My Vampire System
336 The Shadow hands
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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336 The Shadow hands

A huge upset had occurred in the arena, it was something the others hadn't expected. One of the favourites from the first years had been defeated, and what was worst, the others weren't even able to see how it was done.

"That's impossible!" Burnie said, standing up from his seat. At the same time, he banged the side of his armchair. It briefly went up in flames before the whole side of the thing burnt to a crisp.

It was amazing how quick it was disappeared as to not affect the whole chair.

"Calm down!" Oscar demanded. Burnie was always a hot-headed fool, and he knew this bet was a bad idea. However, even Oscar didn't think this would be the final outcome. So he allowed for it to continue.

"Can't you see?" Said Burnie. "That kid, he didn't just win, but there isn't even a single scratch on him."

The others had, of course, noticed this as well. For this to have happened, the fight inside the dome couldn't have been a close one. The dome-shaped shadow was either very powerful or it was there to conceal the boy's real strength from the eyes of everyone else.

Jack's whole body was shaking, but not because he was upset. It was out of Joy. A mysterious power that was able to rival top Orginal families, yet didn't belong to any of the big four. This was the perfect opportunity for him, whatever he did, he needed to get this power for himself.

However, there was a small problem, something he never thought would get in the way, and that was the bet. Jack was one of the ones that hadn't spoken up when the deal was made, meaning Owen was able to get the first choice when inviting students to thier families. There was no way a student would turn down such an offer from one of the big four. Perhaps there was some way he could persuade him.

Once the event was over, he would contact the others at his tower to find out everything they could about the boy named, Cursed child.

"Well, I must say I think I've got a pretty bright future ahead of me," Owen said, laughing.

Oscar looked at the student one more time standing in the arena.

'Looks like I need to speak to the people at the second base. How they were this tardy to not notice something like this is beyond my comprehension. Anyway, Quinn Talen, I shall be keeping an eye on you.'

The cheering in the arena had continued for a lot longer than usual. People always seemed to love the unexpected. It was exciting to think about what this new power and surprise could do.

While standing in the centre, Quinn looked down at the Multiplier and started to recall what happened when the Shadow void had been cast.

Even with the void covering the view of the others, Quinn couldn't use his blood abilities. Thier was a high chance that the influence skill wouldn't work on him. He would then reveal to everyone what had happened after the fight. It was a risk he still couldn't take.

However, what the Multiplier also didn't realise was he wasn't the only one who had been holding back the whole fight. As the multiple clones came towards him, for a brief second Quinn closed his eyes and started to think back to the block, block game. The slightest sound, the slightest movement he was able to see the attacks just as they moved.

The Multiplier was doing near enough the same thing. Using his clones to attack him from multiple directions, and even though there was twelve of them, there was only so much space that could be used to attack.

The twelve had come towards him, he could see a slight twitch in the first one's shoulder, he attacked as soon as he saw the slightest movement and the first one was down. Using all of his limbs, his legs his arms. Quinn blocked, dodged and allowed for even the clones to hit each other. Everything was done at a speed that hadn't been used in the match before.

"Fex was a lot more versatile when I fought him with his strings." He said as he hit one clone.

"Vorden's ability was a lot stronger than this." As he kicked another.

"And the king tier beast was a hell of a lot faster." He said as he punched the last clone in the stomach.

All twelve of the clones had been defeated. Only one remained away in the distance towards the edge.

"I need to make more." Multiplier said, but his energy was starting to drain. There wasn't enough time to recover as Quinn's strength was strong enough to deal with the clones with a single blow. It was something the Multiplier had never dealt with before.

As he started the cloning process, something weird was felt wrapping around his legs and arms. When he looked, he could see multiple purple, dark hands grabbing his limbs.

"What is this? Why isn't my cloning working?" He said, shocked.

Quinn had half expected this, his shadow had the ability to slow down time of whatever it was touching, and due to how the Multipliers ability worked right now, it was taking an incredibly long time to even clone himself. With this, the Multiplier started to panic; he had always relied on his skills to move from one clone to other.

In his haste, he hadn't realised if he had just concentrated in using all of his strength to break free form the shadow, he would have been able to break free. Instead, he repeatedly attempted to clone himself, but it just didn't seem to work.

Finally, though he was able to detach his right arm, as he calmed down a little and started to think straight.

[20/100 MC]

But it was useless, as more arms instantly came toward him, grabbing him and putting him in place up against the wall of the shadow void again.

"I better finish this in one blow," Quinn said, seeing how low his MC points were.

Standing in front of the original Multiplier, he was able to finally use a skill that wouldn't be wasted. Stomping his foot onto the ground and allowing the energy to rise up, he pulled back one hand and snapped explosively with the other.

'Hammer strike!' the regular hammer strike was preformed and the fist sunk into the chest piece right in the centre. In nearly an instant, his eyelids started to close, and the Multiplier had been knocked out.

"I guess you never really been hit like that before have you?" Quinn thought realising he had been beaten with a single punch.

The void skill was cancelled, and the victor's name had been called.

"Can you believe it, is that really Quinn from our class, wasn't he always a weakling?" the students in Del's class were amazed. However, some started to worry.

"Hey, didn't you use to pick on him and Peter, you better apologise man."

"What, you think he'll remember that?"

They had just witnessed someone defeat a level 8. Most of the students who were in Del's class weren't even past the level five, and suddenly, all those that once shunned or talked badly about him were afraid.

"Hmm, perhaps he isn't the Blood evolver after all," Nate said, noticing that not a single red aura skill was displayed. But there were some signs that were confusing. He had seen kicks and punches, as well as the flash step. these were all skills the Blood Evolver preformed. "Still, you're just another person for me to get excited over.'

Once the matches were over the students were taken off the platforms and rushed to the side to get emergency care from the standby doctors. After a few minutes, the Multiplier had woken up. It turned out his injuries weren't too bad, and his armour had absorbed most of the impact of the punch. Although there were still some internal injuries, he would need to be treated for later. He really had never been struck so hard before, and with the fear of everything happening, he had passed out.

Before the next set of events where to start, they would have interviews with the participants in-between. They interviewed each one until they finally went to the two people who they were looking forward to most, the participants of match five. The first to be interviewed was the unexpected loser of the match, Multiplier.

They sat by the side of the arena by a bench where all the doctors and other participants were seen being treated in the background. The female reporter was there ready with her microphone. At the same time, her drone companion was thier filming everything for everyone to see on the big screen.

"First I would have to say you put on quite a show for everyone today and it came as quite a surprise to us with the result today. Many people here expected you to win. It seemed like everything was going your way until one point, once that void was created, can you tell us what happened in there, or if you remember anything at all?" The reporter asked.

Recalling the memories of the dark place, was not a pleasant thought, and the shock of a loss was still hitting him quite hard so he was slow to answer. "Yes…I remember what happened in there. Hands…"

"Hands?" the reporter said with a confused look on her face.

"Thier were hands everywhere, they grabbed me, all over the place and I couldn't move. Black shadowy like hands and that's when he delivered the final blow."

Hearing this from up in the booth, Jack's eyes looked as if they were about to jump out of his sockets. 'What did he say, dark shadowy hands?'

The words that had been spoken had brought up a memory for him. When he had visited the second military base.

These were memories he would never forget. He was embarrassed and humiliated as the two students were saved by Pure. There were two people who had interfered and had gotten in his way. After the events, he had his two guards file a report. Kenny talked about how a strange user, who seemed to control a shadow, had fought him. Not only that, there was also the mention of hands as one of the skills along with other things.

Now that he thought about it more. The description matched near-perfectly enough with the report his guard Kenny had given him. The powers used back then and the powers used now were the same.

This brought him to one conclusion about Quinn.

'He works for PURE!!!'


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