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406 The Subclass school
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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406 The Subclass school

Breaking off from the others, Layla was starting to get a little worried. She didn't know who these girls were and had never met them in her life before, and all of a sudden she was being dragged off to a separate building where she would have to take lessons all on her own.

A worry was set in her mind, but not just about her, but about Cia as well. Although too soon to feel like they could call each other friends, in a way so far they had relied on each other. Cia used her as a comfort and in return, Layla used her to feed her powers.

Although she wasn't too afraid of getting caught, it did feel like a daunting task to her. As the group of girls continued to push her towards a different building. She started to get a grip on herself by breathing in and out slowly.

'Come on Layla, you can do this, it's just like the first time you went to the military academy. You were on your own back then too, and it's basically the same thing. I'm just disguising myself as one of them.'

She hated to think about it, but her preparation with Pure and all the training did help her for situations like these. There were multiple times and scenarios she had practiced for when she needed to be fake and blend in, and in all of them, she was on her own as well.

Eventually the girls had all led her to the building, it was a few times smaller than the main one, but so were the other two buildings she also saw others go into. They entered a type of reception room before being taken down a hallway and eventually entering a classroom. What surprised her was for such a small school, the classrooms seemed to be oddly big.

Just like the classrooms in the main vampire building, they were organized the same. Where each row was higher than the last, and the very last row was the highest. Only the room was about three times bigger. When looking around it appeared as if there were around fifty or so students already inside.

And on a closer look, they all seemed a bit different. There were a couple that looked the same, but unlike the other vampires. A lot of them had distinctive features that made you realise they weren't exactly human. It would almost be impossible to hide.

looking at these, Lyala was starting to be thankful that her two little horns on top of her head just appeared as bumps. it was easily able to be covered by moving her hair or placing a bandana on top. Right now, she could be herself though and there was no need to worry about such a thing.

"Come on, let's go sit over there." The blonde-haired girl said, pointing to the front row. Since all the other students had already taken up the other seats.

When they arrived though there were six of them including Layla, but there were only five seats present. The blonde girl had decided to go up to one of the other seats, where a boy was sitting.

"Hello there, do you mind moving so me and my other friends can sit here?"

The boy looked over at the blonde girl, before looking over at the other girls as well. He then noticed one of the girls with small little bumps on top of her head. Layla.

"I'll move, if you let me go out with her." The boy said pointing at Layla.

The blonde girl started to laugh and had a smile on her face, but a few seconds later, and a fist came down on top of the boy's head. "I said move!" She shouted and the boy, not wanting to get hit again, quickly left and moved to another seat.

"Girls are scary." He cried as he went away.

The six girls sat together, allowing Layla to sit in the middle and the blonde girl sitting next to her.

"I almost forgot my manners. My name's Amy, by the way. Nice to meet you." She said with a smile.

Layal smiled back, but honestly, she was having a hard time telling whether Amy was a good person or not. When the boy had pointed at her and looked her way in a certain way. A creepy feeling was felt inside her. It wasn't a usual way someone looked at a person. At least not a way she had felt. Because of this, she didn't really know what she wanted to say to the boy, but it looked like Amy had dealt with him already.

'She's strong willed at least, reminds me a little of Erin.' Layla thought.

"Amy, can I ask, how do I know this is the classroom I'm meant to be in?" Layla asked.

"Huh, did you not read the information they gave you? I know it was a bore to do. My turner made me do it, saying it would help me. Anyway, it's because this is the only class in the whole school. As you know there aren't many of us C class type sub classes. On top of that, there aren't enough of them to go to school. Actually, some years they don't even bother doing classes, and tell the subclasses to wait until there're enough students." Amy explained.

Finally, the teacher walked in, who looked like quite the handsome man. He himself looked just like any other human and had short hair with round glasses on his face while wearing a nice suit.

"Hello there everyone, I'm Professor Phil and I will be your teacher for this semester. Now before we start, I want to take a good look at you all and see what we have." Phil said as he started to walk around the classroom and went up and down the rows.

"I see we have a succubus here." Phil said, pointing to one of the students. "Oh a Banshee, and a Witchesse over there…" Then when going back to the front of the class he noticed one of the girls looking down as if she was avoiding eye contact with him. That's when his eyes started to light up, and he held out his hand.

"Do you mind coming up to the front, pretty miss." Phil said. For some reason, Layla found it hard to say no to the teacher, as if his smile was pulling her in. So instead she nodded as she was led to the front of the classroom with everyone else.

"As you all know, it's quite pointless for us to do introductions. Subclasses have no choice when joining a family because they have to follow the person who turned or created them, but that doesn't mean you aren't special. There will be times when you must work with others in your family, or maybe other vampires completely, and that includes each other." Phil explained.

"So it's important that we learn each trait of as many C classes as we can. So, I will ask, does anyone know what… Sorry, what was your name?" Phil asked.

"Layla." She replied, still being embarrassed as everyone started to stare at her. When going into the computer system, Logan had added Layla to the system as well, but was careful not to change her name. After all, he was unable to tell her unless he used the mask to tell her what her new name would be.

But if Vorden was here, he would have told Layla that she was lucky to not be called Bayla.

"Can anyone please tell me what Layla is?"

A few students had put their hand up, and that included the girls at the front. It seemed like more of the girls knew the answer to the question then the boys. Selecting one student, Phil waited for the answer.

"A Hannya." The boy replied.

"Excellent, so as you know here we have a Hannya. Now I want to tell you how special this is, it's very rare to see a subclass like this. Do you know why?" This time when asking the question, Phil didn't give the others the chance to answer and continued to explain. "Because a Hannya is the only known vampire class that is able to switch between evolutions on the fly. They have a total of three evolutions that they can choose from and depending on the situation they are in, they are able to change."

"On top of this, each evolution has a different set of abilities that would be better in different scenarios. They don't just stay in one state, but are able to change into these different states at will. Although after a certain amount of time, they will always go back down to the original state like the one that you see here in front of you. Thank you Layla, please sit down.���

Layla quickly ran off and sat back down in her seat. Phil went on and started selecting more random students to come to the front. He would then do the same as he did with her. Explaining a little bit of detail about each type.

But Layla was far too distracted to focus, as she was busy thinking about what she had just heard from him. It was possible for her to evolve right now, yet so far she hadn't done so once.

Perhaps coming to this school might drastically be exactly what she needed.


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