My Vampire System
320 Kill the illegal
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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320 Kill the illegal

After the fighting event matches had ended, the participants had been taken to the medical office to have their wounds taken care of. Even those who hadn't received anything major injuries still needed to have a quick checkup done to them.

For once, Hayley was pleased that she wasn't one of the only doctors in the whole place, and it seemed like the rest had everything handled. She felt like it was one of the most leisurely days in her life, but perhaps she had said that too soon.

In the middle of checking up all the students, she had been called over to check up on one of the students from their own military base. However, it wasn't one of the students who had taken part in the fighting tournament as she had first thought.

When she entered the hospital-like room and turned around the corner, she was surprised to see a short-haired purple female student.

"We don't know what's wrong with her." One of the nurses said as they took Haley around the corner. "It seems like she can't remember anything, her name, where she's from, what day it is. She's in a major shock, and we don't really know what to do; that's why we decided to call you over."

After being updated about the situation from the nurse, Hayley knew this wasn't going to be an easy one. For some reason, it seems stranger events than usual were happening this year.

The female nurse had left the room to leave Hayley alone with the student while she carried on to perform her other duties. As she left the room, she bumped into a man wearing the same type of scrubs as her. It was a male nurse.

"Is everything okay there?" the man asked.

The female nurse then looked around to see if there was anyone else down the hallway before spilling the student's details. The man looked concerned after hearing the information and wished her a speedy recovery.

The man continued to walk down the wall way and placed his hand by his ear.

"This is agent 66. I have an update on the situation."


Inside the Pure metallic base, agent five was busy sitting at her desk in a quite a small spaced room. She continued to twiddle her fingers on the table as she thought about what to do.

She finally stood up from her seat and opened up a digital display with all sorts of photos and numbers on the screen. As she moved her hand slightly above the pictures and words, they would move with it.

"Agent 100 is no longer answering her communicator; according to agent 66, she did as asked and dropped out of the first round tournament, but due to the events surrounding agent 72, we no longer know if the information was received or not. The question is, why is agent 100 no longer answering her communicator?"

She then shifted her hand and brought up agent 72's information. Beside it, there was a photo of Cia.

"With her memories being completely wiped, agent 72 is as good as dead to us. We have no clue whether they were able to get anything out of her or not. Perhaps it might not be the best idea to go ahead with the attack after all."

It was a tough decision, and it all was up to agent five to make.

She closed down the holographic display and went back into her seat.

"I've decided, this operation is too risky, we will no longer plan to attack the event."

A decision had been made.

On the rooftop of hotel four, the two figures were the only thing standing there. The wind continued to blow up an intense high in the sky.

"Illegal? Who's done something illegal? this is the first time I've heard of such a thing," Fex replied nervously. He couldn't even look directly at his Sister, and continued to peer out of the corner of his eye to see what type of face she was making. When finally their two eyes met.

He regretted it instantly as it was one that looked like a demon.

"No more games, Fex, This has become a serious matter now." Silver replied.

This was it, he couldn't hide this from his Sister, and he had already expected a result such as this one to happen. Knowing fully well what was going to happen, he had already decided what he would do. He was never going to give up his blood brother Quinn. He saved his life, and in return, he would save his.

"Did you create that thing?" She asked.

"No." Fex replied in a composed voice this time, to show this was no laughing matter. "When I arrived, he had discovered the illegal, at first I thought one of the thirteen families had created it, but after realizing it was a Wight, I realized its master must have been close. I kept a close eye on who that could be and finally found out."

This piece of information needed to be revealed to her. The Important part of Fex's plan was he needed Silver to stop looking. Sooner or later, she would have gone looking and found Quinn by his smell.

"Oh. Since when did Fex become a little detective?" Sliver replied. "The law states we can kill illegals on the spot. If we know the creator is in the school, then let's finish off the illegal and return with the Vampire."

An expected response. His Sister was quite predictable because she always followed the rules and tried to deal with things the quickest way without getting others involved. This little piece of insider information was the only thing he could rely on.

Suddenly Fex went down on one knee and placed one of his hands towards the ground. He made sure to keep his head facing the floor to show the appropriate respect. This was something that Vampire only did to leaders, or lower ranks did to higher ranks. Although Silver was technically a higher rank than Fex, due to their positions within the family, he had never done this to her before, and it all came as a surprise.

"Please, Silver, let me deal with the illegal, and I promise I will bring the Vampire back to you tonight. You know I wanted to stay on earth as long as possible; the truth was I knew the family would send someone after me sooner or later. After I found an illegal here, I have been making notes and tracking the Vampire and them down. I thought when they would take me back if I also handed them in, there was a chance my punishment could be made lighter. I could use it as an excuse as to why I stayed here so long. Please give me till the end of tomorrow, and I will bring them both to you."

A part of what Fex had said was the truth. He really had planned this. He just never thought his Sister would be the one to get him. If he returned with the Shadow Vampire user, then his punishment would have been light.

Silver thought about this for a while. Fex had broken a severe rule but not enough to be put into internal slumber, but there was a chance he could be put into temporary sleep for hundreds of years. She would hate to be apart from her brother for so long. If Fex caught these criminals, then there was a chance the punishment could be lightened.

"Alright… I agree with your request but two things." She said. "One, not tomorrow, you need to do everything tonight."

"Tonight… but that's too soon… there're guards and everything protecting the…" Fex said worriedly.

"If you can't do it tonight, then I will do it myself tomorrow. This will be a test for you and the second thing. The Vampire must be brought to me, but the Wight must be eliminated."

He knew this was the best he was going to get, and in a way, it was a better result then he had expected.

"Fine, I shall bring the vampire to you…and kill the Wight." Fex answered. The two of them quickly vanished, and now there was no longer anything on the roof. It was as if nothing was ever there.


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