My Vampire System
412 Angry child
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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412 Angry child

Inside the person's arms, the Black rabbit was being cradled like a newborn baby. It wasn't just calmy staying there. Instead, it seemed to be shivering away, it wasn't just frightened but terrified.

"Oi, look what you did to my familiar!" The person shouted. "You've completely scared her, she's frightened out her boots, she won't stop shaking."

The black rabbit, turned its head towards Quinn, and he wasn't sure if he was imagining it or not, but it felt like he could see a smile on its face.

Looking at the boy in front of him, and yes, Quinn thought "boy" was the correct word to describe him. He could only think that the vampire was quite young, based on his appearance. He was around the same height as Logan. While Quinn was around 178 centimetres tall, not relatively short and not quite a tall person, both the person in front of him and Logan both came just underneath his chest.

He had ash grey hair that looked to be swept back that reminded him a little of Fex, but then the back of his hair was spiked out. As if the boy was always running through the wind and it had gotten stuck like that. As for the clothes, it seemed like they were dressed just like any other kid that age would have done, just a dark shirt and trousers.

"Hey! Hey! Are you ignoring me? What are you going to do about this!" The boy said. "Are you going to compensate for this crap?" Although the boy didn't sound it, he was actually being very cautious of the man standing in front of him. He hadn't moved from his spot, and if he thought he was going against a regular vampire, perhaps he would have taught them a lesson through a physical beating.

The reason why he was deciding to be cautious was because his blood wall had been broken by a blood swipe. One of the most basic and weakest blood attacks a vampire could perform, had shattered his blood wall. Through smell, he could tell the person in front of him wasn't a vampire noble. Although All vampires emitted a specific type of aroma or hormone that they could distinct from humans, it was slightly different with each evolution.

So just how was he able to break his blood wall? That's when he decided the vampire in front of him, couldn't have just been a regular vampire, but a vampire like himself. A direct descendant of one of the thirteenth.

"Sorry!" Quinn shouted back. "I didn't know that was yours, it looked…Interesting."

The boy gritted his teeth wanting to say something back, he wanted to snap..."Interesting?", 'he tried to kill and attack his familiar because it was interesting? Did he perhaps think it would make a tasty snack?'

Lately, though he had been taking anger management classes and he started to put it into practice imagining his happy place.

He closed his eyes and was transported into a room full of beast crystals, slowly swimming away in a pile, up and down, jumping into them like a ball pit. "Aww, the life…"

'This boy is a little strange.'

Putting the black rabbit down on the floor, it started to turn into a slight black mist. It began to head towards the boy's neck and eventually formed a black collar. Seeing this, Quinn realised it really was his familiar. Unlike his own though, the boy's transformed into a physical object that could be seen just like Fex's earing.

The boy started walking up to him and held out his hand.

"If you are really sorry then pay me." He said. "Give me some beast crystals or.." He then looked to his left and looked to right checking if there was anyone nearby, "a blood crystal if you have one of those." He Whispered.

While looking at the short boy, Quinn started to think back to the quest he had received to defeat the familiar. If he remembered correctly, familiars wouldn't really die. If he had killed the black rabbit, would he have gotten his instant level up? Or did the quest really mean to kill the boy, satisfying the quest?

If the second one was the case, then it would be unwise for Quinn to take part. Although he felt he was stronger than the vampire in front of him, he knew nothing about the vampire or who he was. Perhaps if the boy was to go missing, they would throw a search party or would be aware someone was here attacking them.

Laying low until they had gathered all the information they needed was what they had to do.

"Oh, I know," Quinn said as if he had just gotten a light bulb moment. "I just saw a cave in a different area, it had tons of crystals over there."

Pulling his hand back, the boy now had a scrunched up face and was starting to sweat a little.

"Wait…Wait, you saw that!"


Quinn thought this would be the case, he couldn't imagine the black rabbit caring about the crystals. After finding out it was a familiar belonging to someone else, it now made sense why it was doing what it was doing. What surprised Quinn was how well one could control a familiar to do it's bidding. It as practically farming crystals for him.

'I wonder if I will be able to control the Bonelaw till the point it can do what I want?' Then Quinn remembered the subtle text when reading about the Boneclaw, about subtle desires. Did all the familiars work like this? Maybe the boy's wish in front of him was to gather beast crystals, so that's what it was happy to do.

While the Boneclaw was meant to complete his darkest desires, not wanting to not think about it anymore, he tried to move the question onward.

"Fine!" The boy shouted. "Were even, thanks for telling me about that, I'll check it out later." Although he tried to keep his voice straight, he couldn't help but allow it to shake slightly. At some point, he would have to move the crystals somewhere else. Wanting the stranger to forget about what he had seen, he tried to throw him off track.

"So I'm guessing you haven't found a familiar yet, is that why you were going after mine?" The boy asked. "You know, you don't have to beat them into submission. Familiars are cleverer than beasts. Sometimes you can just talk with them and make some type of deal. If you haven't found one now, then you don't have much time left until we have to head to class."

"Class?" Quinn replied. "I'm sorry but I'm not a middle schooler."

"What!" The boy shouted. "You idiot you thought that because I was a shrimp didn't you? You're a descendant right. That's why you're out here looking for a familiar. It's not my fault that you didn't complete the assignment before school starts. I thought it was pretty rough of them as well. Asking all of us to go out and search for a familiar."

Hearing this, Quinn decided to ask the system if he knew more details, and it turned out he did.

"It looks as if even so much time has passed, the vampires are still doing things like they always have." The system replied. "Remember what I said earlier. Only vampire descendants and vampire leaders are permitted to have a familiar. In my time, they would often be separated from the main school most of the time, as there were different things to teach and learn. And one of the first tasks is usually asking them to seek out and find their own familiar."

"Can there be more than one decadent per family?" Quinn asked.

"Yes, it's quite normal for them to have many in case something happens to them. Some leaders used to not even know who were their children and who wasn't but would just pay attention to those strongest."

Thinking about this, if Fex was to have a familiar, it meant he was also a direct descendant. Not only that, but it seemed that they didn't know each other that well. Otherwise, the person in front of him would have recognised Quinn as a fraud. Instead, he assumed Quinn was also one, perhaps because of his strength.

Maybe if he was to join their classes, he could see if anyone else knew any information about what exactly happened to Fex.

"Actually," Quinn replied, doing as the system told him. He turned around and slightly pulled down his shirt showing the circle marking on his back. "I already have a familiar."

"Oh! Oh!, so you just tried killing my black rabbit for fun I see. I see!" the boy was saying in an angry tone. If it wasn't for the fact the person in front of him knew about his stash of crystals, he would have done something by now.

"That was an accident, let's start again. My name is Buinn." When trying to come up with a name, Quinn didn't know why, but his head was telling him that the easier thing to do was just to place a B in front of his name.

Letting out a bit of hot air from his head, the boy finally replied back. "I'm Rokene."

With that, Quinn placed his hand forward, suggesting Rokene lead the way, and the two of them headed off towards the particular training area for descendants. There was a second reason he decided to take this training up, and that was because if they told the others to just get their familiars now, then maybe he would also be able to learn how to control his.


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