second, but was looking past her at Layla.

'What a lucky girl to have such a caring boy.' She thought.

"Move out of the way." A voice said from behind the crowd, most of the boys chose to ignore it continuing to try and persuade Layla, but one of them at the very back had turned and could see who it was.

"Hey." The boy whispered. "Let's go it's Xander."

Once they found out who had told them to go away, the boys decided to split up and leave. Seeing this and ignoring what was going on, Cia felt like it was her chance and she immediately started running towards Layla once again. Hearing the sound of footsteps Xander turned around and looked Cia straight in the eye.

"Stay!" He shouted, and immediately her whole body was frozen, she felt like she couldn't move.

'What is this? Argh my head. What's wrong, why does it hurt so much?' Even though she was in pain and wanted to move she couldn't even lift her hand to place on her aching head.

"Do you remember me?" Xander said walking towards Layla. "I want you to be my partner, as you can see it looks like you have no other choice." He said with a creepy smile.

Layla wanted to use her spiritual chains there and then once again but honestly he had done nothing wrong and it looked like the others had already gotten partners.

'He wouldn't be able to do anything while the teachers are here right ?' She thought as she felt like she had no choice but to accept.

"I want to be her partner." A voice said, and turning his head Xander could see Vorden walking towards him.

"Again, do you people never learn? Stay!" He shouted.

But, not even for a brief second, did Xander's influence skill work on Vorden as he continued to walk forward.


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