My Vampire System
373 Hitting the limi
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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373 Hitting the limi

It was nearly time for the two of them to meet. Standing outside the school gate, Quinn waited patiently for Logan to arrive while looking down the path. His mind was full of thoughts, but was mainly focused on just getting stronger. While waiting, he noticed three kids making their way back to school. Three boys to be precise...

Two of them had their arms wrapped around the one in the centre. The two on the side were cheery and joking about, but at the same time they seemed to be a bit rough with him. When looking at the boy's face, one could tell he was nervous, he didn't seem happy to be hanging around with his friends, and his frightened heartbeat that could be heard from a distance just confirmed it.

Looking closely, Quinn managed to catch a glimpse. He was a level two power level while the other two around him were level fours. It was clear what was happening, the same thing both Quinn and Peter used to go through still happened all around the school. Ever since the base event, most of the students had decided to stay clear of Quinn.

There were still a few others that approached him and tried mocking him, getting him to fight them, but in the end they would never act first like they used to when they thought he was a level one.

'Not now, Quinn. You don't have the time.' Truthfully, now that Quinn was forced to be reckoned with in the school, he would usually stop instances like these. He remembered what Berg of the Sunshield family had said to him. How him helping would only help temporarily; but in the case of Berg, he himself had never been in the same situation as Quinn.

He knew, when one was being bullied they would have liked even for a second, if just someone helped and reached out to them one time. If they could ease the pain for a second, they hoped that it might stop, eventually.

But this time, Quinn could do nothing. He didn't need eyes remembering where he was, and they were on a close time frame as well.

"It is now six o'clock." Logan said. "I am perfectly on time, and as I said, the sun set about ten minutes ago. We are in complete darkness, which is perfect for a job like this."

"Do you have everything?" Quinn asked.

"Of course?" Logan replied, unzipping his shirt and showing a shiny piece of armour. It was his spiders. They had formed a thin suit under his standard uniform.

With them both being ready, they headed off into the city. It would take half an hour to reach the hospital at a fast pace, and another half an hour to come back. If Quinn didn't have to slow down for Logan to catch up, he could have made it even quicker, but it was only because of him that they even could do such a thing in the first place.

Finally, they had reached the hospital. It wasn't too busy and there weren't many that would come in with serious wounds. Only those that felt ill, or had an accident during training would come in. Although there were still some people like that. The soldiers that were on duty on other planets would often have medical treatment at the shelter. There would often be more than enough supplies to be equipped with everything, but still, from time to time, you would have the odd person that needed to be sent back to the base.

On the way there, they had set up their plan. Quinn had enough MC points to stay hidden the entire time, as long as nothing happened. So before they reached the inside of the hospital, Quinn performed his shadow cloak skill and just waited outside, right around the corner of the hospital in the shadows.

There was a major problem with the shadow cloak though, one being that it wasn't perfect in light. If one was to move, then ripples in the air could still be seen. However, in the dark it would be perfect.

Logan had entered the hospital ahead of Quinn and had sat down in the waiting area. He then let out his spiders to do their work. Research was already done beforehand. Thus, unlike the dungeons, he was able to easily get the layout and structure of the hospital. Sending out his spiders, he commanded them to go out in multiple directions. They spread to all the areas between the entrance and to where Quinn needed to be.

Then finally, when all of the spiders were in position, there was a clear signal for Quinn to enter the hospital.

"3… 2... 1." Logan said, and in an instant all of the lights turned off. However, Quinn didn't have a long time. Logan had given him a set of instructions beforehand, about where to go, and hence Quinn needed to hurry and get to the room. Even though the power was cut off, hospitals always had a backup generator for emergencies.

Still, Quinn wasn't just fast now, he was extremely fast. As soon as the light turned back on, Quinn was already in the room he needed to be in, and not a single soul had seen him.

There were three different storage rooms where they kept the different blood types. Some blood types were kept in a special type of a freezer in which they could be stored for a year. Although they could take the blood bags back with them, Quinn wanted to consume the blood now while they were still in the hospital. This way, they wouldn't have any evidence left with them.

The room Quinn currently in was a blood refrigerator. This was where they especially stored the blood that was to be used on demand, and it would then be kept for at least forty-two days. The blood was kept in special types of packs in containers up against the wall. There were rows and rows of blood and Quinn couldn't imagine how many stat points he would be able to increase from this.

His inspect skill was cast and a pair of gloves could be seen on his hand for hiding his fingerprints.

The inspect skill allowed him to see each blood type there was, and they seemed to already be categorized into blood types for him, with A positive and negative being next to each other. When looking at the blood packs, it was time for one of Logan's special inventions to get to work.

The blood packs had a special type of seal on them. Blood would usually be extracted through some type of tube, but to show that they hadn't been opened before the seal was placed upon them. Logan didn't want to be unethical. People needed blood to live, and Quinn only needed a small amount to get his stats. So Logan had designed a special type of needle that was able to be injected into the plastic bag and then, on its way out, seal it up. Making it look like nothing was ever taken.

The problem was, there was only one needle, so Quinn would have to consume the blood then and there, and repeat this process again quickly. This wasn't a problem though as Quinn got to work pulling out the A blood type packs and increasing his stats one by one.

The A stat gave him strength and he could see it slowly rising with every different person blood.

[A+ Blood type has been consumed]

[+1 to strength]

The message continued with each one and every time, Quinn felt a surge of energy but for the first time he also felt something different. He could tell the taste of the blood was getting better each time. He had never consumed so many blood types in one go before, and now he could tell the addiction was coming.

Still, it wasn't a bad feeling, it was just one that put him off for a brief second before he continued.

Finally, as though something strange had happened he had received a message he never thought he would get.

[A+ Blood type has been consumed]

[Strength 40]

[You have reached the maximum amount of stat points in strength]

[To proceed further you must evolve]


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