My Vampire System
342 Soul weapon battle
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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342 Soul weapon battle

The final fight was set to start. The rules were the same as previous rounds with slight changes here and there. The platform they would be fighting in was the largest yet and nearly covered the whole arena floor. From this match, there would be no loss if a participant was knocked out off the stage.

In this match, there were also a total of four refs. However, most of their jobs consisted of staying by the outer ring of the arena. If the students looked like they were about to fall, they would quickly build a wall stopping them.

The two in the finals were second-year students from other military schools, so Quinn hadn't seen them before apart from the matches from the event. The first he had seen a little bit off was when the level 8 earth user had defeated Sam in one of the previous rounds.

As for the other one, he had also seen a few matches of his, and he seemed to be a student from the Graylash family, the power of lightning.

"This is the strongest student I've seen the military raise," Mona said, complimenting Oscar on his hard work.

"Of course, we saw the potential in him right away and gave him all the resources he needed," Oscar replied. "He nearly knows every skill we have available. I see a bright future for him; who knows he may even eventually become Supreme Commander one day."

"Is no one going to complement my family's student?" Owen said, twirling his hair.

"If he's as hard-working as your lazy arse, then we already have a winner," Burnie replied.

"Well, I actually don't know how strong he is. He is from a generation I did not teach." Said Owen. "As you know, I only recently became the new head; I don't even have a pupil or descendent of my own yet."

The fight had started, and the bickering between the two had stopped.

The action started almost immediately, with both revealing their trump cards instantly. There was no use trying to hide it or find out how the other would fight. They had ample time to research the fights before the event.

The Graylash student lifted his hand in the air, and from the palm of his hand, a blue lightning bolt struck through the air. A few moments later, and the lighting seemed to strike back down, hitting the student directly. A large flash of light was seen, causing most of the audience members to close their eyes.

When they opened them again, they could see the student's appearance had changed. His hair was now standing upright, his clothes even seemed to be pulled slightly upward, and this blue aura could be seen surrounding his entire body.

At the same time, the Earth user had released his soul weapon. He brought his hands close together and closed his eyes. Suddenly from his fingertips, a white glowing light started to appear and began to form a shape. It had a long handle and a stone head on top. The appearance was that of a hammer.

"For some reason, when I look at these two, I feel like the lighting guy should be using the hammer," Vorden said.

On display were two different types of soul weapons. The earth user's weapon was a physical one and was most likely going to be used more than just an ordinary hammer. The Graylash family student had a unique trait. An energy that powered his body.

Wasting no time, the earth user used the ground to propel him towards the student. It looked as if he was surfing on top of an ocean of mud, when he finally got close enough. He jumped off the mound of mud and raised his hammer. Suddenly, it looked as if it was growing in size.

A giant hammer, the size of a house, was created and was slammed down onto the ground. When lifting the hammer, it shrunk back down to its normal size.

The audience was expecting to see a splatter of blood, perhaps, like when one would slap a mosquito, but instead, there was nothing.

"Cool hammer." The student said as he suddenly appeared behind the earth user. Using both hands, he started to create a continuous stream of lighting, connecting both him and the user.

The earth user's body started to shudder in pain, but eventually, he managed to stomp his foot on the ground, building a wall, stopping the electric flow.

With the first confrontation over between the two, the crowd cheered louder than ever. Hoping to see more impressive displays of power.

The fight continued between the two students, going back and forth, and they both showed great power and were able to use their soul weapons to their full advantage, but eventually, there was a person who had edged out, and that was the earth user.

Although the lightning user was strong and seemed to be dominating a lot of the fight, the lightning aura surrounding him seemed to fade. His speed began to slow, and eventually, he was hit by the hammer.

The attacks from the Graylasy student were strong, but the armour he was wearing protected him well, and eventually, all of the Graylash family student's soul weapon energy had run out.

A winner had been declared—the earth user.

Inside the booth, Burnie couldn't contain his happiness; he seemed to be even more pleased than Oscar that the earth user had one.

"Oh," Owen said, hearing the loud laughter. "And what happened to the contestants from the Sunshield family. I believe they were all knocked out before even this stage."

"Pft, laugh all you want, just because this generation of my family is weak doesn't mean our family is weak as a whole," Burnie replied. "At any point and time, feel free to request a duel between our top students, and I will be happy to comply."

Owen truly wasn't too bothered by the loss. His ability was powerful but he also knew it was less effective against the earth users at a higher level. Their attacks just didn't hurt them as much compared to others.

With that, the event had come to an end. There was a closing ceremony that thanked all the students who had taken part in. They then rallied up the points of each student to declare a single base a winner. In the end, base four was declared the overall victors. They were also the ones who had the earth user that one the fighting tournament.

It was clear that the three main events carried the most points compared to all the other events. Otherwise based on what everyone else was watching. There was no way base four would have been declared the winner.

The students were to return to their hotel and pack their things. Once they had finished, they lined up inside the hotel lobby to do a headcount.

"Alright, it looks like everyone is here." General Mike said.

"Strange." Said Logan. "Have they not realized Fex has gone missing. He was a part of our military base as well. This might prove that although Humans don't know the existence of vampires. They have more pulling power and influence in our world than we think.

"And I would like to say one more thing," Mike added. "Sorry about doing this to you again."

As he finished, the shutters of the hotel lobby started to come down. Metal doors blocked the entrance way, and soon every small little hole was now closed.

Looking around, all the soldiers and school staff were now wearing their gas masks, and slowly the room started to fill with gas again

'Oh well, time to fake it again.' Said Quinn, knowing that the gas would not affect him.

Once all the students had been knocked out, the shutters were lifted, and a portal from outside was brought in. While awake, though, Quinn could hear a strange conversation going on.

"What do I owe the pleasure of such a humble visit from you four?" Mike said as he walked over to the entrance of the hotel.

Inside, walking into the lobby, were all members of the Big Four.

"Don't worry about us," Burnie said. "We are here just to see that all the students are transported back safely."

It was a little strange. Right now, every hotel was doing the same thing with their set of students. So what had made the big four come over to this hotel specifically? Mike thought.

The reason for their visit was Quinn. They were here to make sure nobody tried to do anything to him during the transportation process, and they had even dragged Jack to come with them.

'These guys, they were dead serious when they said they didn't want anybody touching him.' Jack thought.

Jack could now see, they truly would do anything to protect Quinn. Which meant he would be able to do nothing while he was at the second military base.

Once all the students were safely transported, everyone was free to go back to their own dorms and do as they wished, and that included Jack.

Using a portable teleporter of his own, he was safely able to arrive in his own city. The location of the teleporter was also directly to his own tower. A base that he had built under it.

When arriving, There were around a hundred people lined up to greet him.

"We welcome you home. Master Truedream!" They all shouted as he came out of the teleporter.

Just then, Kevin stood out from the line to deliver a report.

"Sir, I have some important news. It's about the Blade family you told me to research. We've found their base." Said Keven.

"Excellent," Jack said with a smile as he walked off.


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