My Vampire System
308 Supreme Commander
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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308 Supreme Commander

Out on the busy platform, things were starting to settle down a bit. The public who had been invited to watch the starter events were being moved out to their seats in the arena. This was because the first main event for the day was about to start soon. With fewer people on the top platform, it was now easier to move and find people.

Quinn had quickly met up with Vorden and was surprised to see Sam there with him. They both started to explain the details of what had happened over at the VR gaming centre in the morning. After hearing everything was okay, he felt like he could finally relax.

"Hey, where's Fex? Did you send out a message to him too?" Quinn asked.

"I did," Vorden replied. "I sent one out the same time as I sent one to you, telling him our location and everything. I wonder why he isn't here yet."

"The first main event will start in around fifteen minutes." A speaker sounded informing all of the students as well as the public to get ready for the first main event.

"We'll head back to the screen near our hotel, just send him another message to meet us there," Quinn said.

"Wait, aren't you worried about him?" Sam asked. "What if another group like yesterday approaches him." Sam was a little concerned after what had happened yesterday. He wasn't ignorant of the behaviour and actions treated towards low levels. He seemed to remember yesterday that not only Quinn but Fex was a level one user as well.

If another group of people were to approach him, it could be bad news again without his friends around.

"Don't worry about him, I can't imagine anyone scaring away that guy," Quinn replied.

The group, including Sam, had decided to watch the main event together. Although Sam's Hotel was quite far away from theirs, he didn't mind the walk back in the evening. If he were to go back and watch it near his hotel screen, he wouldn't have anyone to watch it with anyway. At least not until Nate was knocked out of the competition and he couldn't imagine that happening on the first day.

When arriving at the screen things looked a little different to when the events were played earlier on in the day. The screen had moved outward and looked like they were all hovering in the air above the arena. It allowed students to look over the edge and either watch the event from up high in the actual area or see sufficient detail on the screen.

Several drones were flying about in the arena, each with a camera attached. It would be used to record as much detail of the events as possible. Most students would decide to watch it via the screen, but it was still nice to see what the real thing looked like from above.

The boys decided that they would peek over to see what the first stage of the main event was like. Everything that was out before had been cleared and right now there were a total of one hundred and forty small little raised platforms out. On the platform was a workbench of some sort with several other items and even a hot furnace behind them.

While the others had their eyes glued on the stage, Quinn and both Vorden noticed something else. Inside the arena, there was one section of seats that had been cleared out, and in its place was a very large luxurious booth. There was see-through glass allowing all the others to see what was inside.

Inside the booth were five relatively large grand chairs inside. There were also already several soldiers standing at each side of the room, still like a statue. All of them wore the same beast gear that looked to be of very high quality. It was a standout because not many people in the arena had such beast gear on as they weren't allowed due to safety precautions.

It was natural for not only Quinn, but for those around to pay attention to the booth, and he had a pretty good feeling he knew who those seats were reserved for.

Then it looked like the first person had arrived in the special booth. The soldiers in the room didn't bow down like they usually would when greeting a guest of high honour. Instead, they immediately went down on one knee and placed their fist on the ground. As soon as Quinn saw the person, there was no need for an introduction.

There probably wasn't a single person who didn't know of this man. He continued to walk past the others, his heavy boots hitting the ground. He looked through the clear glass and adjusted his red-tinted sunglasses. Finally, as he sat down in the middle seat of the five, his whole face could be seen. On his chin was a little patch of facial hair, and on the top of his head was a full mop of hair that had streaks of grey going through. It was hard to tell if it was dyed due to the pattern or whether it was just their old age.

Once the man was comfortably sat in his seat, the other soldiers stood up in the room and saluted. "We welcome the supreme commander."

The man sitting in the seat was the supreme commander Oscar White one of the men hailed as a hero during the time of the great war.

When the war had started against the Dalki race, the enemy had done something unexpected. When the Dalki first arrived, it was clear they were under attack by a form of higher intelligence. They had better equipment and technology than humans. However, when the humans first saw the appearance of the Dalki, they looked strange and more like that of a wild animal mixed with a human.

This caused the leaders at the time to be hesitant, thinking about whether or not these were the real enemy or not. In their naivety, they never expected the Dalki to pull off what they had done. While the main forces were in battle, at the start of the war the Dalki had chosen to assassinate each of the top countries leaders around the world.

This was to cause chaos and confusion amongst the humans, and for a short time, their plan had really worked. That was until the head of the allied Earth forces at the time had decided to take charge. The person's name was Oscar White.

Later on, after the war, he had given himself the title of supreme commander and then appointed the seven head generals of the other basis. Of course, not everyone agreed to this, and there was the disturbance of ability users running wild. It was later on that the big three families would be established and further along the line Truedream would be added to make it the big four.

In the rose-like building that was seen whilst on the train, there was something called the leader's table inside. Whenever a big decision was to be made, the supreme commander, the seven head generals and the big four would be called together.

Seeing the first person to enter was the supreme commander, it looked like Quinn's guess of who the other four seats were for was spot on.

"Will the others be arriving?" Oscar asked his personal aide on his right that stood by his side. It was a female who wore a fairly short skirt and round glasses with a ponytail. Rather than looking like she worked for the army, she looked like a security for a big tech company instead.

"They should be here any second sir."

As she said that, the doors from behind opened wide and the four others entered after.

The first person to enter was a large man who looked to be in his fifties, with a huge apple-like belly. His hair was a scruffy mess that went up into a triangle shape, and his nose was large and round as well. He went on to sit in one of the empty seats, and as he sat down, he gave a loud belching burp. As the air left his mouth, a stream of fire came out with it before quickly disappearing into the air.

"Burnie Sunshield, leader of one of the big four families, with the ability of fire," Sam said.

The next to follow after him was a female, who seemed to be mostly dressed in black head to toe, and on the top of her head was a pointy hat. The hat was covering most of her facial features as there was also a veil attached. The only thing that could be seen through was her large smile and her purple dark hair.

Not a word was spoken as she sat down in her seat as well.

"Mona Bree, the only female to be part of the big four and head of the Bree family, their ability, beast tamers," Sam explained once again.

Just behind her was someone who didn't need any introduction at all. Vorden and Quinn both saw the man's face. The blood around their body started to pump harder.

"Jack Truedream," Quinn said before Sam could introduce this man. "The ability to steal other's abilities."

The last person in the room surprised all three of them.

"Huh? Wait, this isn't the leader of the Greylash family," Sam said confused as he saw the last person enter.

Although Sam seemed to not recognise the man, Vorden and Quinn did, for it was the same person who sat by the side of them, while watching the Block event. If he wasn't one of the big four, then why was he there?


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