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413 Summoning a Familiar
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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413 Summoning a Familiar

Heading back to the camp with Rokene, there were a few things Quinn had learnt about him in the short amount of time they were spending together. They still had a lot of time until they were due to arrive at the destination, so they casually walked their way there.

Thinking about it, perhaps learnt wouldn't be the correct term, but Quinn definitely could say he now had some opinions of his current short companion. The first word that came to his mind when thinking about him, was anger.

As they were walking, a few times through the forest to an unknown location as far as Quinn was concerned, Rokene was able to find fault with a few things. And when this would happen, he was sure to let you know about it. Shouting, cursing and sometimes just outright screaming.

Even now he seemed to have found another fault.

"Why do I have to take part in this whole training thing anyway!" Rokene said. "I already know how to use a familiar, just let me do my assessment to become an adult vampire already."

Although Quinn didn't know what he was fully talking about. He was listening carefully to see if he could catch any hints on what he was just about to walk into. Besides this, his random outburst he actually found quite entertaining.

During their journey, Quinn had found out that Rokene had had the black rabbit for a while now and it was the reason he was able to use it so well. But whenever questions were directed towards him, he would do the best to avoid them. Still, it didn't seem Rokene was that interested in Quinn in the first place which was a good thing.

Some descendants would naturally come across familiars as they grew up, or families would even risk forming a contract with them at a young age. Although this method was more dangerous, and had a higher chance of the familiar killing its partner. If the contract was successfully formed they had more time to form a stronger bond.

Eventually, they had gone out of the strange-looking forest and went into a more laid out open field area. The open field looked unnatural, as it seemed to be in a perfect square shape, and all across the side, the usual forest could be seen. It was as if someone had come along and come and just placed a football pitch in the middle of the forest.

On the open field, there looked to be several tents set up on opposite sides of the field in a row. At the end of the row was a larger tent, and standing in front of that tent was a single adult male vampire. He looked quite young, having short purple dark hair and a mole just underneath his right eye, but the look on his face was also serious, never moving, and it looked as if even a strong gust of wind wouldn't affect him.

'Are all the adult vampires like this?' Quinn thought, as so far the only two adult vampires he had seen were Silver and this man, and they both seemed pretty serious.

In front of him, a few students had gathered, some sitting on the floor, some standing around waiting. There were only about five or so, and Quinn and Rokene quickly went over to join them. The others turned their heads to look at the two newcomers, but quickly turned back as if they weren't interested.

"Hey it's okay, I don't like any of you sad people either," Rokene said back to them, but they still continued to ignore him. Even if he didn't know all of them, it seemed like the few he did know didn't like him.

Although Quinn could perhaps understand why the others wouldn't want to be friends with a person like him, Quinn himself never thought Rokene wasn't that bad. He just liked to express his feelings a bit more than others. Saying his moans and complaints out loudly, as if there was no filter in what should have been said in his head and what he should say on the outside.

They waited, and the two now didn't say much now that the others were around, and quite honestly, Quinn was a little nervous that the instructor would find out he wasn't one of them, but according to Rokene it was only the first day.

The system had also stated that not much information would be kept on the direct descendents on who they were or what they looked like. Because of the power struggles between each of the families, and the possible assassination attempts. This type of information would usually be kept secret from others, and that included the location of the training. Which perhaps explained the reason why they were doing it in the middle of the forest, rather than in a school.

Looking at the instructors and sensing his smell, he smelt different from the others that were around them. It was a smell he had only smelt once before, and that was when Silver had come to visit him. Which meant these two were at the same evolution as each other.

Getting caught or being the centre of attention wasn't exactly the best idea, and perhaps staying next to the unpopular loud mouth, was what he needed. As others who were arriving also wished to have nothing to do with him.

After waiting a few minutes more and more students had arrived and there were now a total of twenty-four students. What surprised Quinn was it didn't seem like a normal school where everyone was the same age. It was clear that there was quite a gap. Some looked to be around twelve years of age, and not just because of their height like Rokene. While others looked a little older around the age of twenty-three.

Which meant there had to be some type of requirement that was needed for them to be invited to the training. Was it their strength? If he was to take the words of what Rokene had said earlier, he was talking about the assessment to ascend to vampire adulthood. Perhaps that was another way of saying they were about to evolve into becoming a vampire noble.

If that was the case, it meant the people around him would be some of the strongest, vampires at the vampire stage, at the peak just before evolving. Seeing all the kids of different ages, Quinn started to think about himself. He was still sixteen and soon in a week or so it would be his birthday turning him into seventeen.

He had, had a crazy sixteenth year, and he was sure he would remember it for the rest of his life, but he had been so busy with everything he had even forgotten about his birthday, and it looked like he would be spending it in a completely different world.

"Alright everyone, line up!" The instructor shouted.

Those that were lazing around on the floor, standing slightly off to the side, and a little at the back, immediately got into position, standing in a row one after another.

"You were all given the briefing by your families about what you were to do before arriving today, So I will ask you all who are here, who has not been successful in acquiring a familiar?"

Looking to his left and looking to his right, Quinn was waiting to see who would put their hand up. It seemed like at first they were a little reluctant to, but there were some with nervous looks on their faces and the first person eventually raised their hand.

"Don't be scared, it does not matter if you have failed this task. It was expected of you in the first place." The instructor said.

After hearing this, more students started to put their hand up, and five eventually stepped forward, two boys and three girls.

"This will be a good experience for you all." The instructor explained. "One day when you run your own families, you might have to do what we will now be doing today. For the students that haven't been able to capture a familiar out in the open. We will be summoning one and forming a contract with them, right here and right now."


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