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405 Family traitors
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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405 Family traitors

As the group headed towards the canteen Fred decided it was best if he stayed with them. It wasn't because people in the tenth got bullied. There was no need for any of that, but they often got shunned left to the side, or treated as extra weight most of the time. 

I guess some would say it was a form of bullying, but at least not a physical form. Because of this, Fred felt a little sorry for them. At least the tenths had each other, but at the same time it appeared these guys were lost more than usual.

'Poor guys, especially that Logan fella. His parents had given up so much that they didn't even bother to tell him about his situation. They perhaps didn't even teach him much during the homeschooling period.' Fred thought. 

Unlike humans who went to school from a young age, vampires were mostly taught by their families, their parents, and sometimes even by whatever courses or routines their family leaders had set up for them. Then they would go to school to learn the basics later on and then go through the initiation of becoming a vampire adult.

Entering the canteen, they could see multiple students already lined up. Waiting for their food. There were then multiple long tables that fitted 26 students maximum. Each table was set up, allowing the whole class to sit together. But what caught the eyes of the others when they entered, was the food. On one of the tables another class had already arrived before them and they could see what they were eating. 

In front of them, there were just various different types of meat and nothing else. The meat seemed to be cooked quite rare, but it was still cooked and it even smelt quite nice even to them. Although it also seemed like there was nothing else but meat. There were no vegetables, or carbs of any sorts.

'Should I tell them I'm a vegetarian?' Cia thought jokingly, but of course even if one was in this type of situation they would need to eat the food just to not raise suspicion.

They felt safe, however as soon as they got closer they noticed something else, something that was by each student's side accompanied by their food. It looked like a juice packet that had been covered in plastic like material, keeping it cold and fresh. But as they saw the students drink up, a red liquid was being shown. 

The others were just hoping it wasn't what they thought it was.

"Those packets are great." Fred said looking at them. "They only give it to us every two days, but it looks like they're treating us on the first day. They also keep in the smell, so anyone who's extra hungry won't start going on a rampage."

With those words said, they all knew that it wasn't the tomato juice they were hoping for, but it had to be blood. After getting their food, Fred sat down with them across towards the end of the table away from the wall. And they looked at the food in front of them. 

All of them started off by just eating the meat first, ignoring the drink beverage by their side, while Fred was taking a sip every so often while eating as well. Still, they couldn't delay it any longer, for they had finished eating their meal and now it was time for them to consume the drink. 

'Raten, your better at this then I am right? Do you want to switch with me?' Vorden thought. 

'Hey, I like seeing blood spilt. I'm not some sicko that likes drinking blood, you got yourself into this situation, you get yourself out of it. Besides, who knows where that blood came from. If it's from a boy, you can count me out, if it's from that girl from earlier, than you might be able to convince me to take one for the team.'

"It was now or never." Picking up the juice pouch, Logan lifted it up, and started to squirt into his stomach. It was hard, but he continued to gulp it down, but it was as if his whole body was refusing to take it down, as it seemed to want to come back up with the other food he had already eaten as well. 

'It's just tomato juice, it's just tomato juice!'

Trying to convince himself he repeated these thoughts in his head, but the slightly metallic taste in his mouth was a constant reminder of what it really was. 

By some miracle and pure will, Vorden placed the now empty pouch back on the table and was done.

"Wow, you must have been really hungry." Fred said. "I guess you're one of those, save the best till the last kind of guys."

Vorden didn't reply, in fact he couldn't reply as he had his head held down to the floor, still trying to purge the memory of the last few seconds out of his mind, because if he didn't there soon would be a big pile of mess in front of him.

Logan looked at the pouch in front of him for a few seconds, before deciding to pick it up, and pass it down the line towards Fred. 

"Here, I already had my fill today, I'm trying my best to not drink as much." Logan explained. "Also, think of it as a thank you for helping us all so much."

In an instant, Vorden turned his head. 'You little, why didn't he say that before I started drinking the bl…bloo.. I could have done the same thing.' It was hard to even think about what he had just done without being sick. 

"Here you go, Timmy." Cia said as she also passed her pouch down to him. "It's the same for me, I already had some this morning."

As Timmy turned to look at Bia, his pupils started to widen, and for some reason she started to look pretty then before. No one had ever done something so nice to him before, to give something so precious to him. 

"Thank you, I'll keep this and give it to my parents when I return home." Timmy said. As the group continued to talk Timmy couldn't help but constantly look at Bia out of the corner of his eyes. 

However, their meal was soon interrupted by the clanging of a tray that had hit the floor. A few tables away from theirs, the tray could be seen on the floor and a student was standing covered in blood. 

"What the heck you do that for!" The student shouted back. 

"You traitors don't belong here, you shouldn't even be allowed to sit with us." Another student said. 

Then a few more students from the other tables stood up as well. 

"Are you referring to our family? Traitors! We're not traitors!" Another yelled. 

Then it seems like a few students started to back up the first offender who had thrown the blood on the first student in the first place. Continuing to claim that he and those from his families were traitors. The bickering had continued for a while, but the teachers who were on the side intervened and quickly settled the matter. 

The teacher stood there in place, watching over them as they finished their meal, making sure nothing else would happen or was being said. 

"Are they from the tenth family as well?" Logan asked, assuming it was most likely the case. 

"What… Did you guys live your whole lives in the forest or something." Fred said surprised. "I guess there really are vampires like you who are oblivious to the politics and things going on at the moment. It was expected that something like this would happen, and why they assume Silver has decided to come into this school as well."

"Apparently someone from the 13th family plotted against the other families, not much of the details are known, but what we do know was they all found out in front of everyone. But what made it worse, was the student was a direct descendant of one of the leaders, someone who was in line to become the next leader."

A strange hunch was coming over Logan, but he needed to make sure. 

"Do you happen to know the name of this student?"

"Yeah." Fred replied. "It was Fex Sanguinis."


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