My Vampire System
345 Leo“s pas
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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345 Leo“s pas

"Qi" The word was foreign to Quinn. He had never heard of it before or even heard someone mention it. From the way Leo spoke about it, it sounded like some mystic energy that perhaps people used to harness a long time ago.

Thinking back, Quinn started to remember something Vorden had told him a while ago. At one point Vorden had managed to copy Leo's powers. When looking at Leo, he could see the same thing he could, yet Vorden's could feel his own energy at the time was far weaker then Leo's.

This might have had something to do with Qi as well. Vorden was only able to copy the amount of MC cell's someone had.

'Could the large energy that Vorden was seeing at the time be Qi?'

Whatever it was, Quinn wanted to learn about it. He was ready to listen to Leo's story. For back then during the war, he had been classified as a hero, and he had even seen the power first hand.

Any strength added to his own would be a plus.

"I was born blind, it wasn����t latter on in life, and it wasn't during the war like many people suspect. I never had eyesight to begin with, I have never seen the colour of the sky, nor the grass.

"Even before the introductions of abilities, the world was a cruel place. Discrimination existed back then just like it does now but in different forms. As for me, I was abandoned and left outside a temple by my parents, my only guess is they couldn't deal with the idea of raising a blind baby. Although to this day I don't really blame them.

"Form what I had learned, later on, the country I grew up in was a poor one, and the place even worse. People had children in hopes that they would be able to better thier lives in the future. Work on the farm, help put in the village. But a blind perosn would be disadvantaged when it came to these things, and I would only be another mouth to feed.

"In the end, I think my parents loved me enough to make sure I arrived at a place they could trust. Rather than just abandoning me, and for that reason, I can't say I hate them."

Quinn had also heard some stories of parents who had given up on thier kids, after learning thier MC cells had a low limit. It seemed rather than getting better, things had only gotten worst since the past.

"Luckily for me, it wasn't an ordinary temple they had dropped me at. Noticing I was blind, they knew it would be pointless to bring me to an orphanage. If people had the choice out of a baby that was perfect or one that couldn't see it would be a long time until a soul gentle enough would take me in.

"However, he also felt like he could greatly help me, for he was a master of Qi. He ran a dojo and taught many students and at first, he decided to teach me, not because he wanted me to learn how to fight, but he thought it would greatly help me grow and navigate my way around.

"You see, Qi lets you feel the energy of living things around you. In a way, my Master felt like if he taught me this, he would be giving me a vision I never had. After years of learning and growing up by my master side, a strange thing happened. When I mastered how to use Qi, at the same time, I had unlocked my ability.

"At the time I didn't know this and abilities weren't widespread and were still kept secret. When I explained what I could see, My Master told me not to tell anyone about it, but for the first time, I felt like I could see and join in with my fellow brothers and sisters with thier training.

"My ability helped me progress faster than those around me, as I was able to see the flow of energy that my Master would often talk about easier. When sparing with my fellow brothers, it would give me an advantage. Every human has Qi, but a lot don't know how to grow or use it properly. When one would attack, I would see the Qi move before them.

"Fast forward several years and the war with the Dalki had started. The use of weapons clearly didn't work, and it looked like the human race would soon die. I was young and hot-headed back then but continually argued with my Master, asking why hadn't we gone to join the fight.

"We were a small group of only thirty students, but I knew with our unique talents we would be able to help some people at least. However, my Master said our home was here, and it wasn't our place. The temple oversaw a small town full of life. It was away from the war and all the fighting. We were up relatively high, and it seemed like nobody had found us yet.

"But every day I would watch news of what was going on. That's when people with abilities started to come forward. They began to turn the tide of the war. They were hailed as heroes and continued to be cheered and supported around the whole world.

"'That could have been me' I thought. I was envious, jealous of these ability users. We could have helped and also been a part of those groups. Yet even with our power, we did nothing.

"Later on the discovery of the portals were made soon after and that led to beast weapons. The war was still ongoing, and now the world was into heavy recruitment. People didn't have a choice, if you were old enough, you were told to fight."

Quinn remembered this time period well, for this was also when his mother and father were placed in the war.

"Knowing this piece of information, I did something I wish I had never done. The small town on top of the mountain was unregistered with any country. Nobody knew of our existence. I didn't want to miss out again. What was the point of having all this power and skill and never being able to use it? Shouldn't we have used it to help the fight?

"One week, I went down to the nearest city and reviled that there was a whole town of people to the World alliance. They immediately sent in thier soldiers and told everyone to relocate. They moved us all to another planet. An Orange portal planet at the time. Our job was to defeat the beasts and obtain the crystals, delivering them to the army.

"They had given us guns that worked against the basic tier beats but after that thier armour or hide would be too tough. However, they didn't know about our talents, and even without the weapons, we were able to complete our tasks better then they had expected. In return, they finally gave us beast weapons and we even formed a special unit.

"The planet had become a peaceful place, and we had managed to make a settlement similar on the planet, to what we had back on earth. But then, the Dalki came and attacked. The bulk of us, including my Master and me, was out on a hunt for beats. When our group returned, the whole village had already nearly been destroyed.

"When we arrived we could see a single Dalki ship, which usuelly contained a unit of twelve. We fought with them till the bitter end and the only ones that had survived the fight were my Master and me. All of our pupils and everyone in the village had died.

"It was because of me the whole town had been relocated to the planet. There was a good chance we could have continued living peacefully on earth. Not only that, but me and my Master never spoke again."

When telling the story, Quinn could feel the sadness and guilt in his words.

"But I don't think it is your fault," Quinn replied. "There was no guarantee they would have never found you on that mountain in the first place, you might have even survived longer moving to the planet and also if you do have the power, I don't see why it's wrong to try fight back?"

"And this is why I wish to tell you my story, so you don't end up making the same mistake I did," Leo replied. "You see now at my age I realised a few things I could have done differently. Why did I have to get the whole town involved in my mess, and my fellow brothers? If I wanted to fight, I could have done it on my own? But no, I was scared.

"Worse then that, they had things to lose, my Master's whole family was in that village, his wife, his kids and the same for the others. Where I had nothing, I had no family, no one to worry about and just had my power and skills. Or that's what I thought. When I lost everything, I realised I did have a family, but it was a little too late.

"From that event, my Master and I had gotten quite famous. For it was the first time a planet or group were able to fend off and kill all the invading Dalkis. I used this as an opportunity.

"With this huge burden and regret on my back, I decided to take vengeance against the Dalki. I showed the military my powers, something my Master told me to never do and went on the front lines. I fought well and was hailed a hero, I became one of the heroes I had heard about on TV, but when I reached that point, I didn't feel any better about myself, and the praise wasn't as great as I imagined. All I wanted to do was turn back time.

"I still don't understand everything there is to understand about Qi. When the other students died, it seemed like a part of them was transferred into the beast equipment they were using at the time or at least thier Qi. It's stronger than your standard equipment but will only work with the use of your own Qi. That is why I can not give you any of my own weapons yet.

"My Master is still out there somewhere. Although he might be dead, who knows.

"Still, If he is dead, then I will be the only one alive who knows how to use this power, and that's why I have decided to teach you."

Leo, stood up from his seat and walked over to Quinn's side. The pressure coming off his body could be felt all over and was causing Quinn to sweat, it also became difficult to breathe.

'Is this Qi?'

Even if he wanted to move, it felt like he couldn't as if an invisible force was surrounding him.

"Let me pass on my knowledge to you," Leo said as he placed his hand on top of Quinn's head.


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