My Vampire System
380 Duke“s power
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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380 Duke“s power

Not all of the students had seen the Night Demon before. For most of them, it was nothing but a myth. However, the countless stories from the students made people think twice before acting. Still, the scene in front of them now made all those doubts disappear as the Night Demon stood right in between Nathan and Duke.

"When the hell did he leave?" Vorden said, shaking his head.

"Haha, this kid is getting gutsier by the day I love it!" Raten said. "We need to do one better, come on you go out as well we need to one up him. Slap some kids, fight the second-year students, let's start a royal rumble."

"Well, Quinn. This might be a little difficult for you." Logan said. He too had been following the news of the Night Demon. As the creator of the outfit, he knew in an instant that it was Quinn. But he never thought it would be used to this extreme. "I know you said you got stronger from the hospital, but strong enough that you can win this without using your powers?"

"Quinn, I can feel that's you out there. I just hope you know what you're doing at not being foolish. But whatever you choose, if it gets too hard, I'm ready to help you." Layla said with Cia standing closely behind her.

Quinn had acted out based on emotion a little bit. When looking at Bill it reminded him of Peter. How at the time Peter was taken away to the dungeon, and he did nothing to stop it. In the end, it had put them in the situation that they were in now. He didn't want another person getting punished for what he had chosen to do, thus no matter what he had to come out and fight. He was going to do so anyway, and people were going to find out about it.

What difference did it make if it was in front of the school or wasn't? The only problem was Quinn was seriously disadvantaged. Not a single shadow power was allowed to be used. As the only known shadow user in the whole school, maybe the whole world, he would be found out in seconds.

While wearing the mask that covered his mouth and face, he was unable to use any of the charm skills. Phantom punch and Daze both required the use of eye contact. Still, he wasn't sure if they would be of much use against someone like Duke in the first place and finally the blood abilities. The main worry about this was displaying the vampire powers out to the entire world.

Quinn still wasn't sure or not, if he could use his status as a vampire leader to help him out, but he knew if he revealed one of their biggest kept secrets, they might never forgive him and the system seemed to have had the same opinion.

[New quest has been received]

[Defeat General Duke to gain an instant level up]

The quest had appeared, which meant the system deemed Duke powerful enough to be worthy of an instant level up. This was unlucky for Quinn, for it was the same problem he had at the tournament. If he was to defeat Duke here, his evolution process would begin. He wanted to defeat Duke away from the eyes of everyone like with the sergeant.

But he couldn't just stand back and do nothing, and even if he couldn't beat Duke completely, that wouldn't stop him from giving him a beating.


[Ability: Earth]



It looked like his inspect wasn't strong enough to give good details on Duke, which meant that Quinn needed to be careful. Most of the time, the enemy's Hp would appear. Allowing Quinn to know if he went too far or not. Fighting Duke meant there was a chance he might go too far.

The other thing it showed was his ability, but everyone already knew what that was. The Earth ability was sometimes deemed as weak by others, this was because of how widespread the ability was with the public and within the military itself. But it often made people forget that it was an elemental ability that was just as powerful as the lightning or fire powers, the other big four had.

There were a few people in the military that would remind people of that, one of them being the supreme commander and the other being Duke.

"Quickly, sergeants go over to the students and protect them, now we won't allow a single one to get hurt!" Nathan ordered, as he himself went towards Duke and grabbed Bill right in front of him.

"I hope you lose," Nathan thought, as he took Bill off to the side.

"Sir, would you like us to join in on this fight?" One of the second year sergeants asked.

"No, I'm going to crush this runt in front of everyone. Once they see how weak and pathetic he really is, it will stop all this nonsense going on!"

The sergeants moved to the side, and with the others cleared out of the way, there was a nice area for the two of them to fight.

The first one to make a move was Duke. However, what he had done was strange. He stomped his foot on the ground and then in an instant, a ball of earth from the ground wrapped around him. As he was surrounded by the solid ball, others were wondering what he was trying to do, and Quinn had a good idea.

Approaching the ball running at his full speed, he managed to cross the area in a few seconds.

"Is he even faster than before?" Layla said. "How did he get that strong so quick?"

When he was close to the ball, an odd movement could be seen on a section of the ball, as if it was alive. Suddenly, a spike appeared, shooting out of it at an amazing speed. Still, what was even more impressive was Quinn who managed to dodge it. As he took a step back, the spike retracted back into the ball.

Nathan, who was standing by the side, knew what Duke was doing; he wanted to shout out and give the Night Demon advice, but he couldn't even if he wanted to. If he did, then it would only make his entire case invalid when going after Duke. They could try to claim the whole thing was set up by him.

Taking a step forward a spike immediately came out from the earth ball again, but Quinn was able to move his head slightly avoiding it. But that wasn't the only one. More and more started to shoot out from the ball and retract at amazing speed, while Quinn carried on running around it dodging every attack.

Eventually, inching his way closer and closer to the ball, his movements were slight, so no energy was wasted.

"Who is this Night Demon?'' Hayley said, standing next to Nathan. "How could a student be strong enough to match up against a general like this, we don't have a student like this even out of the second years correct?"

"I don't know…" Nathan said. "At first I thought it might have been one of the sergeants, but everyone here is accounted for. And I see no reason to have the soldiers outside of the school get involved in this. What's even stranger is they're trying their best to hide their ability no matter what. It's clear it's a student that doesn't want to get caught."

"I understand what you're saying but look." Fay interrupted. "I think you missed something, look at his hands, and look at his feet. Other than that thin overall black suit he is wearing nothing is covering them, and those are just the standard boots. He hardly has any beast gear on at all, so how is he so fast, and he might have the power to back it up as well."

"Maybe the rumours of him finding a demon tier chest piece, or level of equipment are true after all." Nathan replied.

Finally, Quinn had managed to reach close enough to the ball to get a punch in. Using all the strength he had, he whacked the ball. A few cracks were made where he had punched and a small dent appeared, but there was no significant damage. The spikes continued to come out at him but this time; he decided to use his strength to hit the spikes on the side before they could reach him, breaking them apart and causing them to fall to the floor.

The spikes were being made from the earth coming from the solid ball, so now the thickness and strength of the ball was growing weaker. After breaking off a few of the spikes, Quinn punched again and again, causing the dent to get larger and cave inwards even more.

"You were right," Nathan said. "He really does have power. I've never seen anyone being able to break the ball before."

Finally, noticing that he had significantly weakened a part of the ball. Quinn lifted his leg above his head and swept it down as fast as he could, hitting a section of the ball with the heel of his foot.

The concave area had broken, and slowly cracks started appearing throughout the whole ball until finally, the whole thing had crumbled. Still, something had caused Quinn to jump back, and this something had started worrying him.

Now Quinn finally understood what Duke was doing under the ball all this time, he was activating his soul weapon.


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