My Vampire System
387 Trapped
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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387 Trapped

As each person of the group stepped through the portal, they all held onto each other's shoulders firmly. They weren't quite sure how the square portals worked in relation to the circular portals. Was it like a station or a white portal where it was able to teleport you to a specific destination. Or was it like a red teleporter, where it would teleport you within a mile or so of another one. 

Whatever the outcome was, the group didn't want to be separated from each other. So whatever they did while stepping through, they didn't let go. 

Standing at the front was Quinn, leading the charge if they were to head into any sort of danger, and at the back, was Layla their support with Cia being a little bit in front of her.

The warpy feeling they would feel when going through the teleporter was gone, and Cia had her eyes closed through the whole thing. Now they had finally made it to their destination. But when Cia opened her eyes. She could see nothing. It was complete darkness. 

"What's going on!" Cia said being frightened, her voice shaking. She tightened her grip on the person in front of her, which was Vorden.

"Ow! your nails hurt, you know," Vorden complained. 

"But I can't see anything!" She cried. 

"And you think I can?" Vorden too was unable to see anything around him, but he was sure they were on the other side of the teleporter. 

"I expected the vampire world to be dark, but complete darkness? This doesn't make any sense." Logan said.

"We're not outside, that's why," Quinn replied, being one of the few that could see. Layla and Quinn could both see quite well in the room.

"Is it safe to act, is there anything around us?" Logan asked, not wanting to make any sudden movements, although he was sure that if there was anything in the room with them, they would have been attacked by now due to Cia's and Vorden's back-and-forth chatter. The two of them still seemed to be bickering with each other now. 

"It's safe," Quinn replied. 

From underneath his suit, the spiders moved up to his face and started to form around his eyes, creating a type of night vision for Logan. Now he too could see clearly where they were. As soon as he realised what it was, the adrenaline started to run through his body. 

The whole room was covered with terminals, servers, and computers. Not just that, but where they stood there was a circular platform and above them some type of contraption. In corners of the room, there were chemical gadgets and all sorts. But what was getting him excited more than anything was the layout of the room. 

If he was to move all of his research to a place like this, it would be exactly how he would organize it. 

"Alright everyone don't panic, just wait here for a moment," Logan said as he let go of who he was holding on to and started to investigate one of the terminals. There were many buttons that Logan had no clue what they did. He could have guessed, but if he did it wouldn't exactly be accurate, so instead, he placed his hand on the machine.. 

Using his ability, he was able to directly communicate with it and give it orders. It was easy to tell which was the main terminal and soon, several lights opened all over the room.

"Ah!" Quinn flinched as the lights turned on, and Layla had done the same. "Could you warn us a beforehand the next time?"

Lights didn't hurt Quinn like the sunlight did, but sudden exposure from dark to light would startle him a bit. 

Now the whole group could see quite clearly that they seemed to be in some sort of science lab. Although it also looked to be abandoned. Some of the computers and equipment had rusted and there were cobwebs over everything as if they hadn't been touched in a hundred years. 

"Alright, let's try to spread out and look for clues or something," Logan said. "Now I must remind you, I said spread out, not split up, got it. Stay in this room. We all know what happens to the first person who gets lost in a horror film, right?"

"Is it really the right time to make that type of joke?" Layla asked. "When we're on another planet with a load of bloodsucking vampires."

"I'll take your point on board," Logan replied. 

Logan had signalled for Quinn to come with him as he wanted to confirm something, while the others tried to find any details of where they were. The room was strange, there were several numbered doors on one side that didn't seem to open no matter what they did. Then there were two larger doors on each of the other sides, but none of them opened either. In a way, it seemed like they were trapped.. 

There were no windows or anything similar that indicated where they were.

"Would you mind using your system to try to figure out who made these items?" Logan asked pointing forth at the weird claw-like object above the circle platform they had landed on. 


[A teleporter created by Richard Eno]

Quinn then went ahead and looked at a few other items, and although the system couldn't tell what most of them were, it did tell him they were all created by Richard Eno. 

"It's a teleporter," Quinn answered

"I thought as much." Replied Logan. "At least now we have our way back. I can activate it whenever I want using the terminal over there. Although everything looks old and damaged in here. It's quite advanced. Some of this technology has only recently been introduced to our world."

"Makes sense, why it says they were all made by Richard Eno." Quinn said. 

A teleporter created by Richard Eno had led them to a laboratory created by him as well. It was clear it wasn't a coincidence. The question was, had what Fex said correct. Were they really now in the vampire world? Or had he made a mistake in just recognizing the teleporter as one of their own. 

They wouldn't know until they dug deeper, but other than that, the two of them started to think along the same lines. 

If they were in the vampire world, then what was Richard Eno doing here? There were a few possibilities. He was a vampire himself that later migrated to the human world. Or a human who worked with the vampires or was doing research on the vampires. All of these were a great possibility. 

"Quinn, thank you." Logan said with a smile on his face. 

The two of them continued searching until they eventually reached another working terminal. This one had several different screens, six in total. Each screen seemed to be linked to a camera and all of the room's looked exactly the same. It was a square space with nothing inside. It reminded Quinn of certain mental asylums. 

"Look at this." Quinn said pointing to the screen.

Logan had seen it too. The rooms had marks of blood all over them. The wall, ceilings and floor. However, they were quite dark and looked like they had been there for a while. 

"Maybe the rooms were used to run experiments of some sorts." Logan said. "Live subjects, human subjects, or other vampires?" 

"Well, if we can get to where those cameras are, I can actually check the blood. Maybe it will give us more answers to what type of place this is, and who exactly Richard Eno was, because I don't know why, but this place is giving me the chills."

While Layla and Cia were sticking to each other like glue, Vorden was looking at the wall with the several doors that had different numbers on them. There were six doors in total, each with a number on the front.

He saw the girls looking at them earlier but didn't really attempt to open them much. Feeling a little trapped, he was looking for an exit. As he approached the first door he looked around to see if there was anything but there really was nothing. 

At the same time, over to where Quinn and Logan were, they had just figured out something. Logan's hand was pressed up against the computer. "It's telling me if we press this button it will open a door to one of the rooms."

Pressing the button, the door had opened, and a slight steamy sound was heard. When they looked up at where the door had opened from they could see Vorden standing in front of an open door. 

Vorden could see a room in front of him but was cautious about stepping in. But nearly in an instant, something had grabbed him, pulling him in. The doors soon after immediately shut again. 

"Level 1 trial initiated!" 

"Open the door!" Quinn shouted. 

"I can't!" Logan replied. "I don't know what's happening, it's not listening." 

Vorden was trapped. 


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