My Vampire System
377 What I wan
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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377 What I wan


[Advanced tier gauntlets]

[Name: Red Voltaic Gauntlets]

[Strength +10]

[Defence +6]

[Active skill: Thunder coat]

[Thunder coat is an active skill. When activated it will charge up the gauntlets using the power of the melted beast crystals. The blue lines on the gauntlets overcharge themselves, releasing a coat of electricity, shocking the user. This skill does not affect the user in any way. Skill cooldown 30 minutes. The cooldown may be shortened, If an additional source of energy or outside source of energy is used to charge the Gauntlets.]

Reading the description, Quinn was over the moon with the results. It was more than he was expecting, and he was finding it hard to hold his smile in. Alex noticed this as well, and now his suspicions were confirmed. For whatever reason, it seemed like Quinn had an eye for things.

He couldn't have been a forger himself though, otherwise, why would he have the need to seek him out. Alex thought. He thought Quinn was a strange character, but he had now started to grow to like him. Not only because of the opportunity he had presented, but also because he was the first customer that had truly appreciated his work.

Quinn couldn't be upset. First, the gauntlets increased his strength by a whole ten points. This meant his strength would now be at fifty when being used, putting him up to the next bracket. Then there was the active skill. It wasn't just any active skill though; it was an elemental one. These were one of the more rare types of active skills available.

Now, Quinn understood what Alex was talking about. How all the beasts having the same elemental attribute helped him in creating the weapon. Once more he couldn't help but thank Leo enough for supplying him with the crystals. If he was on his own, it would have nearly been impossible to come up with the money, or hunt the beats to obtain such things.

"I feel sorry for whoever is going to be your first test subject with these things. I think you're the only first-year student I know with advanced tier gauntlets." Alex said.

Quinn wanted to test the equipment straight away, however, there was a problem. If he went out as the Night demon, he wouldn't be able to use it. They were a dead giveaway that would lead back to him, eventually. If he used it in the game or at night, then people would be able to relate the things back to him. So he would just have to save them in his inventory for now.

"Thank you." Quinn said with his hand held out. In the end, the whole thing hadn't really cost him anything and he could tell this would be a great partnership for the future.

"For the future." Alex said, shaking his hand back.


When lessons were finally over, there was still a time period between when the sky would turn dark. Usually, Quinn would use this time to play the VR game, but instead today, he had decided to head back to his dorm room. There he waited patiently until Vorden had finally returned as well.

"Long time no see." Vorden said. "I thought you would be playing that game again today?"

"Hah, yeah sorry about that." Quinn replied. "You know what's going on. Anyway, forget about that Vorden. I wanted to give you something to help you out. After all, if it wasn't for you and your family, I would have never been able to fight in that tournament, here." Quinn said as he put forward both of his hands.

Shadows started to form, and when they disappeared, two short swords had appeared. The two short swords had the same shape to them, they were quite thick and had a slight curve going to the top. Near to the hilt, an arrow design was seen on the base of the sword. However, the two swords were entirely different colours. While one sword was black with the arrow being white, the other was white with the arrow at the base being black.

Vorden wasn't going to say no to a free gift. He actually felt like Quinn owed him something ever since he was nearly killed by him on the red portal planet. But he wasn't going to bring that up now. He took up the two swords and thought, all though they were thick and looked heavy they were actually incredibly light.

Vorden then started to perform a few slashes in the air with them. At first, they were slow as if he was testing the weight of the things, but eventually, he started to speed up. With each strike, the sound of the wind could be heard, and it was only getting louder and faster until he eventually stopped.

"Sorry I got a little carried away there. It's been a long time since I used weapons." Vorden said. "It also seems like the two different swords are giving me a different boost. The black sword is giving me raw power and strength, while the white sword is giving me speed."

"Well, as expected, you're good with everything." Quinn replied. "There's also an active skill, but I'll let you figure that out for yourself. I think they'll come in handy for when you don't have an ability on hand. There aren't always going to be people around you, and you're good at close combat, so these look more than perfect for you. I can only see it as a plus that they will make you more versatile."

What Quinn said had made sense. The only thing Vorden needed now was a trendy belt and sheath around his waist, or maybe one around his back where he could put the weapons in. He hadn't been spending his allowance that his family sent him regularly, and he was surprised it still hadn't stopped. So he should have enough to buy some himself.

"Thanks for this Quinn these are great, though if you can, maybe you should make a bow for Layla at some point." Said Vorden.

"Don't worry, I plan to. I owe you all for how much you've helped me so far. By the way, how are the others?" Quinn asked.

"Others?" Vorden said, looking confused for a second, then he quickly realised that Quinn was referring to Raten and Sil. He had forgotten that Quinn knew about his secret.

"They are troublemakers, but they're doing fine." Vorden replied.

The two of them remained in the room and decided to catch up with each other a bit. After all, they hadn't really talked to each other for the past two weeks. Soon the sun started to set and finally, it was pitch black outside.

"All right, I better get going to the VR centre again," Quinn said as he lifted his arms up and got off the bed.

"Quinn, I know you're not going to the VR centre," Vorden said. "I know you're the Night Demon or whatever they call it. Look, I'm not going to tell you to stop. What you're doing has actually had a positive impact on the entire school, but I just want to warn you. Whatever you do, don't use your shadow powers.

"I know it's quite obvious as to why, but it's more serious than you think. After we found out about what Duke had done to Peter, I started to look into things a bit more and discovered the school isn't normal. Sure bullying and discrimination happen at all bases, and even in the outside world, but I have never seen it this extreme before."

"I already told you this before, but I got in contact with my brother just to confirm it, and when he went to his military school at another base, they didn't turn a blind eye as much as these teachers do. This whole thing, with the bullying and the second-year students being involved. It's more like an organized crime ring. If Duke finds out you're interfering with it, then he might come after you personally."

Quinn wasn't ignoring his words, but continued to walk towards the door, and he then opened it, but before closing it, he spoke. "Good, because that's exactly what I want," Quinn said as he closed the door.


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