My Vampire System
392 A way ou
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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392 A way ou

After endless searching, it really did seem like there was no way out of the place. This wasn't what they were expecting at all to say the least when they thought of the vampire world. All being stuck in a strange Lab.

"Is this how we're going to die?" Cia thought, as she was wondering what she had gotten herself into, but just as she felt like she was about to sob her heart out, the lump in her throat had gone away and a refreshing feeling had entered her mind.

"You okay." Layla asked with a smile.

"Yes… Actually… much better." Cia replied.

Frustrated by the whole thing, Vorden was standing by one of the larger doors that was about as large as a van. He pulled out his black blade and started swinging at it, as hard as he could. He knew it was useless, but they didn't even know how long they had been in the room for and the fear of the unknown of what was going to happen to them started to settle in.

"Just…" *Bang "Open.." *Bang "This…" *Bang "Door!" He shouted.

Just moments later, after Vorden stopped hitting the door, several groans could be heard from above, screams from creatures and a bit of dirt from the ceiling fell.

They all stood in silence waiting for it to pass, and eventually, the groans stopped.

"Maybe it's not a good idea to do that, when there's a bunch of Wendigo's above us." Layla said.

The reason why they were all slightly frozen though was because of the amount of noise they could hear. It sounded as if a hundred people were up there at once, and the structure they were in looked well built. Yet for a brief second, they could hear the sounds of all their footsteps from above.

"Okay, that's it." Quinn said. "We need to do something. How about I start going into the other rooms? Maybe the trial will start again and we might find something different in the other rooms that can get us out of here."

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Vorden replied. "What if the trials don't restart and when you enter the other room, it starts from number three, and we don't even know if that will even happen? This place looks like it was used for experiments, right? Well, what do you do in an experiment to make it a fair test? You make them all the same but change one factor, not knowing what that factor could be dangerous."

"Well, it's either that or we stay here until we die, so I see we have no other choice." Quinn replied.

"… You have a point." Said Vorden.

With nothing else to do, Quinn headed over and stood in front of the second door. The others felt a little guilty that Quinn was put in this situation, but it was clear he was the strongest one out of them.

As Logan stood by the terminal, he was ready to press the button to open the door to the second room, but as soon as his finger crazed over the button. His ability started communicating with the terminal again. It still wasn't talking to him, but he could feel it. They had angered the computer greatly, and it wasn't going to treat them nicely if Quinn went into that room.

"Maybe it's not a good idea after all," Logan said, lifting his hand off the button. "It's hard to explain, but my ability showed me something. The way the machine is acting, it's like its human. I think it was annoyed by Quinn's actions from earlier. I don't think it will be putting you through normal trials anymore if you go in there. It might even override me here, shutting you in and never opening the door again."

This was something Quinn didn't like the sound of. Truthfully, he assumed that completing the trials wouldn't open the side doors and only amount to more rewards and the possibility of levelling up. However, the risk and reward just weren't worth it.

Walking around, Quinn stood back outside door one and started to think. "Those Wendigos came from above right, and we all heard them up there. Which means they have to be coming from somewhere, right?"

"You can't be thinking of trying to go up there?" Layla asked. "Did you hear how many they were, even for you, that would just mean death."

Quinn shook his head. "Not up there, but I was thinking. Every time a trial started, what happened right at the beginning? It would always drop a severed arm. Only then, would it drop the Wendigos in after. Which means the human body parts and the wendigos are stored in two different places. I mean, if they were to put it together all the food would be gone. Maybe if we go up there, we can find something."

"And how do we get in the room?" Cia asked.

"I have an idea."

Once again with his finger hovered over the button Logan was ready, and so was Quinn by the original first door. While Vorden stood by the robot. Logan had said it had been deactivated by himself, but it was better to be extra safe. The two gave a nod to each other, signalling they were ready.

As Logan pushed the button, the door opened up again. Then instead of entering the room, Quinn decided to stand directly in front of its path. A short time had passed, and the door tried to close.

"Maybe I can't break the doors, but I'm pretty sure I'm strong enough to stop you from closing." Using both hands, Quinn pushed against the door, pushing it back into its slot. It wasn't as hard as he thought, but at the same time, it wasn't easy either.

"Can you hold it?" Vorden asked.

"Yeah, I should be good for a good while." Quinn replied.

All of the group apart from Logan then ventured into the room from before. The robot hadn't activated, and a trial hadn't started like the times before, which was a good sign.. Just in case anything happened though, Logan would stay outside.

"Do you remember where the arm dropped from?" Layla asked.

"It was right here." Vorden said, as he went ahead and tried to cut the square ceiling directly above where the arm had fallen from. At first nothing happened, but the ceiling panel had slightly moved.

He tried again a few times and… then success. The panel had been slashed in half, falling to the floor, but with it. Small amounts of blood had dripped down and fell onto Vorden's cheeks.

"Yuck!" He shouted.

The group allowed the blood to drip from above a little, and when it finally seemed to stop; they looked up. To them it just looked like a dark hole, unsure whether it led to a room, or how the arm even came down to them in the first place.

"How did you know the ceiling might not be made of Glathrium?" Layla asked Quinn, who was still holding the door back.

"It was when Vorden did his little act earlier. Glathrium is extremely rare and hard to mold, so some of it might not be pure like the doors. But when part of the ceiling had crumbled and fell into the room earlier, I checked it out with my inspect skill. Turns out it wasn't a hundred percent Glathrium. The problem was, I wasn't going to go and start blasting the ceiling, possibly dropping hundreds of wendigos on top of us. If the ceiling in there wasn't pure Glathrium, then maybe here it wasn't either."

They all continued to look at the hole above them, each just staring at it, wondering what was up there.

"Can someone please hurry up and go in!" Quinn complained. "This is tiring you know."

"Oh, I thought Vorden was going to go in?" Layla said.

"So did I." Cia replied.

"Why, me, aren't you the one with the magic powers now?" Vorden replied.

An angry look appeared on her face, but she didn't say anything, and Cia too was staring Vorden down..

"Fine…" Vorden replied as he looked up at the hole in the ceiling. "Here we go."


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