My Vampire System
394 A Horde
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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394 A Horde

Seeing the strange claw machine move, Vorden had a good guess of what was going on. He was in a state of panic.

Should I go back and try to help the others? Maybe it's best if I try to find an exit quickly. After all, we could be going up against a whole army.' It was hard for him to make up his mind.

'Quinn, you can protect them all, right?' Vorden could trust Quinn's strength, especially after seeing how easily he dealt with two of them. Even if a whole army came down, most likely Quinn and the others were able to hold them off for some time.

What was important was to try to find a way out of here, so that they didn't have to risk fighting any more. And with that thought, Vorden dashed towards the other door, exiting out of the warehouse. He carried heading down one of the paths hoping to find a way out, now moving faster than ever.


Still needing to hold the door back, Quinn did the only thing he could as soon as he saw one of the Wendigos. With one hand he held the door as it continued to barge him, and with the other, he swung it out, performing a blood swipe.

However, just as he did, the door had barged into him once again, and had slightly nudged him, causing his aim to be slightly off. As one of the Wendigo's stood up, the swipe continued and had completely cut through one of the Wendigo's arm's causing it to fall to the floor.

It screamed and howled in pain. Its attention had moved from the girls, and was now focusing on Quinn.

Unable to move his hand freely while giving it the most power possible, it caused his attack to be weaker than usual. Still, it seemed like it was strong enough to deal with the Wendigos.

It only took a few seconds before the Wendigo's arm had regrown, it was an amazing sight and Quinn thought that it was probably faster then Peter's regenerative healing speed.

He didn't have time to admire that though.

"Girls move!" Quinn shouted.

As he could see the two girls stuck in the middle, about to be trapped from both sides by the other two that had fallen, but he was more concerned about something else right now.

Now, using both hands to hold the door back, he wasn't being nudged as much. Then he threw out a front kick as straight as he could.

'Blood crescent kick!'

A vertical line came out from his leg that was too fast for the wendigo to react and had completely sliced the creature in half. The attack didn't stop there and continued moving forward, right where the two girls were moving nervously. As soon as they moved though, one of the Wendigos had come quicker than the other.

Their movements caused it to leap at the two girls that were coming their way. Holding out her hands, Layla did the only thing she could do. Cia was shaking with fear. She was scared before, but now with the creatures directly in front of her she didn't know how to act, but this was perfect.

Layla could use this energy and was now confident in her own skills. She had tried multiple times to use the ability on her own, but still, she hadn't gotten the hang of it where she could do so on demand. Often it would be a fifty-fifty chance. But with Cia along for the ride, it didn't matter.

"Spiritual chain!" Layla shouted, and the black ball came outward. It hit the Wendigo, dead on in midair, and black chains wrapped around the beast in less than a second. At the same time, Quinn's attack that had carried on going forward had arrived at the perfect time slicing the creature's head off.

Now there was only one Wendigo left, and the person closest to it was Cia. After Layla had used her ability, the fear that had taken over her body and heart started to settle. She didn't know why, but now she was a lot more calm and knew what she needed to do. She started to throw multiple spears into the Wendigo, slowing it down as much as possible.

Layla then turned and drew her bow, but before she could even fire, the Wendigo's head was already cut off and it had fallen to the floor. All she could see was Quinn smiling behind it, still being pushed by the door.

*Clang *Clang *Clang

"Hey can you hear me!" Vorden shouted.

Logan, who had stayed by the terminal, could hear a voice from his side. He then noticed that it was coming from the large door on his left. It was one of the exits from the Lab.

"Vorden!" Logan said.

"I didn't find an exit yet, but I found a way to this door. There are too many tunnels, I think it's best if we go together. Especially if the exit from this place leads to here, anyway." Vorden continued to say.

As Logan was just about to reply, the steam sound used to open the doors had interrupted him. As he turned his head, he could see that all of the other doors to the six other rooms had opened.

"This can't be good." Logan said. "Vorden, stay there. We'll come meet you."

While running to the first room, Logan could see multiple things that were dropping in from the ceiling into the other rooms. They could no longer stay here, and he was unsure if they could even come back. It was best if they left now.

"We have to go, start climbing through the hole, they are coming down from the other rooms." Logan said as soon as he entered the room. Quinn then let go of the door, and it had completely stopped trying to hit him.

Listening to Logan, Quinn quickly threw the girls up into the hole one by one, and then Logan shortly after. He could now see the Wendigo's enter the large lab that they were in.

Using all his strength, he was able to jump quite high and grab on to the hole, pulling himself up.

"Come on, follow me!" Layla said, as she was able to see better than the others. The light certainly helped, but without Layla or Quinn leading the way, they would have probably crashed or bumped into some of the walls on the way.

Although Quinn was faster than everyone else, he chose to stay at the back of the group, in case any of the Wendigos had caught up with them. But just as they were about to turn around the corner, he looked back, allowing the others to continue running ahead.

'They are not following us, can they not jump up that high?' Quinn thought. But that couldn't be it. The creatures were tall and powerful, something like his should have been easy for them.

With nothing following them, Quinn went to try and catch up with the others. When he managed to see the large warehouse, he entered the double doors, only to see the group staring at something. When he turned his head, he noticed they were looking at the glass container with all the dead bodies.

"Come on." Logan said. "We can't do anything about it now. We can think about it later, let's keep moving or they might catch up soon."

Quinn knew that wasn't true, but he too was unsure what they were planning and wanted to leave as soon as possible. There was only one tunnel from the warehouse, and it eventually started to head downwards, until finally it opened up to a large space again.

Now there were a few different tunnels splitting into multiple directions. Each lit up with small blue lights along the way. The blue lights, and being underground, started to remind Quinn of the orange portal planet, when he had discovered the blue crystals in the cave as well.

"You guys made it!" Vorden said, leaving the metal shutter type door and coming over to the group. "I could hear some noises coming from the other side and I was starting to get a little worried." He said laughing nervously.

"Where do we go now?" Layla asked. There were three tunnels in total, one of which they had come from, and then two situated opposite the large metal shutter door.

"I don't know." Vorden replied. "That's why I thought it was best to call you guys. If this is the exit from the lab anyway, even if you managed to open the doors we would just be in the same position."

Just as they were about to decide where to go, a loud bang was heard..


The banging was coming from the metal shutter, and it repeated itself multiple times, as if a horde of zombies was banging up against the shutter.

"They can't get through that, right?" Layla asked. "It's made of Glathrium."

Quinn certainly knew he didn't have the strength to break it, so he was quite confident. But then all the little bangs suddenly stopped.

*B A N G

A loud noise was made, bigger than all of the others before it.. It had startled the group. When looking up at the shutter a large dent could be seen.

Whatever had made that impact, it clearly wasn't one of the wendigos and they didn't want to stay and find out either.


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