My Vampire System
361 A green screen
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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361 A green screen

As the students saw Quinn walking up to the stage, they couldn't help but wonder: what was he thinking? He had done well in the fighting tournament, and his fame around the school had grown. There probably wasn't a single student who now didn't know his name due to what had happened.

However, there were some key differences between the tournament, and fighting now. Quinn didn't have any of his beast equipment on. People had theorised that the equipment used on the day of the event, had to be at the advanced level or higher. This was the only explanation they could come up with as to how Quinn was able to move so fast and why his attacks were so powerful. After all, he had defeated the multipliers clones in one strike. Something that hadn't happened before Quinn's fight.

The rumours were that in exchange for selling the ability book to the original family, he had received credits in return and this was how he was able to purchase such equipment. Of course, Quinn's equipment on the day wasn't at the king tier or advanced level. At the time he was simply using intermediate tier equipment. The speed and power he displayed were down to him.

The other difference was, in the beast class, most of the time, they weren't allowed to use their abilities. Especially as first-year students and right now, it was the case as well. They could only guess that the reason the Multiplier was defeated was due to Quinn's ability. When the dome was created and the words spoken by the Multiplier. "Hands."

The hands that were used at the event couldn't be used here, so the student's didn't have much hope for him successfully hitting Del.

Although, many of them wanted to see Del lose, after his arrogant act.

A large smile appeared on Del's face while looking at Quinn standing opposite him. The same thoughts that were running through the student's heads were the exact same thought that he had as well.

"Come on, let's get started!" Del said.

Quinn moved in, but not as fast as he did at the tournament, too many people were watching so he couldn't use his full speed. If he could, the match wouldn't have lasted long at all, but if his attack was going to be blocked anyway, he could rely on his strength.

As he got in range, he drew back his fist and threw it out. No special techniques were used, and to everyone, it just looked like a regular punch coming from below. The shield was placed in the perfect position, so Quinn's fist would hit the centre and…


The sound of the fist hitting the shield was heard throughout, the students started to look away as they imagined the pain Quinn must have been feeling right now. When one would see their fist was going to be blocked by a shield, they would usually draw back their power, or not attack at all for fear of hurting themselves, but Quinn didn't one bit.

When moving his hand to perform another punch, a bloody mark could be seen left on the shield. Del quickly moved the shield in place again, blocking the attack from his right side, and again, a large sound was heard.


[Intermediate tier (currently advanced tier)]

[Durability 96 percent]

The shield was stronger then Quinn thought. It was at the intermediate tier level, but he never thought Del would be so shameless to be using his ability to strengthen his shield. Even with his full strength behind his attacks, it was only damaging the shield by two percent.

With his bloody hands, Quinn continued to punch the shield at full strength, and Del blocked each one, with a smirk behind it, unaware that his favourite weapon was slowly starting to crumble away.

[Durability 60 percent]

Eventually, Quinn had stopped. Any further than this and cracks might start appearing in the shield, and Del and the students would get suspicious.

"You want to stop?" Del said, looking at his bloody hands. "What a stubborn child, all you did was give my shield a new paint job."

Quinn was done playing around, and it was time to finish the fight.

'If you are using your ability, then I'll just use mine.' Quinn said.

Seeing Quinn was throwing a hook to the right side of his head, Del moved his shield to his side in a position to block the punch. He was then waiting for the usual clang to be heard, before predicting the next blow, But the clang never game and instead a fist was coming right for his face.

'What, I was sure I saw him throw a hook to the right?'

It was too late. The bloody fist dug into Del's face, and as his head flew backwards through the air, two of his front teeth could be seen dangling holding onto his gums. His whole face was bloody, and it was hard to tell if it was Quinn's blood or Del's.

A clanging sound was heard as the shield had dropped to the floor, and soon after Del did as well...

"Hey, the teacher…he's not getting up."

"Does this mean the class is over?"

"Not just that, Quinn hit a teacher, won't he get in trouble for this?"

"I don't know, it was the whole point of the exercise, right?"

"What I don't understand is, Del was blocking perfectly up to that point, and it was clear a punch was being thrown straight at him, so why did he move the shield to the side?"

The answer was one only Quinn knew. People like Del had weak minds, and Quinn was confident of that. Before throwing out his last punch, he had looked Del in the eye, and performed a phantom punch to the right side, before delivering the real punch to his face.

The students waited for Del to come too before doing anything and when he finally did, of course, Del was furious.

"Geth that Cursedeed Chilth out of here!!" Del shouted, although the words sounded a little strange due to his front two teeth being removed.

Ha was kicked out of the class and had to go see Nate. Later on, an investigation was called, but no punishment was received for Quinn.

The students had explained what had happened, and they decided that Quinn was not at fault.

Fighting Del wasn't entirely useless for Quinn. What it had shown him was the strength of better equipment. With his exp gaining capabilities being slow at the moment, it would be a long time until he reached level twenty. Not only that, but he was still weening himself of the blood.

Using the advanced tier crystals that had been given to him by Leo, he could look for a good forger around the school. This might take a while, but he had a few ideas on how he would do this.

Before that, there was one more thing he wanted to do. After selecting the Shadow eater skill, he felt a little disheartened. He still had no clue what it did, and the system didn't seem to know either. However, he still had thirty skill points to be used, so there was a chance for him to unlock a new skill.

Over the next few days, Quinn had unlocked one of the shadow skills, and unlike with the shadow eater he was greatly pleased. He would switch between going on to the private servers to practice using it, and going onto the military servers to gain exp points.

After the incident with Del, the beast classes were a lot more different as well. His face had fully healed thanks to Hayley, but he no longer tried to cause trouble for Quinn, or show off to the other students. Instead, he just stuck to the scheduled lessons that were meant to take place.

Quinn, still hadn't gotten his new equipment made yet, but he had planned to put that into motion very soon.

As the days continued to go past, it looked like summer would soon be upon them. However, in a certain individual's room on their computer, the screen was flashing. It continued to flash in a green colour and on it, a sequence of numbers were displayed.

The portal device in Logan's room... had finally been unlocked.


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