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332 A weak punch
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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332 A weak punch


While looking at all the students and relaxing up on the wall, Quinn was busy thinking away. The energy from before and his strong heartbeat hadn't settled down. Every second meant the fight he was about to participate in was getting closer and closer.

This whole event was starting to remind him of the past. Life before the book. How he was too weak before. He was too weak to help Peter. He was too weak to help himself. How the other students used to beat him every day, and the most he could do was get a hit in here or there.

Thinking about how much he hated his life back then every single day, how the school chose to do nothing because he wasn't destined for great things. And again when arriving at the military base, how they started to target those around him as well as him. All these bad memories were making him angrier.

At that moment, when walking, the picture of him getting hit and beaten by these losers were playing in his head.

Hearing the students behind laughing and what they had said, he already had enough of this. He couldn't do anything back then, but he could now.

Seeing Quinn's fist tightening, Nate could tell what was about to happen straight away. Although the kids deserved to get hit, Nate didn't want the new student being punished for it. He would be the aggressor in this situation if his punch landed. However, there was also a second reason Nate wanted to stop a fight, the people he was walking to were Level sevens.

There weren't many weak people left in the fighting event. If a fight was to happen, he couldn't see Quinn coming out of it unharmed.

"Hey is he coming over to us, what does he think he's doing?" One of the students from behind said.

The student in front was also annoyed. Although he had thrown out the wind strike, he was only trying to have a little fun. He knew the attack wouldn't hit them, so he felt like it was no reason for anyone to get angry.

"What the hell you brat?! What are you getting so annoyed for when I already said I was sorry!" The student complained.

"I'm in no mood for games. Out of all the days to try to pull this crap today, is not that day." Quinn said. "Of course it's my fault right, it's always the fault of the weak ones for being born this way."

The sound of Quinn's voice, he wasn't sure if he was imagining it, but there was certainly some type of undertone when he was speaking. The student looked around to see if his friends behind had heard, or if it was just him. They continued to laugh and joke around and even gave a thumbs up towards him.

'They didn't hear that, am I going crazy?' The student thought.

Out of panic and desperation, he threw a wind slash.

Quickly, Quinn moved his body to the side and started walking forward again, to the student in front of him, it looked like the attack had just gone right through his body.

Now the student was starting to feel his palms sweat. He threw out another attack, and once again, ever so slightly, Quinn would place his foot, allowing him to just avoid the attack and go back into position. The movement was so small it could hardly be seen.

The outsiders who were watching such a thing were confused. All they could see was one student walking forward, while the other was walking backwards in the middle of the room. The student who was throwing out the wind blades was using a unique technique. When wind users used such an attack, usually a thin white line could be seen striking the air.

But the wind user's attack was invisible to the eye, and could only be felt.

"What's Josh doing?" A student said. "Is he pretending to attack? I knew he was too soft. He thinks he can bluff his way out."

However, a few moments later, and the large whip-like sound could be heard as the wind attacks reached the end of how far they could go.

The loud banging noise was continuously heard and now the others were in shock. Josh wasn't just moving his hands about, he was actually throwing out attacks.

The loud noise had managed to catch the attention of the small pop up office from earlier.

"What is going on over there?" The man at the desk said, scratching his head. As he looked over, he could see the new student. "I thought something like this might have happened. These damn kids always like to go after the weak ones. Stop this before it gets out of hand." The man ordered.

A soldier from the post was immediately on his way.

Seeing the soldier coming over, Nate breathed a sigh of relief. He was hesitating himself whether to get involved or not but was afraid he could have been hurt by the wind users. It wasn't easy to sense those attacks.

Nate believed that the student had thrown out those attacks and had missed on purpose, trying to scare the student away.

The two were now close enough, and Quinn dashed forward, Josh lifted his hand ready to throw another wind strike right at the student. The soldier who was on his way could see this.

'If that attack hits, the other might be seriously hurt.' The soldier thought, and he too, had dashed forward.

What they didn't expect was for what Quinn had done next. He lifted his leg fast up towards his head and then slammed it down, performing an axe kick right on the student's wrist.

Josh's hand slammed down and was pinned against the floor. Josh tried to move, but even using his whole strength, he couldn't budge, if he tried any harder, he was afraid his wrist would break if it wasn't already broken.

After the Axe kick had been performed, Quinn threw out his fist. There was no hammer strike, there was no blood spray, it was just an ordinary punch, but it did contain his full strength behind it.

As the punch went forward, a man stood in the way and braced himself holding both his arms in a cross shape.

"haha, that's it. Just a little weak punch." The student around started to laugh.

The blow had hit the man, but he remained there solid and still not having moved an inch, and the expression on his face hadn't changed at all.

"Come on, Josh, you could have taken the punch, and just hit him back." The students continued to mock thier friend.

"Stop this at once." The man said. "Fighting is reserved for the arena and not underground. If you continue, then you shall be punished."

When Quinn had looked at who he had hit, he noticed it was one of the soldiers. He then peeked around the soldier to see the student behind him, grabbing his wrist, it looked like it was starting to swell.

"It's okay, I think he's learnt his lesson," Quinn said as he walked off.

"Wait!" The soldier shouted. "Young boy, who's your teacher?"

"You mean Del?" Quinn replied.

"No. Not your homeroom teacher. That kick, you're in the beast weapons class, yes?"

"My teacher is sergeant Leo," Quinn replied as he walked off.

The soldier said no more and allowed Quinn to walk off just like that.

"Wait, you're going to let him go!" Josh cried. "Look at my wrist. I think he broke it."

"Stop your complaining, something like this can easily be fixed by the doctors before your event, and don't think I didn't see where you had planned to use your own strike. In my eyes, this was a simple act of self-defence."

The soldier's decision was final, and Josh could see that. There was no more use complaining, and he wouldn't try bothering Quinn again.

After the fight had been broken up, Quinn had gone back to the wall to relax once again. Nate came rushing over with a glow in his eyes, for he had seen something quite impressive. "Hey, that kick was impressive. You must have practised a lot to get it that smooth and fast. "

Nate was a junkie for martial arts. Even before learning what type of ability he had, he preferred the pure skill people would use in hand to hand combat. The fact that it also helped him out with his ability was only a bonus.

"If you want, maybe we can spar sometime?" Nate asked, then looked down at his watch. Which made his add a few last words. "Without abilities, of course."

Quinn could see that the student was a nice person. He didn't look threatening at all. Even if he did seem to be a bit annoying.

"Sure, it sounds fun."

Back at the pop-up office, the soldier had returned to make a report of the events that had occurred.

"Anything to report?" the man at the desk asked.

"A broken wrist, nothing else, they won't fight again. I'm sure of it."

The man at the desk paused for a second as he looked at the soldier before speaking again.

"Go back to your duties, you're dismissed. Oh, and before you go. Make sure to see a doctor about the broken arm of yours."

"Yes, sir." The soldier said as he rushed off.

"This is an announcement, will all students get into their designated groups. The main events will begin shortly."


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