My Vampire System
375 The Night Demon
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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375 The Night Demon

It was lunch time and Vorden was currently out on his own on the park bench, relaxing and wondering what was happening lately. How everything just felt a little off with everyone. Logan never really hung out much and skipped classes most of the time. He had that privilege of being a VIP student and would mostly stay in his room. So he understood that.

As for the girls, he didn't really hang around with them much either, but lately, he hadn't even seen Layla, and whenever he did, he noticed that Cia was sticking to her like glue. He hated to admit it, but Vorden was feeling a little lonely. Without Fex and Peter, the only other one he would hang out with was Quinn. Quinn had lately been obsessed with the game like a mad man. Every spare second they would have, he would be spending it playing the game, even at night.

This left Vorden alone all on his own.

"I wonder what I should do for the summer?" Vorden said, while looking up at the blue sky. "I'm surprised my family didn't contact me about that whole protecting Quinn situation. Maybe they're just waiting for me to go back and give me a telling off then. Ah, this is not good for my mental health."

"You're telling us." Raten said in his head. "Don't think about going back, in fact, don't even mention it, you're already driving Sil mad, he's covering his ears and rolling back and forth faster than ever. Just stick with whatever the boy's doing. He's an orphan, remember. If he's staying at the school, just stay with him. If you're really bored, why don't you look after Sil and let me take over."

Vorden thought about it for a while. He did feel bad for Raten sometimes. The only time he let him out was when he needed him to fight. He tried keeping him out around the others, but no one was to be seen around here, anyway. Sil wasn't bothered too much and just enjoyed sitting on his own in the dark room.

"Fine." Vorden said and then allowed Raten to sit in the chair and take over.

Immediately, Raten got up from the school bench and started to look around. He spotted three schoolgirls, and he walked towards them. While walking he tapped one of the boy students on the shoulder.

'Earth power huh, this will be handy.'

As he got close to the three girls, he spotted his target, and lifted his hand up. At the same time as he did that, a very small earth stump was made. The girl's foot had collided with it, which caused her to fall.

"Ahh!" She screamed, but then in the next moment, she felt someone grab her with both hands.

"Are you okay there? You nearly fell over." Raten said.

When she opened her eyes, she noticed she was being held by a blonde beauty, who wasn't just perfect in the looks department but also a gentleman.

Vorden watching the whole thing just shook his head nonstop. "The two things he likes doing, fighting and hitting on girls."


Once the school day was over and Raten had his fun, they switched back and entered the dorm room. They discovered that Quinn was once again nowhere to be seen. Assumingly, he should be busy playing the game. He knew Quinn was trying to get stronger before the vampires attacked. So he didn't want to bother him too much. So instead, Vorden decided he would go and pay a visit to Logan. Perhaps he could shine some more light on what Quinn was thinking.

Although Quinn was playing the game for most of the day, right now he wasn't and it was his current alibi to the others, if they knew where he was. He had waited for the sun to set, and when it had, he decided to put on his full costume and mask. Using his shadow cloak, he hid off into the forest by the side, waiting for the boys he had seen the other day.

Bullies usually had a set routine and a spot they would pick to do things. Although it didn't matter much in this school, since the teachers didn't do anything in the first place and Quinn was going to use this to his advantage. If they didn't do anything about the bullies in the first place, then even if he was to fight them, they equally shouldn't care what he did either.

If one thing the school was fine about it was that. Or at least Quinn would hope so.

Finally, the sound of the laughing boys from yesterday was heard, and as expected they were coming down the pathway, towards the convenience store. The group then quickly took a detour and ventured off the pathway and started to head towards the park, the opposite side to where Quinn was. Quinn was currently hiding in the forest on the convenience store side. Since a lot of students walked past it at night, going in and out of the city.

On the other side, there was just a giant field that eventually led to the other part of the forest. Still, Quinn didn't need to move. Even from this distance, he could see everything. Then when the group was at the very edge of the forest, they finally stopped and the two boys no longer kept their arms wrapped around the one in the middle.

"I guess it's my time to shine." Quinn said.

"Please, why are you doing this to me." The boy said, with tears flowing through his eyes. "I don't even have enough credits to buy the things I need cause you keep taking them from me."

"Bill, we're helping you remember. Paying us stops the 'really bad' guys from getting to you. So now, just hand us the money unless you want a repeat of what happened yesterday." One of the boys stated.

Bill started to think back about how down he was yesterday, he truly hated his life. Not just at the military school, but even before then everything felt like hell to him. He was close to giving up; he didn't want to live anymore. That was until the stranger approached him yesterday. The small burst of shouting out and anger he felt when saying he wanted them to disappear was enough to keep him going just a little longer.

"No." Bill said. "You hit me if I give you what you want, and you hit me if I don't. At least this way I get to keep the credits."

"Bill, Bill. Let's see how quick you change your mind." The student placed his hand on the floor. The earth from the ground rose and formed a baseball bat in his hand, which was made of solid mud.

"Brace yourself." He said as he went for a swing directly at the student's face. But before it could even reach the student, the bat was smashed to pieces and fell to the floor. As Bill opened his eyes, he could only see the back of the figure, but the two boys in front stepped back a bit, and looked like they were looking at a demon.

The two white jagged eyes, and the demon mask placed over the mouth. "Please, inform those higher ups of yours to come here tomorrow, it will save me the effort of looking for them," Quinn said. Although his voice had been altered by the mask and making it sound much deeper and menacing.

The student standing by his side, out of panic, stomped his foot, creating a pillar of his own. It travelled like a bent snake going right for Quinn, but with a single barehanded fist, he smashed the pillar to pieces.

Walking over to the two slowly, he said a few last words. "If you touch this boy again. I will be back."

The students, using all their will, fought back from their fear and were about to use their abilities, but without seeing anything, both of them were suddenly sent flying backwards through the air, going across the fields. They couldn't breathe from the blow, and their lunch that day was already coming out of their mouth.

[Level 4 students have been defeated]

[40 exp]

[40 exp]


The exp still wasn't enough. He looked at the two students far away who were still on the ground. He was having trouble controlling his strength and was actually going to do a little more. Looking at them, he thought about the other option to gain exp. If he was to kill them like before he would get an additional 80 exp for both of them. However, it was pointless. It wasn't worth the trouble for such a small amount of exp.

Also, there was no need to erase their memories for everything was a part of Quinn's plan.

What Quinn was actually hoping for was to kill two birds with one stone. First being helping the people who were continually bullied in the school. Perhaps he couldn't change the entire world, but he could start by changing the school. The second reason, as these guys said, usually there was a chain of command when it came to these bullies' groups and he was hoping to gather the attention of them.

As he moved up the ladder he should face stronger opponents that would eventually give him more exp.

"Thank you." Bill said, but in the next second, the stranger completely disappeared, way too fast for him to hear his words.

From this day forward, Quinn continued to do his night time vigilante attacks. He would scout out potential targets and then when night came, he would stop the bullying victims and earn exp from the side. As expected, his plan was already working well. Stronger and stronger first years were coming to face him and his exp was steadily rising in the process.

So far, the highest Quinn had faced was a first-year student at level six. Even while fighting him, Quinn not once had to use any of his blood abilities. He only used his speed, strength and stamina. With how much his stamina had increased, he could perform the flash step a number of times. Nearly avoiding everything.

He was simply too fast and too strong for their abilities to even matter.

Eventually, rumours of the Night Demon who would attack people started to spread around. The effect was even better than he thought. The low level bullies were too afraid to touch the low levels anymore. For fear that the Night demon would come to attack them.

What Quinn didn't know was how much this was having an effect at the whole school, including those at the top. Currently, several second years were inside Duke's office. Ten of them, to be exact, one from each classroom.

"Report!" Duke said.

The first person in line didn't say anything, for he was nervous about his answer.

"3000 credits, sir."

Suddenly, the calm look on Duke's face had changed.

"Did you say 3000, 3000!" He shouted. "Have you been taking a bigger slice for yourself!"

"It's not that." The second-year student replied. "It's this Night demon, he's been stopping us from doing our work."

"Night Demon?" Duke started to look at the student as if he was thick and slowly walked up towards him. The boy was now shaking in his boots, but luckily the others spoke up before he could do anything.

"Sir, before you take it out on him, it's true we all have similar numbers. This Night demon has greatly hampered our collection. All the first years are afraid of him."

"Alright, so if I get rid of this Night demon for you guys then all will be back to normal, correct?" Duke said, as they all nodded in response. "Alright, let's unmask and see who the hell this Night demon thinks he is. Interrupting my business."


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