My Vampire System
347 An Error
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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347 An Error

'Even though I tried to stop it, I still couldn't. What have I done?' Quinn thought as he looked at the message that appeared in front of him.

[Blood ritual was a sucess]

[The human has successfully been blooded 2/3]

[A new member of the Cursed family has been created]

[Leo Suiyan is now a vampire]

[Additnal information available when using inspect!]

There was a tiny bit of relief when Quinn had seen that Leo had transformed into a vampire rather than one of the available subclasses. It was one less problem for him to deal with.

This was perhaps due to how much strength he already had, but then again, he could only make guesses because he didn't really know how the whole thing seemed to work.

But still, there was no way he could be happy about this, he had just turned someone who was unwilling, it wasn't like Peter where the only option was to save his life, and it wasn't like Layla who had requested him to.


[Leo Suiyan]

[Ability: none]

[Class: Vampire (Unable to evolve)]

[A vampire's senses and overall stats are improved. The user will be stronger and faster. When in sunlight, thier strength will weaken. They will now be able to perform blood abilities. Blood abilities being used will cause the user's health to deteriorate quicker and thier hunger to grow faster. The user must consume blood when needed.]

[Further class evolutions available: Vampire Noble, Vampire knight (error!)]

[The Vampire is unable to evolve at this point and time, the Vampire can not surpass its leader in rank.]

"That's a little strange." The AI said reading the message along with Quinn. "Usuelly vampires are able to evolve as long as they are strong enough. Thier no such restrictions. Although I guess this really is a unique situation, as thier has never been a vampire leader before who is only at the evolution stage of a vampire. I guess that does complicate things a little."

However, Quinn didn't care about that for now. He was far too worried about how Leo would react, not only had he turned him into a vampire he had also made him lose his ability. Something Leo relied on for his eyesight.

"Leo, are you…how do you feel?" Quinn asked carefully ready for him to possible lash out in anger.

"I feel great!" Leo responded in a surprisingly upbeat tone. What he was saying was the truth, and it wasn't just to make Quinn feel better. He had felt like he had obtained a whole new body. His hearing was already sensitive before, but now it was even better, as, for his eyesight, there was no improvement in that department. He was still unable to see anything.

"And your ability?" Quinn asked.

Leo then closed his eyes and tried to activate his ability, but there was nothing. The aura he could see before and the wireframe everything he viewed objects, the walls, they could no longer be seen. Still, he did not panic, he took a deep breath and thought back to when he was at the temple.

He started to focus his Qi around his body. Eventually, He targeted the location of his eyes, the exact thing he did when he was a child and thier was a result…

"Looks like you do know whats happened to me then. My ability seems to have weekend greatly, its as if it returned to when I had first discovered it."

Shocked by, Leo answer, Quinn quickly used the inspect skill again and this time, he could see that the section by ability was no longer empty.

The ability was also compatible with vampires, the only downside was, his MC cells had been refreshed and had reverted back to when he had first discovered his ability. It would take some time until it went back to normal, but Leo wasn't worried about this.

As an original, there were no books he needed to learn from, he was the one who was able to grow his abilities power alone. He could silently practice whenever needed to.

Even though his ability had weakened, he did not feel more disadvantaged than before. He felt like with his other senses having improved, they had more then lacked up for his ability power decreasing.

"Well then, I never thought I would ask you this question as quite honestly, I didn't think I would get this deeply involved in your troubles, but it seems like I have done. So what am I, or maybe I should ask, what are we?" Leo asked.

This was something Quinn was never prepared for, he had envisioned telling people one day what he was but not right now. Revelling the truth to his friends compared to his teacher was a lot harder for some reason.

He wasn't ready, but he had to, he had to make sure Leo would be prepared for everything that would be coming towards him.

"It's a long one… and I'll explain as much as I can," Quinn said.

The two of them sat down once again opposite each other. When looking at Leo, a smile could still be seen on his face as he was happy with his newfound body. It made things a little easier for Quinn when speaking. Quinn started by explaining that he was a vampire, Leo didn't interrupt and allowed him to thoroughly explain everything.

Quinn started off with his own experience, stating how his body was stronger, faster and his sight was even better than before. All though they quickly went over the sight part since it had nothing to do with Leo. Then the hard parts had come, the downsides of being a vampire. Leo would now be affected by sunlight and suddenly feel weaker during the day, and he would have to consume blood to fill his hunger.

After finishing explaining everything about Vampires, Quinn then also went to explain about what had happened so far, and Leo was starting to paint a picture of why people kept turning up and also the relation of Fex.

He felt like this part also needed to be explained as there was a possibility just like how the others came after Peter, they could now come after Leo as well.

After everything was said and done, Quinn looked downward at the floor waiting for Leo's response. He couldn't even look at him right now.

Leo was busy thinking, the women he had met at the event who tried stopping him and the flask filled with blood. Everything was starting to make sense. And it seemed like even the vampires had thier own set of rules to follow.

"You kids have had a lot on your shoulders this whole time. No wonder you had so many mistakes and mishaps along the way. This is too much for anyone, never mind someone your age." Leo responded.

"Wait, you're not mad?" Quinn asked.

"What's the point of getting mad, what's done is done. Thier is nothing I can do to change it and if I was to get mad, would it fix anything?"

Leo then stood up from where he was standing, he wished to test out his new body and skills. Without saying anything, he walked to the centre of the martial arts hall, and Quinn watched carefully.

He swung his blade as fast as he could in all sorts of directions. The speed was amazing that even Quinn, who had better eyesight than most was struggling to keep up with it. Not just that, but the sound, he could tell from the sound alone those strikes would cause serious damage to anyone.

While continuously swinging the blade, Leo could feel something strange. A new energy, it wasn't like the Qi he typically used, but something was bubbling and boiling up inside of him. He continued to swing his blade until eventually, he released this energy out of his sword with a strike.

With the swing of the sword, shortly after a large line of red aura went out following it. The attack continued going forward until it had just disappeared before hitting the wall.

"Blood swipe!" Quinn said.

"Oh, so I guess this is a skill from the vampires then. It seems powerful." Leo replied.

But this wasn't just any blood swipe. From looks alone, Quinn could tell it was larger, faster and more powerful than any blood swipe he had ever produced. With Leo being plenty strong before and now with his vampire body and powers on top of it, he truly might have just created a monster.

"What are you going to do now, if you want I can help you. If you need blood, I have friends that can help and if you have any questions you want to ask I can help?" Quinn said, still feeling guilty about the whole thing.

"Quinn, I still haven't changed my decision to leave this place. I think now that this has happened; it's given me more reason to do so than ever before. I hope you understand." Said Leo.

"You know, if you wanted to, you could order him to stay." The system said. "He would have to comply since he is under you."

'I know, but it's his life.'

"Then before you go, please take this." Quinn removed the ring from his finger and threw it over to where Leo was. For a brief second Quinn forgot he was blind and was afraid the ring would just hit the floor.

But like a bat, based on the ting sound he was able to locate where roughly where it would be, then the short range of his ability would do the rest. He grabbed it and felt around before realising what it was.

"I'm guessing this isn't a normal ring?" Leo asked as he could see the red aura surrounding it.

"That ring will allow you to walk freely in the daylight. It will make you still feel human and don't worry, I can make another one. You gave me two gifts so at least let me give you this." Quinn said before he could refuse.

If Leo was to be travelling on his own, unlike Quinn, he didn't have the system to help him. Any questions he had about the changes that were happening in his body, he would have to learn how to deal with it on his own. The ring would help him greatly.

Quinn still had other ways to combat the sun, such as his shadow void and the suit. He also could always make another ring, but perhaps not one as good as the one he had obtained.

Leo started to walk back towards Quinn and stood in front of him. ���Remember what I taught you, that feeling you need to practise it every day if you can. It will take a year or so until you get the hang of it and when you do, come find me again. Then I will teach you the next step. And before I go…"

Leo then got down on one knee in front of Quinn.

"What are you doing?" Quinn said.

"You said I now belong to your family right, I don't know how this vampire stuff really works, but I don't want to make the same mistake I made with my last master. I can tell already the connection between us two is now strong. If you are ever in trouble and I feel you are in danger, I Leo Suiyan will come and protect you."

With that, Leo got up from the floor and walked away.

"I can tell you know." the system said. "He has the makings of a great vampire knight."

But Quinn didn't care about that for now, for there was only one thought on his mind.

"You were the best damn teacher I ever had," Quinn said. "I know we will meet again."


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