My Vampire System
307 This easy
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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307 This easy

The three boys continued to watch the video, which was being played on the huge screen in disbelief. For some reason, that one minute video felt like a three hour long movie. All Quinn wanted to do now was run up there and shut it off and erase everyone's memory.

"Hey, Quinn, isn't that…" Fex immediately had his hand grabbed over by Vorden and Quinn, who were standing by his side. The two boys then quickly dragged Fex out of the seats as they disappeared out of the crowd.

"Fex, are you crazy?" Vorden shouted in a soft but angry voice. Knowing that there could still be others around.

The video had now finally stopped playing, and the interviews carried on with other participants who had attempted the same method.

"No one knows it's Quinn, and you were just about to reveal to everyone it was him."

The video blurred out Quinn's head, making him unrecognizable. The only thing that could be seen was a blurred person wearing the school uniform. However, Vorden was concerned about whether someone could deblur the video, would they be able to see the face or not? Unfortunately, Vorden wasn't the right person for things like this, and he wished he could speak to Logan right now and dim his curiosity.

Annoyed that he was suddenly dragged away, Fex stepped back a bit and brushed away some of the crumbs of food that had fallen all over him in a rush.

"What did you say, no one knows it was him, right? Well, I wouldn't be so sure about that one. Because there were five other people with us at the time, who do know it was him." Fex said.

"I don't think that's a problem," Quinn replied. "This video seemed to have already spread, right? If they wanted to, they could have already told everyone. In a normal case, someone would be happy for this to happen. Perhaps there are already people coming forward, even claiming that they were the ones in the video. Zac probably thinks I will do the same and when I do try to discredit it and ruin my big moment."

"Still, just to be safe, I think we should go looking for them and try to clear their memories a bit." Fex suggested. "Let's split and search for them. We should have done this yesterday, but I didn't think such a small thing like this would become a big deal. Damn it! all we did was play a freaking game."

The boys agreed it was always better to be safe than sorry, and even if Quinn was right about his thoughts, there was a chance one could change their mind later on and this small mistake may bring up huge trouble for them.

"It's best if we split up, we can cover more ground then and find them faster. Use the watch to send a message as soon as you see them." Vorden said.

The three boys quickly split and headed off into different sections as they searched for Zac and the others.

While this was all happening, the strange man that was seated next to them couldn't help but find all of their actions odd. Everything changed as soon as the video started to play he noticed.

'Was one of them in the video?' The man thought. Otherwise, it didn't make sense based on the actions and what they were currently doing now.

'What an interesting bunch of kids.' He thought as he chuckled to himself.

Just then, another older looking man approached him from the side. He wore regular plain clothing that didn't make him stand out much. When gaining access to the area, the public, including the students who weren't participating in any events, were told to hand over all of their beast equipment or leave them behind.

"Sir, the main events will start soon. They instructed me to bring you and the others to an appropriate place as soon as possible." The old man said, bowing down.

"Just when I thought I found something more fun to do." The man said as the two of them walked off.

Vorden was running about pretty recklessly; unlike yesterday, there were far too many people to check to see if they could find them. Other than Zac, many of them had pretty unmemorable faces as well. The first area Vorden decided to check where each of the screens nearby. At least then, he would be able to get someplace high and see from the top if he could spot anyone.

Looking around, Vorden was trying to see if there was anywhere high he could get a clear view from.

"Need any help?" A voice called over.

"Sam?" Vorden replied as he turned around.

The two boys quickly started exchanging information, and Vorden explained what was going on and the reason for the worried look on his face.

"Actually, I already saw the video as well." Sam replied, "And you're in luck, you don't have to worry about those guys, let me explain…"

Early in the day, Sam had decided to pay a visit to the gaming centre and wanted to talk to the admin man who had uploaded the video. There was no one else who had access to that footage, or at least not that part on that particular day.

When he had arrived, Zac and his group were already there trying to get the original video file from the man. After listening in for a while, it turned out after the video was a big hit, the group tried to get video proof of what the person looked like or their name.

It turns out they had already attempted to reveal to the people who the blurred figure was, but with no name and only the description of curly hair, it was hard for them to believe. In the video, one couldn't even see if the person had curly hair.

It went a step further when they mentioned the student had a level 1 ability level on his wrist watch; they thought this would have been a stand out feature, instead to others, it just became a big lie that was unbelievable. In the end, people completely ignored them.

After that incident, they were embarrassed to tell others who they thought it was, so instead, they wanted to get the original video file. However, the man-in-charge was determined not to give access to the video to anyone and even claimed the file had already been deleted and rewritten over. Now it was impossible to recover.

The man only wanted to share the incredible feat, but didn't want the pressure to be put on the student. If Quinn himself were to come here and ask for the original video, he would have given it to him on the spot.

With nothing else to do, the group eventually left the place in disappointment. That's when Sam noticed the main culprit from yesterday wasn't there, Zac.

The students were coming towards Sam, so he decided to hide himself and pretend he was doing something else and tried to listen to their conversation.

"I can't believe Zac wouldn't come with us, that Wimp. I thought he was better than that."

"I'm telling you man, after yesterday, he just said he doesn't want any business with that fellow. It's like he was traumatized or something." The students said as they walked past him.

After learning about this incident, Vorden's heart started to calm down a little. It was too much sometimes to keep this many secrets in this small group. His own was enough.

Knowing that everything was okay, Vorden decided to send a message to both Quinn and Fex to explain the situation.

At the same time, Quinn had received the ping he had just found Zac. Using his hearing and a keen sense of smell, he was eventually able to locate him from yesterday. When there were large crowds of people, all he needed to do was repeatedly use his inspect skill until he found the right person.

As soon as Zac's eyes met up with Quinn's, he gulped. Remembering that strange feeling when he couldn't control his body. He didn't move or run away and just followed Quinn off to the side. When the two of them reached the edge of the arena, Zac constantly looked over at the railing.

Thoughts ran through his head of the possibilities this crazy person might have done. He even assumed that his ability might have been mind control. If he could control his body and tell him to stand still, maybe he could also make his death look like a suicide.

"I promise I haven't told anyone, and I won't. I don't even know your name or what military school you're from. From others, I heard no one believed them either, and even they know nothing about you." Zac said quickly.

Quinn hadn't even asked anything or used his influence skill and had already gotten all the information he needed.

'Why couldn't everything be this easy.' He thought.

Standing in the middle of the pathway was Fex. He was unmoving, and his watch was continually blinking, informing he had a message that Vorden had just sent. Multiple people walked past and around him, but his eyes were staring dead ahead, and he didn't even blink for a second.

A few meters away, another figure stood there still…

"I finally found you, brother."


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