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378 As Strong as Leo
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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378 As Strong as Leo

After leaving his dorm room, Quinn decided to do the usual. Only this time, he decided to head up to the school roof instead so he could get a better view of everything that was going on. With the Night demon's name being known well, there were hardly any cases of public bullying going on during the school time.

Usually, Quinn would pay attention while in school, to choose his next few targets. So instead the only thing he could do right now was rely on those that wished to actually face the Night demon, or hide their actions in secret. His improved eyesight with his level three inspect skill was extremely helpful when looking out for things. But there was one thing that was even better than that: His hearing

Before his hearing was excellent but all the conversation around him would be heard all at once and it was hard for him to concentrate. Then he realised something. When practising his Qi control in the morning he entered a special state. If he entered the current state now, and moved the Qi to focus on his ears, he found it easy to hone in and focus on all the conversations that were going on at once.

Ever since the incident at the hospital, not only had his Qi control gotten better, but also he hadn't suffered from the so-called blood addiction like he had suspected. He still didn't understand what happened that day, but he continued his daily practice. Still, his aura never looked the same, being a mix of white and red making a soft pink colour. Some of the two substances hadn't completely combined together, just yet. Some of the red could be seen swirling around the pink sized basketball.

But because his understanding of Qi was so small, he had no clue what it meant.

Just when Quinn thought that perhaps there would be no one out tonight, he heard a voice off in the distance.

"No, no! What are you doing!" A girl screamed.

After locating where the sound was coming from, off in the distance Quinn could see a boy and two girls. One of the girls was dragging the other along by the hair, while the other boy just continued to watch and laugh while throwing out insults.

Now having chosen his target, Quinn disappeared. For one second a figure could be seen on the roof, and in the next, he was gone.

The girl continued to drag along the other by the hair. It looked like this time, they were heading out further than usual. Most of the bullying that happened so far, hadn't been too far from the school grounds.

'Is it because they're afraid of me?' Quinn thought as he continued to follow.

They had ventured out of the park, past the convenience store. At first, it looked like they were about to head to the main plaza of the city, but they started to take a detour. Finally, they had reached what looked like a construction site. It was an under developed construction building that was yet to be completely built and only had several piles of dirt moved off to the side. So the area was very open. There was a metal fence that had been temporarily built surrounding all of it, but it was easy to move it to get inside. The fence was there just to show that it was a construction zone.

'Something's not right.' Quinn thought. As the three people were walking they were constantly looking around them, trying to find someone. At first, Quinn thought it was just because they were scared that the Night demon could come out at any second, but they were looking far too much, as if they were expecting him to come.

Not only that, but as soon as they had reached the construction site, Quinn could smell another person there waiting behind one of the piles of mud.

'It's a trap.' Although Quinn knew it was a trap this was what he was waiting for.

"Come on you slut!" The girl student said. "Who said a low level like you could talk to my boyfriend." She continued to pull the student's head, and in dramatic fashion, the other one continued to scream.

"You can stop with the bad acting." A deep voice off from the side said.

As all three of them turned around they could see the Night Demon. The girl immediately let go and they all stepped back, slightly shaken.

"He's real." The boy said.

"Get out of here, I don't want to mess with you. I'm waiting for the person behind that pile of dirt." Quinn said.

"Oh, you knew I was here, and you're very confident as well." Out from behind the pile of dirt an adult came out and leant up against the side of it. He had a large black afro on the top of his head and was wearing square shaped glasses on his face. But the main thing that stood out about him was his uniform. He wasn't wearing the standard uniform like the students, instead, he was wearing the uniform the teachers wore.

On a closer inspection, Quinn could also see on his shoulder, his rank. He wasn't just a normal teacher like Del, but at the sergeant level like Leo.

"You should know who I am." The man said. "But just to remind you, a student should know his place and it's a grave offence to hurt a sergeant. I'm Dillan Wyte. Sergeant under the command of general Duke."

There wasn't a need for him to declare who he was, Quinn already knew he was a sergeant from the second year. The reason for saying his name and position was to intimidate him. They knew a student was behind all the attacks, but Quinn wasn't faced one bit.

The three students had quickly run off the construction site, fearing that they might get caught up, however, they stayed to watch the fight, hiding behind a few of the metal sheets, peeking through the holes.

"You're In serious trouble young man," Dillan said as he placed his hand on the pile of dirt.

"I was about to say the same thing," Quinn replied.

Activating his ability, Dillan was able to make multiple small blocks that looked like bricks shoot out from the pile, like a machine gun. If Quinn was able to use his shadow this would be easy for him to deal with however he could not.

Instead, he relied on his speed and power. A mixture of flash steps to avoid certain bricks and his fists to block the bricks from hitting his vital parts. Occasionally, a few would hit him but the damage was minimal.

[92/95 HP]

[90/95 HP]

If the attack was able to hit him cleanly then it would have done a lot of damage quickly but that wasn't the case. The sergeant couldn't believe what he was seeing.

'Is his power really super speed, or maybe teleportation.' Dillan thought.

As Quinn got closer it was time for a change of tactic. The pile of dirt had gotten smaller in size, which was perfect for him. Now he was able to control it easier, forming two giant hands slightly taller than a human out of it. The two hands reached out to grab Quinn from both sides and it seemed like there was no chance for him to escape.

However, another flash step was performed by Quinn, avoiding the blow completely as the two hands collided into each other, and before Dillan knew it, Quinn was directly by his side. A fist was thrown out fast and planted right into Dillan's stomach. Although the blow had landed, Dillan had remained in the position he was in.

"Ha, that's advanced tier armour under their boy. Your weak attack with your fist isn't going to hurt me." Dillan said with a smile on his face.

"Advanced tier armour you say. Well, that means I can punch at full strength." Quinn replied, pulling back his other arm.

The next second another fist was planted into him and the blow felt three times heavy than the last. This time his legs were lifted off the ground. The blows didn't stop there as they carried on coming.

He was getting hit too fast to even react to it.

"Punches aren't the only thing I can do!" Quinn shouted, as he delivered a kick to Dillan's face while he was still in the air. The front of his foot hooked onto his head, and Quinn managed to fling him down onto the ground so hard, his body bounced lightly off the solid ground.

Coughing out blood from his mouth, Dillan knew he was in trouble. He quickly placed his hand on the floor and shifted himself away with the ground to the other side. "Who …the hell…is this.. How are they so strong. I shouldn't have gone easy, I have to use my soul weapon."

But suddenly, Dillan realised he couldn't see Quinn who was on the other side.

"You think I would let you do that?"

While still on the ground, surging the energy from his feet, lifting it up through his body, Quinn started to perform the hammer strike, only this time downward. A loud crack was heard as the ground beneath him started forming little fissures and the armour had been broken.

It was Like a hammer hitting a nail on the ground, and Dillan was no longer conscious.


[10,000 exp awarded]


"Well, I knew he wouldn't level me up based on no quest being received."

The three students who had been watching couldn't believe it. They were waiting for the sergeant to get up any second now, but he remained on the floor unmoving. They knew they were in danger and didn't want to stay there any longer, thus they decided to bolt out of the area.

It was easy for Quinn to catch up to them and stop them but he didn't want to. He wanted Duke to find out about this. He needed someone stronger than a sergeant.

As Quinn left the scene by himself, he started to think about the sergeant's strength he had just fought. Sure he had underestimated him and hadn't used his soul weapon, but Quinn hadn't used his blood or shadow abilities either. He really had grown in strength. But what he really wanted to do was compare them to the vampires he had met.

Based on his experience on knowledge from the system, earlier he would say the sergeants were at the same strength as a vampire noble. Leo of course was an anomaly. His power was far greater than a sergeant but remained at that rank for personal reasons. He would then have to put a general's strength at the level of the Vampire knights the system had talked about, similar to Fex's sister. Then you had the eight head generals, where their strength was the same as that of a Vampire lord, which was also known as a leader. This would then mean that he would have to place the vampire king at the level of the supreme commander.

It was probably because of the power levels around the world being so equal, that none of these forces had decided to attack each other. They were just waiting for one or the other to weaken. This, however, was only a theory by Quinn. He had no clue how strong the vampire kings or leaders actually were and that included the generals. But soon, he felt like he would face his toughest challenge yet.

It was late at night when Duke had finally received the message about what had happened to one of his sergeants. He was at his desk enjoying a drink thinking everything was over, but as soon as one of his other sergeants had informed him, he crushed the glass in his hand, shattering it everywhere.

"Would you like me to ask one of the other sergeants to try to deal with this sir." A man said by his side.

"No, no need. I want to deal with this runt personally by myself and this time, I won't let him live." Duke said.


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