My Vampire System
324 The crazy 10th
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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324 The crazy 10th

Down the hotel lobby, the two boys Fex and Logan, were heading towards Logan's room. After finding out about the plan, Logan was happy to hear that his time hadn't been wasted. He informed Fex that plenty of things in his room might have been of great use to them.

During the walk to Logan's room, it was a quiet one, though. The two boys were hardly left alone with each other, and their first meeting was quite an eventful one. Fex didn't hold any hard feelings about Logan blasting him across the room but thought that Logan might have felt wrong about it.

However, Logan hadn't even thought about the situation even once before; the reason for his silence was just because he wasn't much of a talker when he wanted to be. When he had something to say, he would speak all out, explaining every little detail. But most of the time, he wouldn't be speaking, spending all his time thinking about things inside his head.

Still, Fex couldn't think of a better person who would be able to help him with this task. He had seen how helpful he was during the Truedream plan, and he needed his smarts.

The two of them entered Logan's room, and Fex's eyes opened wide at what he could see. Unlike the other places, Logan's seemed to be quite different from the rest.

"Is all this stuff yours?" Fex asked, still looking around the room in amazement.

"I know, it's a shame I couldn't bring more stuff with me, but at least I don't feel uncomfortable with all this around," Logan said as he proceeded to head to his desk.

The room looked like it had been completely converted. Each student was given the same size room, and the layout of the rooms was the same. Yet Logan, somehow, in the short time here, had managed to transform the whole place into a miniature version of his own room back at the academy. The desk was now filled with a laptop, that had multiple gadgets and wires attached to it.

The room had several other gadgets and chests around and about in different room areas, and digital maps and other things were displayed on the wall.

He then further realized that Logan had only just been knocked out of the tournament and spent very little time in the room. There were so many questions that Fex wanted to ask, but there wasn't enough time.

"I'm not sure if you knew, but if you didn't pick me to help you break Peter out from the underground arena, then I was going to volunteer anyway," Logan said as he pulled up a 3d model of the floor directly underneath the arena. "I wasn't too bothered about the event, I'm sure you know, but I was concerned about Peter. Incase Quinn or the others changed their mind, I tried and tried to find a way to help Peter escape.

"When trying to find a way from the dungeon, it was impossible for me as I had no clue what it looked like. But with the underground arena, I was able to explore and keep track of the guards and everyone's attention personally. I came up with a plan, but there was still a problem. Even if we could get Peter out, what do we do then?

"They would soon notice and prepare a search for him. Where in the middle of military base one, and we know where nothing is. With nowhere for him to go, breaking him out would be useless and would only further get us into trouble. It seems like my research will be put into use after all. I'm assuming you, or whoever was planning to take you already has a plan to leave this place."

Logan then proceeded to show and explain to Fex all the small details. Logan had kept track of where each camera was positioned and its range of motion. He even had the guards schedule planned in his head—the ones standing by the events as well as the two that were always by Peter's side.

The level of detail was incredible, and when looking around the room, he noticed there had been an immense amount of research that had been put into trying to get Peter out of the dungeon as well.

"I guess he means a lot to you. A true friend, huh?" Fex said.

Logan thought about this for a while.

"I guess," Logan replied. "After meeting Quinn, I have made a few companions, but Peter was more than a friend, he was an assistant, and it would be hard for me to find an assistant as good as him."

Fex was slightly confused by Logan's words. He couldn't imagine Peter being a good assistant, but soon released based on Logan's personality; Peter was probably the best one for him. Never asked any questions, remained silent most of the time, never went to sleep, and would do as asked. In a way, Peter was like a robot.

And the only thing Logan was surrounded by most of the time, were tech like things, a robot would be the perfect assistant.

With the plan and all the details ready, Logan left the room but not before erasing all the details off his computer. He then walked over to the corner of the room and pulled out a small metallic box. Once opening the package inside were six different masks that coverd the bottom part of one's face.

He then walked over and presented the masks to Fex.

"What's this?" Fex asked.

"Do you remember Quinn's mask? While making his, we went through a few prototypes. It was a waste to throw them away, so I decided to keep them and made some enhancements. The masks can communicate with each other as well as be used as a voice changer. It will be used to keep our identity hidden."

Looking down at the mask, he could see there were indeed plenty of designs, and that's when he noticed there was one that looked a little like a bull. It suited him well, especially since he had Ham still.

"I'll take this one."

The two placed the masks in their back pocket as they left the hotel room one more time and headed for the elevators. Once inside, they headed down to the first floor and were patiently waiting in the lobby for the next part of their plan. This was important as the timing had to be perfect. When the guards would change shift, this was their moment to get Peter out.

The two went over to a table that had several sofas placed around it. It was starting to get late now, so fewer and fewer people were beginning to pass through the hotel lobby area. Once again, the two of them seemed to be sitting in silence, and it was starting to drive Fex a little crazy.

They still had a good twenty minutes before they had to make their move, and he was wondering if he could last that long without saying anything. However, surprisingly Logan was the first one to speak to Fex.

"I assume you know a lot of V's, yes, Originally being from there and all?" Logan asked.

"V's?" Fex replied, then soon releasing what it stood for. "Oh, yeah, sorry. Yes, I know a lot. Why?"

"Do you know any that seemed to have an interest in computer systems of the sort? Or advanced in technology, perhaps even obsessed." Logan asked. After meeting both Fex and Quinn, he could tell there was a clear difference. When handing the mask over to Fex, Logan made sure to make contact, yet no message appeared like the one that had happened when touching Quinn.

This meant that the system seemed to be unique to Quinn. Logan was looking for answers to his questions and possibly thought there was a chance he could find out who created the book Quinn had been given. Whoever had made such a system it was way beyond anything they currently had.

"Honestly, the technology we uh... V's use is a little bit more advanced than what you have, but at the same time, it feels old. It's kind of hard to explain. I guess V's are quite traditional in a sense, so some are against using technology to better their lives, but we have to rely on it in some cases. Because of this, I don't know anyone specifically who is interested in technology, apart from a few of the young ones like me." Fex replied.

"Interesting… but then who created all your technological advancements if they are more advanced than what we currently have?" Logan asked.

Fex started to laugh nervously as he had never really thought about these types of things before. He just took the stuff he had for granted without thinking much about it. "I'll be honest; I have no clue. But when you asked about obsessiveness, it does remind me about a story the others used to tell me. You see, just like your head generals of each military base, we also have Leaders or Council members. Thirteen to be price, and number ten was always known to be… well, a bit crazy.

"Although he wasn't obsessed with the technology, he was obsessed with Magic. His powers were unique even for vampires, and I heard some of the vampires' advancements were due to him, but honestly, other than that, I don't know much at all. I'm still young for a vampire, and this was all past my time."

It was a long shot, but it was the only thing Logan could go off; perhaps if he ever obtained more information about vampires in the future, he could look into this 10th council member more.

Just then, they heard a beep from their watches. Indicating it was time for them to move.


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