My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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334 1..2..3..4..5..6

Other than the people that were thier to support Quinn, Nate and the soldier. Not many others were looking at his match. They simply thought it was a done deal when they had heard the word "substitute". No one could really blame them for feeling that way. In the years before, when a substitute had come on to the stage, the match was usuelly over fairly quickly.

This was the same for inside the booth as well, as they decided to look at other potential fights that maybe they weren't able to catch last time. Even Jack's gaze had wandered off into the direction of others. The only perosn who had seen the quick shadows forming and disappearing, was Owen.

'You are surprising me even more. Turns out you do have an ability. How did you manage to hide that from the military for so long?' Owen said. 'More importantly, why would you?'

When the others attention had returned back to the platform Quinn was fighting on, they were surprised to see him wearing beast gear that he wasn't wearing before.

"Did I miss something?" Burnie said, confused.

"Are you talking about arena five?" Mona replied. "I was sure he didn't have beast gear on as well either."

Owen then started to giggle away in the corner like a little girl, knowing he was the only one who had seen what had happened.

"How about we have a little wager on the fight going on in arena five?" Owen said, waving his fan on his head. The wind was moving his long curly hair that somehow wasn't going all over his face.

"Graylash," Oscar said. "You know that's against the rules."

"Don't be silly," Owen replied. "Fine, If you really want to be such a sour grape, then we don't have to bet anything."

"What's the point?" Mona interjected. "There is a clear winner unless you know something we don't?"

Owen didn't really know much, but it was as if the signs were telling him this boy was special. There were a few things that he did know compared to them. He was friends with the powerful Blade family, he was able to beat the Block Block game past level five, and finally, he had an ability that was hidden from the military. All of these were why Owen was confident that the one named Cursed Child would win.

"Do you all agree with what Miss Bree said?" Owen asked.

All of the people in the room remained silent. Common sense just told them that it wasn't possible and again, they just felt like the Graylash was trying to cause drama.

"Then I will take your silence as a yes. All of you against me, if the Cursed Child is to win the fight, then I get first pick when sending out invitation letters to the students. If I lose, then I will have to pick up what's left."

"Deal!" Burnie said with cheer in his voice. It seemed like a foolish offer to him, and it was also a chance for him to get one up on the arrogant new young master.

'I can shove it in his face.'

Although the others didn't believe anything special would happen, what the bet had done, was made sure that everyone's eyes in the booth were now following Quinn's fight and not the others. Just at the slight chance, that perhaps Graylash could see something.

Looking carefully at his opponent in front of him, Quinn was able to see that the student was a level eight. Thankfully he was also a year one student which meant he didn't have to worry about him having a soul weapon.

'The students most likely an original then. I didn't get to see the first batch of fights because I was too busy dealing with Cia at the time. I need to be careful until I find out what his ability is.'

This was Quinn's debut fight, his stage and he wasn't going to act so rashly. Perhaps he would have performed diffrently but the fight previously with Vorden had shown him his place. Thier were still powers and abilities out there that were far stronger than his current shadow.

It wouldn't always protect him from everything.

Analysing the Multiplier closer, he could see a high level of beast equipment as well. Using the inspect skill allowed him to break it down even further. From head to toe, he was covered in intermediate armour.

And In his hand a pair of daggers at the advanced level. There was also by his side small little blades across his belt. Trying to get the upper hand, Quinn tired to use the inspect skill on him as well, hoping to find out his ability.

However, it had only come up with question marks. His inspect skill was still only able to tell him basic abilities and not originals.

Seeing his opponent was still on the other end of the platform, he was thinking of what to do.

With no blood spray, the impact of his punches would have lessened, and with no Blood swipe and Crescent kick his range was limited. For the first time, he was starting to see how handy, the combination of his blood powers and shadow powers were, for he was limited on attacking options.

The shadow acted more as a shield and a support attack for his blood powers, but here where he couldn't use them, he was limited.

The two students stood looking at each other, and eventually, Quinn grew tired of waiting.

'If he's not going to show his powers, then I don't need to show mine.'

[Wind walk]

The skill on his boots was activated, and he dashed forward with all his strength, it looked like he managed to cover the area of the arena in an instant. The boots, when activated, glowed slightly red showing they were in use.

"He's moving that fast. How good is the equipment he's wearing?" A student asked.

But it wasn't just the equipment alone, it was also Quinn's natural speed that had made him travel so fast.

Multiplier looked like he was shocked as he braced himself for the attack.

Quinn threw out a fist as quick as he could, wanting to get the fist hit. The punch landed right in his opponent face.

'Is this really a level eight?' Quinn thought as he saw his attack hit his opponent clean.

As the mans face moved to the side, Quinn had double-checked to see if he was seeing things. For behind the multiplier was another perosn who looked exactly the same as him.

The first one that had been hit, and he puffed into a cloud of black air. The second who was behind him, swung his dagger from below towards Quinn's face, but his reactions were fast and using the gauntlets Quinn was able to block the first attack with his forearm.

A large dent was made across from his elbow upward as the attack was deflected. It was clear the daggers were better quality than his gauntlets.

[Duarbiilty 80/100]

Wanting to attack again, Quinn threw out his leg, preforming a roundhouse kick to his waist. Suddenly, something from underneath came sweeping across the floor, hitting his other leg that was on the floor, causing him to fall to the floor.

Now looking up from the floor, Quinn could see the clear blue sky, but at the same time, another two multipliers.

They both came rushing down trying to stab Quinn with thier four daggers. What they didn't expect was for Quinn to be too fast. Moving his hands at a speed that couldn't be seen, he pulled both of thier legs. Thier bodies fell to the floor.

Once he got up, he performed an axe kick, kicking one of them in the stomach, the same thing as last time had occurred. The person had puffed into black smoke. Quickly turning around, he kicked the other, and it was the same result.

Looking around the arena, Quinn finally understood.

'I should have known, his name was a dead giveaway.' Quinn said.

Standing in the centre, Quinn had been surrounded by six students who looked exactly the same.

"A cloning ability?" Layla asked.

"Its a bit more than that," Vorden replied. "The user is able to produce clones in an instant, as long as he has enough MC cells to do so. Judging by the number of clones he's already created and how freely he is producing them. He has a lot."

"Oh, so that's why when Quinn hits them they keep bursting into smoke?" She asked.

"The clones can usuelly take a fair bit of damage before puffing into smoke, my guess is Quinn's attack is a lot stronger then it looks to everyone else. The problem is, although thier just clones, thier weapons and everything about them are very real. The attacks will hurt just as much as if it was done from the original."

"So if he defeats the original he can beat them all then, right?"

"Technically yes, but there's another problem. Judging by his Mc level being a level 8 and him being in this tournament, he's most likely also learned his families body swap skill. It allows the user to switch the real body with one of the clones whenever they wish."

"You explained everything perfectly Vorden," Logan said as he was typing away on a small little computer. It had been constructed via his little spiders. "I looked up information on the multipliers family. They are an original and everything you described is accurate."

Sam had decided to keep quiet, but he too thought it was amazing that a normal student knew so much information without looking it up, especially about an original family.

The six Multipliers all surrounding Quinn reached for the small blades around thier waist. There was nowhere to hide, and they were guaranteed a hit. He could block the ones from the front, but it would be near impossible to block them from the back.

"Well, Well, well," Burne said inside the booth. "Looks like we were right, it seems the Graylash was just trying to cause drama for no reason. All you did was manage to waste our time."

"I have to admit," Mona said. "I got a little excited when I saw him dashing forward at such a fast speed, but that speed seems to be useless now."

Owen remained silent, he thought the others were silly, could they not see the same thing he was seeing. When looking at Quinn, was that the look of someone who looked like they were about to lose?

The multiplier at the same time from each of his clones threw out two daggers each towards the centre. They came out fast and powerful.

"Tch. Boring." Jack said, but soon he started to think diffrently. For some reason, a smirk had appeared on the Cursed Child's face.

[Shadow control]

From the bottom of his feet, a thin veil of purple shadow had appeared and had stopped all of the little blades in thier tracks mid-air. They hovered in place and were unable to move forward.

"What power is that?" Nate said, looking at the screen.


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