My Vampire System
360 Useless Martial Arts
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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360 Useless Martial Arts

The Monday lesson's started as usual for Quinn and the others. But with the pending problem of the Vampires eventually finding out and coming after Quinn. They couldn't completely relax just yet.

In their homeroom lesson, Del started to explain about what would be coming up on the upcoming final exam test.

There were no more physical assessments apart from the two portal outings that had already proceeded, so the only tests left were written ones. Normal subjects, such as maths, science, English and I.T continued but were never the main focus. On top of the usual tests, students would also have to perform a general knowledge test.

This would test them on knowledge such as, how to use such equipment, being able to differentiate between different tier beast crystals. Different, types of beasts and their weak points, and information on the Dalki and what weapons they would use. Luckily for Quinn, this was nothing for him to worry about.

Not having an ability during his school life, the only thing he could do was study. So he was confident about getting a good grade. When thinking about the others in the group, he could only imagine they would do great as well, the only one he would have worried about was Fex, who was now no longer with them.

'I hope you're doing okay?' Quinn thought.

As the morning classes ended, it was time for them to go to their designated club class. Quinn started to head off to the weapons class and noticed that his homeroom teacher Del was going in the same direction as him.

'Don't tell me.'

A horrid thought had crossed his mind, and he just hoped his gut feeling wasn't right this time.

A few moments later…

"Alright everyone, unfortunately, Leo has left the military base for good," Del said, annoyed. He had suddenly been told in the morning that he was the one who now had to cover the beast weapons class. Due to Del's ability of being able to reinforce and allow beast weapons to grow stronger, he had a lot of knowledge about beast weapons, so they thought he would be a good substitute.

But to Del, it was just more work he didn't want to do.

"So, I will now be your teacher. My name is…"

Del started to introduce himself and ramble on to the class. Not everyone in the beasts weapons class was part of Del's homeroom, so some didn't know him well like Quinn and the others.

Thinking back to the first day he had met him, Quinn knew this would take a while, as Del loved to talk about himself.

Looking around the room, ignoring what was being said, he spotted Layla at the back of the crowd. Hoping to go over there, he started to shift through the people.

'I wonder how she's doing with her ability and change, it can be hard to handle.'

Then when he finally could see her better, there was a little surprise. Standing by her side was Cia. Cia wasn't part of the beast weapons class before, but people were able to freely switch whenever they wanted. A lot of students would do so to be more varied in their skills. While others stayed to specialise in one.

As soon as Quinn saw her though, he decided to turn away and head back to the front of the class. He had heard from Layla how upset Cia was and how everything was affecting her. He couldn't help but feel a little guilty for what he had done, but he had no choice. It was that or death. Still, it was too early to face her knowing what had happened.

Trying to think about a positive out of this, he managed to see one.

'Maybe with her losing her memories and knowing nothing about Pure, she could become a good companion. Her skill was extremely useful in the fight against the king tier beast.' Quinn thought.

Seeing this, Layla understood Quinn's actions. She was the one who had actually invited Cia along and asked her to change class, and Cia immediately agreed.

Cia didn't know why, but lately, when she started to feel upset, or begin to worry, just being next to Layla made her feel better. It got to the point that when Layla wasn't there, and she started to feel sad, she would outright go searching for her.

This was because of Layla's newfound power. She had found to use her abilities; there were two ways. She could channel the negative thoughts within herself, or there was a second alternative. To feed off the negative emotions of those around her. When doing so, it seemed to lighten Cia's mood significantly.

Layla felt a little guilty as in reality, she wanted to keep Cia around so she could have a type of leaching effect. If she ever needed to use her powers, she could do so, as long as she was there. And seeing her cheer up a little made her feel less bad about the whole thing. However, Layla was unaware of the addictive effect this was having.

"Okay, with self-introductions over, what was Leo teaching you guys before the event?" Del asked.

A student raised their hand slightly and gave an answer.

"We were focusing on combat skills when we didn't have our beast weapons, sir."

"Pft… Useless. What's the point of that?" Del said. "Do you think you're going to be able to tear through a Dalki's skin using your bare hands? The only good thing hand to hand combat is used for is fighting against other humans. If you want to practice that stuff then fine."

The students started to nod in agreement, some of them initially thought it was useless and why they were doing it. Still, there was also the other camp, and these comments angered Quinn a little. It was as if Del was trying to talk down about Leo while he wasn't here.

Del had purposely misled them by not telling them the full story. Leo had explained that beast armour at a higher level can enhance the user's natural strength. If one was to lose their weapon, or it would break in a fight, knowing such skills could be a matter of life and death.

It had also helped Quinn much in learning, the crescent blood kick, one of the most powerful skills in his arsenal.

"I can see you aren't all convinced," Del said, looking at Quinn's scrunched up face. "Why don't one of you come up here and try to use the martial arts you learnt on me."

A girl student raised her hand and volunteered, she went up to the stage, and Del told her to remove her beast gear, while he would only use his large shield that covered his whole body.

"Come attack me," Del said. "Let's see how useful your martial arts skills are? "

The girl came forward, and started to perform kicks to the side, from above, and would try to mix in a few feints, but Del blocked them all with his shield.

Quinn thought the whole demonstration was pointless. Del was a teacher who should have had more experience and skill in the first place, not only that, the shield was as big as him, the only thing Del needed to do was shift the shield slightly from one side to the other. If there was more than one opponent, his demonstration would be pointless.

After the girl had given up a few more students started to come on stage, and Del would continually block all thier attacks, punches and kicks.

#This continued on for a while, and the students were starting to grow bored.

"Are we going to do this for the whole lesson?"

" think, he just wants to show off."

"What that he can beat a bunch of kids."

"See, as I said, you're martial arts is useless." Said Del. "So we should learn how to use them, properly. Leo, first he wasted my time, and now I find out he's been wasting the students' time as well. He even got paid more than me, and he got promoted straight to sergeant." As Del went off on his tangent, all the students could hear him clearly, as he wasn't speaking quietly.

It was clear that there was jealousy involved in this, and the students were starting to think that Del was a bit unprofessional. But he was a teacher, and most of the kids did want to learn more about beast weapons themselves rather than the martial arts, so most of them let it go.

Apart from one student, hearing Leo's name mentioned again, had finally made him give in.

"Do you mind if I have a go, sir?"

Del's rambling had stopped, and when he looked down, he noticed that it was one of his own students, Quinn.

'Oh Quinn, I suppose he thinks he's a big shot now after that whole fighting event. His skills were good, and he was fast, but that was all because of the beast gear you were wearing. You will be the perfect person to prove my point.'

"Of course you can Quinn, but do remember, no beast gear allowed. You have to rely on your own "Martial art skills." Leo said sarcastically, trying to hammer to point to everyone else.

"That's fine, I won't use any equipment," Quinn replied, walking onto the stage.

'Del, I've been wanting to do this to you for a long time.' Quinn thought.


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