My Vampire System
302 Leo Vs Silver
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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302 Leo Vs Silver

Arriving at the arena, Silver felt better than she had done in a while. It had been a long month and a bit spent at the academy military base. She wished to return home but would never do so until she had completed her task.

Now that it felt like she was drawing close, her mood was starting to change. As she left the hotel room to head outside she passed many of the students she had taught.

"I hope you have a good day miss."

"Stay Safe."

"I wish I look as pretty as her when I grow up."

The students couldn't help but praise Miss Silver. Although she had been strict in class her lessons were quite knowledgeable. Her lessons were also enjoyable as it seemed like when Silver taught, she had no filter. When speaking she would never sugarcoat her words like the other teachers.

In the middle of the class, the boys would often compliment her or ask her about certain subjects, when replying she would do so bluntly, embarrassing them and speaking what was on her mind. As days went on the students started to learn what Silver was like and realized she meant no harm from her words.

At first, she found the compliments annoying but over time she grew to enjoy the words.

'When I go back, will father praise me for doing a good job?' She thought. Everything she had done so far was for the family and she would continue to do so. Yet not even once, had her father the family leader praised her. Unlike here where she heard kind words every day.

Before she knew it, she had already left the arena and was just outside on the ground floor. It was a habit for her to want to be alone whenever she got upset. Usually, a few moments later and her idiot of a brother Fex would come and cheer her up.

After she had calmed down, her plan was to head back into the arena and search around on the top floor to see if she could find any information or maybe even spot Fex. The quicker she brought him home the less time she would have to spend here.

However, a strange sweet smell had reached her nose, one she was familiar with but hadn't smelt in a long time. The smell of blood.

Wondering why she would smell the scent of human blood outside, she quickly rushed over to the scene. Eventually, the trail of blood led her to a bald-headed man, with a sword by his side. When she saw that no one was hurt, she slowed down her stride and started to walk.

The smell was still coming from the direction of the man, and that's when her eyes were glued onto a particular object he held in his hand. It was a metallic flask, but not just any flask. A flask that bore the symbol of the Sanguinis family. Knowing that Fex was at one of the academies, her mind instantly thought the flask belonged to him.

The question was, why was this man holding onto Fex's flask that was filled with blood. From his scent alone she could tell he wasn't a vampire.

"Where did you get that flask?" Silver asked.

Leo tried to see if he could recognize the voice but it was not one he knew off. He was quite new to the military so he still hadn't memorized all of the other generals and sergeants aura or voices either. But if one was able to get into this facility, he had to assume they were a member of staff.

Yet, the first question she asked when meeting him was about the flask. Judging by the tone of her voice she had to be either someone of equal rank or someone above. No student would dare talk to a sergeant like this.

"Who are you?" Leo asked. "State your name and rank?"

Although Leo had spoken, the words didn't really process through Silver's mind. She was too concerned with her own question. Fex would have never let something so precious fall into the hands of another unless something serious had happened. Did the humans find out about him and kill him?

Regardless, the flask was an important piece of equipment that could possibly link the humans to them, she needed to get rid of it. Flicking out one of her fingers, a small piece of string shot out straight, aiming for the flask in Leo's hand, not wanting to cause a scene she would take the flask and try to find out more later.

The piece of string was so thin, and it was dark outside making it practically invisible, but before the string could even reach the flask, a slicing sound was heard, and then a short click followed after.

The piece of string then fell onto the floor. When looking at Leo, she could see the flask had now been put away into his side pouch, while his hand was on the hilt of his sword.

"You cut the string, but how did you see it?" She asked, shocked by what had just happened.

But Silver wasn't the only one shocked. He was surprised that the girl was also able to see him move his sword so fast.

"I didn't," Leo replied as he pointed to his eyes with his other hand. "Can't you tell? I'm blind."

Leo expected at least a chuckle from Silver, usually, these types of words would at least give him a response. Instead, Silver stood there still like a statue, not even her expression had changed.

When checking out her aura, there wasn't even a little flicker, and still, her aura seemed to be masked.

"If you're blind, then I don't have to worry about you seeing my face." She said as she dashed forward.

Withdrawing his sword from his sheath, a large pressurized air slice game out from the sword. Sensing the strong power that was just unleashed, Silver knew she needed to do something about it. One moment she was directly in front of Leo, the next she was behind him.

Silver struck towards his chest, thinking the whole thing would be over, but as if Leo had eyes on the back of his head, he was able to dodge by ducking down. He then pivoted his foot spinning his body around while throwing out his blade towards the middle of her body.

This time, the attack was too fast for her to move, instead, at just the right time, she opened up her palms and slapped at the sword from the bottom and the top. Using all her strength she was able to stop the sword just in time.

The sword was held in her hands, just a few inches away from her body. From the outside it looked like neither one of them was moving an inch. But the truth was, they were both using their full strength but their power was equal not allowing the other one to budge.

'Is this her natural strength?' Leo thought. 'I've even activated the beast armour underneath my clothing and still, I can't overpower her.' From Leo's ability, he was able to tell if his opponent had high-level beast gear that was currently activated to enhance the user's strength.

There was a possibility that the opponent he was fighting against was able to mask their equipment as well but it was unlikely. The stalemate continued for a while but both knew this was useless.

"Your voice sounds pretty, if it sounded as good as you looked, I might let you win this one," Leo said, hoping to break her concentration for just a second.

However, it didn't seem to work. Instead, her eyebrows and face started to scrunch up. She started to concentrate even more and the top of her forehead started to sweat a little.

Silver hadn't run out of options, she still had her many Vampire abilities, the problem was quite a few of them required her to look into her opponent's eyes and that didn't quite work well against Leo.

Other than that, the blood abilities would be a dead give away and would leave behind a trace.

Instead, she chose to push her body even further, ever so slightly. With one of her hands, she carefully positioned her fingers so now it was held both on top and under the blade. Then slowly with her other, she let go.

Now, Silver was holding back Leo with a single hand, but she knew she couldn't do this for long. With her other hand free, quickly she started to twirl her fingers, and multiple strings started to shout out, the target wasn't Leo himself, but instead, they were heading for his pouch. The first set of strings lifted it open, while the next grabbed on to the flask. After slightly moving her finger, like a web she was able to draw it into her hand.

"Don't make me come back to kill you." She said, as she quickly fled the scene at an amazing speed.

Leo prepared himself to perform another quick set of slashes. If he threw out multiple strikes now there was a chance one of them could hit her and slow her down. Midway through his attack though he stopped himself.

'She couldn't have come all this way just for that. It seems whoever owned that item is quite important.'

From the location of where the flask was found and the story of the other students, he could tell that the flask most likely belonged to one of them. He had planned to return it at one point, but not until he fully found out the Flasks use.

He never did in the end. But now he felt like he had a more interesting tale to follow.

While running back to her room, Silver looked at her hand and could see a cut.

"That human hurt me..."


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