My Vampire System
339 One more Level
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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339 One more Level

As soon as Quinn's match had ended, he decided to go straight to his room, avoiding talking with any of the other participants or remaining in the training centre. Even with his short walk back when walking by the next participants who would be taking part in the event, he could feel their eyes as if they were piercing the back of his skull. And the gossiping had started.

When he finally arrived in his room, he quickly closed the door behind him and leant his back up against it, letting out a big breath.

"So I finally did it." He said with a smile. 'It feels nice not to be holding onto such a secret anymore.'

Still, just this was enough for him. One of the huge weights that were always on the back of his mind felt lifted, but he wasn't prepared for all the attention and reactions, so just for tonight, he wanted to rest.

'I hope Vorden's plan worked.'

When Vorden whispered in Quinn's ear telling him what to say, he sounded confident and assured him it would stop others from coming after him for his power. However, he did mention it would do nothing for the vampires so he should still proceed with caution.

Lying on his bed, all he wanted to do was shut his eyes. The fight had taken a lot out of him, not only physically but mentally as well. He realised how much harder fighting without relying on his vampire powers was.

Looking at his gauntlets, there now was a large scratch mark and several dents on them as well.


[Durability 40/100]

[Effects of gauntlets will be reduced by 50%]

In the fight, he had blocked the Multipliers attacks a few times, and they were now severely damaged. It was a shame because the system shop only had one pair of each item. Even if he got his hand on the materials, he couldn't make another one. What he would have liked to have done is get a better pair altogether, but that would require crystals from advanced tier beasts.

With no more expeditions for first-year students, he would either have to wait until he was in his second year or pay to put up a quest asking for certain materials, but his funds weren't exactly the healthiest at the moment either.

If they were to break in the next fight, without the use of his vampire abilities, it would weaken his attacking power by quite a bit.

Still, there was one more thing for Quinn to check out. An exciting surprise that he didn't expect after defeating the Multiplier.

[Congratulations you are now level 19]

[One free stat point earned]

[Update to your current quest]

[Reach level 20 for your next step in your evolution! 19/20]

He didn't see the number of exp points received and when checking his exp, rather than the extra going over. Currently, it just said [0/51200]. This would assume that the reward was something similar to the quest that had been given when he first fought against Leo. An instant level up reward.

The free stat point was placed into his charm skill, increasing it now up to 29. After it reached level 30, he could then start to focus on his other skills. Charm was handy in helping Quinn keep his secrets, but soon he would have no secrets to keep and the ones that would be after him next, were the vampires.

According to the system AI, the number of points and strength one would have to have in their Charm to control another vampire would be enormous. Using the skills themselves, they naturally had some type of resistance to it. So Quinn needed to focus on getting stronger for what was about to come later.

What Quinn was looking at most, was the updated quest. There was only one more level until he would evolve into the next step. Would this mean a new appearance, a new set of blood skills? Or, would it just mean a new set of problems to deal with?

With these thoughts in his head, he didn't remember when he had finally closed his eyes and fallen asleep. He was far more tired then he realised. All of a sudden, he heard the sound of urgent knocking at his door.

'Ergh, why do people love knocking on my door all the time.' Quinn thought as he looked at the time on his watch, and he could see that it was already the next day in the early morning.

'Did I already sleep the whole night, When?'

When rubbing his eyes, and trying to move his quilt, he happened to spot something small on his left hand where his wristwatch was—a small metallic little spider.

'This is Logan's spider, right? What's it doing here?'

"Quinn Talen, this is military personnel. Please open your door and let us in."

"One second please, let me just put on some clothes!" Quinn shouted back.

The spider quickly ran up to Quinn's ear and started to play a message. While this was all happening Quinn promptly got dressed into the standard military uniform.

"Quinn, this is Logan. I kept this spider near you in case you needed a little help. My guess is the military might want to check the level gauge on your watch. Don't worry. My little friend here has already made the adjustments."

The spider lifted too of its legs as if it was happy about Logan's words. And started to imitate a little clap.

"Make sure to keep the spider on you and don't panic. Let them do what they are here for, and everything will be okay."

After listening to the message, the spider hopped down and went just underneath the cuff of his sleeve where his wrist was and stayed put.

Putting his trust into Logan, and not really knowing what was going on, he opened the door to find Hayley outside and what looked like one of the soldiers standing by her side.

"It's been a long time," Hayley said, as she entered the room and placed a suitcase out on the table. "This isn't usually my thing, but they asked me to do this, but before that, congratulations. When I saw you, I knew you were impressive, and don't worry; with all the injuries I see at happen at the school. I think you did nothing wrong, hiding your powers."

She sat down in the seat by the desk, and the soldier carefully Led Quinn over to her, keeping an eye on everything he was doing. Watching in case, Quinn tried to pull anything.

Hayley proceeded to open the metal case and inside it, was what looked like a brand new military watch.

"Now I have to ask you not to touch anything," Hayley explained. "I will take off the old watch and also place the new one on."

Quinn nodded in response and went along with it. Even if Logan had said not to worry, right now Quinn was worrying. When they had put the watch on, what would happen when it didn't record his MC cells. Would they find out he wasn't human, or would they then take him in for further questioning?

The watch had been taken off and placed on the table. At the same time, she picked up the new one from the suitcase and wrapped it around Quinn's wrist.

The watch seemed to be turning on slowly and at the same time while underneath his wrist, the little spider started to get to work. Hayley remained silent and so did Quinn as they both carefully waited for a result.

After a few moments, the watch finished booting up, and the display had changed. It went from Level One to a Level six.

'Well, that makes a lot of sense." She said with a smile on her face. "I was a little worried it would say one their for a second. Do you know why the watch didn't display the correct level even after learning the ability?"

"No, I just decided to go with it, since I thought it was better this way," Quinn replied.

"Not a problem," Hayley said with a smile as she put the broken watch in the suitcase and left with the guard. Before closing the door, she had one last word to say. "Good luck on the tournament. I'm rooting for you, Cursed child." She said as she giggled and shut the door.

His face had gone bright red with embarrassment. After hearing a pretty lady like that say his stage name, he now realised how lame it sounded, and he just wanted to make a hole and put his head in it.

However, thanks to Logan again, it seemed like he could relax. His vision to look and plan ahead for things had saved him many times.

Not wanting the attention of the others outside. Instead of training like everyone else was doing. He decided to wait in his room until he was called for the next event.

Unlike Peter, Quinn wasn't treated like a criminal and was able to stay in contact with the others above using the wristwatch and other methods. They told him what was going on with the events and such, but not much else had happened.

The time had come, and an announcement had been made, stating that the participants of the fighting tournament would now be placed in their groups.

Leaving the room, everything was different this time when he entered the practice hall. It was the third day of the event, and there were even fewer people now than before. Not only that, every single person there seemed to be looking at him, and this included the second years.

Ignoring everything, Quinn decided to stay at the back of the whole group where the students had gathered, as the organisers called out their names. This way, he knew no one would be able to look at him from behind. However, he quickly realised how useless this was, as now everyone seemed to be turning their head slightly to the side, trying to look back at Quinn.

"Okay, and for group C, we have Ben Richard, Steve Jillian, Jason Wong, Suzie Filbuster, Maze Kilbert, Nate Snell and Quinn Talen."

"YES!" Nate shouted as his name was called out. The others looked at him wondering what he was so excited for, but only he knew. For days he had been hoping to face a half-decent opponent, but so far he had only been disappointed. After seeing the Cursed Child be put in the same group as him, he was sure his luck had now changed for good.

He knew the next fight, the two of them would be facing off against each other.


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