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354 The council meeting
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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354 The council meeting

When a meeting between the vampire council members would be called, all of the thirteen leaders from thier castles would have to go and travel to the main castle. The main castle was where the current vampire king or queen resided.

Inside, near the top floor, but not quite at the very top was the meeting room. Once a month, the leaders would meet up to discuss current matters or affairs.

Outside of the regular meetings, an emergency meeting could be called as well. Only if there was something that needed to be reported to everyone would they meet up. On this very day, a meeting had been called.

This was the second emergency meeting that had been called within such a short time frame, and the tensions were high.

Inside the room, there were thirteen chairs equal in size spread across the table. Behind each seat a flame which burnt bright and strong.

Currently, all if the chairs were filled with thier leaders and one of their vampire knights by thier side. All of them apart from one. The tenth seat.

Most of the room was dominated by men most looked old while a couple looked young, but it was impossible to tell the real age of any. Two of the seats were filled with female leaders as well.

Besides these thirteen chairs at either end of the table, thier were two larger chairs. One Chair slightly bigger than the other, at this moment both of these chairs were empty as well.

Sitting at the first Chair near the top of the table was the first leader, an older gentlemen than the rest. Vampires at the Lord level often had great control over thier bodies. They could choose when to slow down thier ageing process. Most at the table had chosen to keep thier appearance of that of slightly older middle-aged men. Yet for some reason, the first leader preferred an aged look.

He was bald up top, but his facial hair was heavy around his face going down to his colour bone, all white in clour. Other than this, his forehead that seemed to always be in a prominent V shape were his most distinctive features. On top of this, the old man would never seem to leave without his trendy black slim walking stick by his side.

However, he never used the walking stick to walk, but kept it by his side as if his life depended on it. When the king wasn't present, it was his duty to be in charge. He still only had equal power as the rest of the thirteen, but in order for things to proceed more smoothly, the first leader was placed with this position.

The others didn't mind this, as the first leader was the oldest and seemed to be the most knowledgeable out of the rest.

Once everyone was seated, he banged his walking stick three times across the floor to signal the meeting would begin, and the room fell silent.

"I Bryce Cain, leader of the first seat, will now begin this meeting. This meeting has been called by the 13th seat leader of the Sanguinis family Lee." The old man said. "I hope you all know that the king is still resting and will not be attending this meeting. Unless a matter can not be agreed upon, there will be no need to call him. Now please, Lee, explain to us why this meeting was called?"

"Rather then explain this matter, I would like to bring them In, If I may," Lee asked, to which Bryce responded with a nod.

The doors to the room opened, and in came, Silver, Fex and Peter who was now officially in a black set of handcuffs. They seemed to be made form the same material as the buildings.

While they walked into the room, Lee tried to look at the other leaders to see if there was a reaction from one of them.

'Hm, they all have pretty good poker faces, maybe they don't know what he has committed.'

With no reaction, Lee had no choice but to continue.

"Recently I was tipped off from our agents that there was something strange going on at earth. As you all know, my son Fex is young and was soon to have his ceremony to turn into a vampire noble. I thought this would be a good opportunity to send him out on the field. In case there were any mistakes, Silver was sent out after him as well.

"When they arrived at thier location, Fex my son seemed to have discovered a White. You should all know where this is going. Other than vampires part of the part A category, all subclasses are to remain here. Which means, an illegal was created. My son has successfully captured the illegal." Lee said, pointing at Peter.

The others looked at Peter carefully, it was clear he was a vampire and a young one at that. Youngsters, when being turned, would rarely ever turn straight into vampires for they didn't have the power. So he must have belonged to one of the twelve there they thought.

But when Bryce looked at him closer, he felt strange. Even though this was a serious matter, it was clear that the vampire boy was unafraid.

"You all know why this is a serious matter, first off it wasn't reported. Even if a leader created a vampire in our current situation, they should report it immediately. Every family is allowed a maximum of fifteen hundred members, and last time I checked, every family is at its maximum amount. If this vampire was creating illegals, who knows they could even be creating more and perhaps planning another uprising."

After Lee had said this, the twelve leaders started to mumble amongst themselves.

"An uprising, again. This would be a serious matter, indeed." One leader said.

"The family who has allowed this vampire to be unruly must be punished." Another said.


Once again, Bryce banged his walking stick on the ground three times, bringing order to the room.

"Wheather or not it's a serious matter is undecided. Do not speak so freely about an uprising. An investigation shall be made into the family that this vampire belongs to. It might just be a stray that has done its own thing, but just to be sure we shall check thoroughly.

"Now to save us all time, does anyone care to admit who this vampire in the room belongs to. If you have nothing to hide, then only the vampire shall be punished."

The leaders started to look up and down the table, waiting for one person to be called out. The leaders didn't remember every vampire member in thier family and they didn't have a connection with all of them. In the families, about fifty of them would be connected to the actual leader in some way, and learn the families unique ability. While the rest of the vampires would simply work for the families.

The reason why Bryce had made the suggestion was from the feeling he was getting, he could tell that the vampire was quite a strong one for being so young. It made him believe that the vampire had to be close to the leaders, and if so, even if they didn't know what he looked like, they would have felt a connection being this close to him right now.

"Damn it, you fools!" Lee said in anger. "This is a serious matter, and you are only wasting our time."

"It is as lee said. Very well, there is one way to find out, bring the boy to me." Bryce said, and Silver brought Peter along with her, directly to the first seat, allowing Peter to stand opposite the old man.

Fex watching this new precisely what the old man planned to do.

'It won't work.' Fex thought.

The old man looked into Peter's eyes, and his started to glow.

"Tell us, which family do you belong to?"

Everyone in the room was sat at the edge of thier seats waiting for an answer but after a few moments. There was nothing, Peter didn't reply and remained silent.

Bryce tried again in case something was wrong, he looked into his eyes and said the same words.

"Tell us, it's an order of the council. Which family do you belong to!" He shouted, getting frustrated, but Peter didn't flinch nor did he reply.

"But how is this possible?" One of the leaders said.

Mumbling between them all began and started again, and the only one in the room who knew the answer was Fex.

What the first leader attempted to do, was use his Charm skills to force the information out of him. One's power would have to be far greater for this to work, and usually, it would work against a vampire that hadn't even reached the noble level. Which was why everyone was so shocked.

But Peter wasn't a vampire, he was a Wight an undead. Mind control, sleeping, paralysis all these things didn't work on an undead. The only one that would be able to force information out of him, was his creator.

However, to Bryce this only angered him further. There were a few methods to block this mind control from working, and only another leader would know such a method. In his mind, it was clear that someone was trying to hide this information and to do this and go this far, they would have had a direct connection with the family.

"Fine." Everyone, we shall gather downstairs in one of the training halls. "If I can't force the information out of you, then we shall beat it out of you. I'm warning you now, when I find out who this vampire belongs to they shall be in serious trouble."


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