My Vampire System
323 The power of a secre
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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323 The power of a secre

With his sizeable white gown and hair covering his face, Owen wasn't very recognisable to the outside people. Unlike the other family leaders, no one knew what he looked like. Today was the first time the newly appointed head was revealed, and that was only found out to the people in the booth.

Sure, there were some like Quinn and his group who had paid attention to who was sitting in those seats. But none that knew about the situation. When looking at someone so young, they would have never suspected them of being a leader.

The people around outside weren't even paying attention to such a thing that was happening off to the side.

They were far too involved in their own things or the gaming centre that was close by. After learning about Vorden's true name, he had no choice and gave his hand.

The excitement that was felt when following this student now turned into horror. Although his heart was beating rapidly and he was a little scared, there still was a little spark in the back of his mind.

'I wonder why he needs to borrow my power?' His curiosity to find out new and exciting things had always been his downfall. He even felt that his current views were different from the head and those around him.

Owen was always interested in the younger generation who was closer to his age. He wanted to know how they felt about the way things were currently run.

However, if he was to try to get involved or intervene in a situation like this, it would have possibly been one of the most dangerous things to do.

"Thank you." Vorden said, letting go of Owen's hand.

No matter how interested Owen was, now was not the time to get involved with such a dangerous individual. He took a few steps back and planned to get away but seeing his actions Vorden called out to him immediately.

"Wait." Vorden called out. "I want you to take me to where the other leaders are."

Hearing this came as a considerable shock to Owen, was he planning to use their powers too? The big four leaders powers were beyond a level 8 ability. It was to the point where it couldn't be measured. When looking at Vorden, it was clear he was a student, whoever he had trouble with or whoever he needed to deal with. Just his power alone should have been enough.

Now the excitement was too much, and he had even forgotten to hide the grin on his face.

'Maybe the events won't be so boring after all.'

With no choice, Owen walked, and Vorden followed behind. On the way, they quickly went to one of the stalls to purchase a change of clothing for Vorden. He too was now in a large white gown that was a little too big, as part of the back was dragging along the floor.

"Is this really necessary?" He asked.

"Of course." Owen chuckled as the two of them, continued to walk.

Eventually, they had reached their destination. It was a hotel room that was slightly larger and fancier than the rest, Hotel number one. This was where all of the higher class members that were invited to the event were staying. The rest had to get a train out to other parts of the city and come in early in the morning.

Before entering the building, the two of them stopped outside.

"Do you know how to use my powers?" Owen asked.

"Not everything, but I should be able to do something." Vorden replied as he started to twirl his hand around. Particular elemental abilities were quite similar in use but reacted differently when being used. An example of this was when gathering water. To gather water and wind, one did the same thing, but water would be a bit harder to control due to the weight and shape of it.

When twirling his hand in a circular motion, he tried to imagine the ability as a water one. Suddenly following the palm of his hand, a stream of electric would follow it. He continued to move his hands in a circular motion, and now a full circle of blue electrical light could be seen.

"Quick learner as expected," Owen said, impressed. "The kids at our school would cry in horror if they found out you could produce something like that on your first try."

Owen then opened up two of his fingers and created a connected spark, passing the blue lightning between his thumb to his finger. "This should do, there is no need to perform what you did before."

With the quick lesson over, the two of them walked up to the front of the hotel lobby where the guards were stationed. Owen was allowed to pass but Vorden was stopped.

"That kid is with me, he is a member of the Graylash family." Owen said with a wink towards Vorden.

He suddenly realised why now they had the quick lesson before. Opening up his thumb and his index finger, he had presented to the guards the same trick that Owen had shown moments before. There was no better proof that one was part of the Graylash family other than displaying it with their powers.

Usually, this wouldn't have been enough, but with one of the big four, who was also considered one of the leaders of the current United Earth Alliance. They allowed him to pass.

The elevator was taken to one of the top floors, and when they arrived, there were only a few rooms with large doors. These doors all had different decorations on the outside. In the centre of the double door going over the parting point. Was the engraving of the family's crest.

'No guards?' Vorden noticed. This was upon the request of the four themselves. They preferred it this way. Secrecy was a big part of thier power, and Vorden knew that better than anyone.

Right now, they were standing in front of what looked like a large shield with a flame on it.

Owen knocked on the door and was quite pleased he would be interacting with Burnie once again.

"Those blasted soldiers, I told them not to disturb me. I'm going to have to speak to Owen about this. This treatment is unacceptable." The ramblings of a deep voice man could be heard through the doors. It seemed like the man was trying to speak quietly, but he had one of those voices that would be carried and heard throughout no matter what.

The doors flew open wide and fast and in its place was a large round-bellied man, with messy Red hair. The trait of the Sunshield family. The instant the doors opened, Burnie's ears started to produce steam at the sight of the man in front of him.

"You." He pointed at Owen. "So it looks like you really wanted that fight after all. To come to my room in the middle of the night." He had completely ignored the person standing next to him and continued to focus only on Owen

In case things got ugly, Owen had placed his hand on his metallic fan. Vorden now realised if he was planning to use such a weapon against one of the big four, it couldn't have been a regular fan but a high-class beast weapon instead.

"As much as I would like to teach you to not judge a book by its cover. I have come for over reasons." Owen tried to explain, but it seemed like Burnie wasn't listening at all.

Flames from both of his forearms were slowly starting to appear upward towards his elbow, and a red hot tribal pattern was shown on his skin. This was something Vorden hadn't seen when he thought with Berg.

'Is it part of his soul weapon." Realising this, there was a chance this fight could get serious fast.

Owen quickly stepped to the side and presented both of his hands at Vorden. "This man is part of the Blade family, and he has asked for our assistance."

Hearing the name, Burnies reaction had immediately changed just like Owen's. The flames had died down, and the tribal Tattoos that went up his arm disappeared as well.

Burnie gave the person next to him one look, and knew what he wanted instantly, and presented his hand while looking away, making sure not to make eye contact.

"If that's all you came for, get out of here. I was just about to take a nice hot bath." Burnie said but now with a lot less anger in his voice. Making sure to not offend the person in front of him.

Now with two of the strongest powers in the world, Vorden was confident he could deal with Quinn. There was no need for him to get the Greylashes power and inform more people that he was here. Her power was to control beasts, and there weren't any around here, besides, even if there were it would be too difficult to move and would cause a huge uproar.

Then there was only Jack left. The newest addition to the big families. Unlike the other families, it had no history and was only recently created. The others had been going on for generations even before the war with the Dalki. IF Vorden was to ask him for anything, he wasn't even sure he would comply.

However, there was another reason. With this much power following through his body, if he was to meet Jack right now, there was a good chance he wouldn't hold back and burnt him to a crisp. It was quite possible it would ignite a war, and that wasn't his decision to make. He wasn't the leader of the Blade family, and if they found out he was abusing their name like this, even he could get into trouble.

"I don't have to tell you guys that I was never here." Vorden said. "but before I go. I need one more thing, is there a place or spot I can use where no one will know if I'm using these powers?"

Burnie huffed out a puff of hot air before answering. "There is, I often use it to cool down once in a while. They created the room with me in mind, and of course, there are no cameras, even if they were everything would have been burnt by now. It's an empty room with nothing inside, and the walls are soundproof. Whatever you're planning to do in there nobody will be able to tell.

"It's a place only permitted to be used by us, it was something I had to fight hard for them to make."

"Perfect." Vorden replied.

The two leaders had scary thoughts in their mind at what possibly could Vorden need the room for, and why did he need the two of their powers, but they didn't ask and only told Vorden where to go."


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