My Vampire System
300 Stand Still!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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300 Stand Still!

Rather than being shocked about nearly being hit by a flying metal object. Sam was far more concerned about the skill he had just witnessed in front of him. The move that he and Nate referred to as the flash step. This was because whenever they saw the move being used, it really did seem like the user would suddenly flash into a different spot.

More importantly, it was a move that Sam had only seen one person ever perform, the person known as Bloodevolver from the game. However, just because they had only seen one person perform it., didn't mean only one person knew how to.

A teacher most likely needed to teach the person the move, and they most likely taught others. It was possible for one to come up with a skill themselves, but knowing the information about the Bloodevolver they did know, that seemed unlikely.

They knew two things about the Bloodevolver. One was that he was from a military school since they had met on the military gaming servers. The second was that the person was a first-year student.

Even if Nate was convinced that this, Larry Steel person was the Bloodevolver, the only evidence he was going on, was the fact that he had met these conditions as well as used gauntlets as weapons. Still, Sam didn't have much more evidence himself that the person in front of him was the real Bloodevolver, the only way to find that out was to see the person using their ability.

The strange red aura, a powerful unique ability that had been used to defeat many opponents in the game, including himself. That's why Sam wasn't adamant that Quinn was the Bloodevolver. On his wristwatch, it clearly displayed that he was a level 1 user. There was no way such an ability would be deemed so weak.

Then, another thought had come to him; the red aura ability was something that shouldn't have been in the game. It was an ability that was unable to be selected in the servers. Yet, it could still be used for some reason, and the game devs even confirmed it wasn't a hack. Although many didn't believe this, thinking the game devs were just trying to save face.

But what if it was true?

Maybe, this ability was slightly different from how people knew and measured current abilities. If that was the case, then the watches the military used wouldn't be able to register anything.

Sam looked at Quinn once more, he wished he could confirm it right now but he couldn't.

Inside the VR game, players created avatars to be used. So from looks alone, there was no way for Sam to tell that this was the same person, and the same could be said for Quinn. So the two were unable to recognize each other.

Sam stood there dazed, thinking about these thoughts.

"Hey, are you alright, man?" Fex asked. "I know that thing nearly hit you, but you didn't get hurt, right?"

Snapping out of his thoughts, Sam replied.

"Yeah I'm fine, I was just shocked as you said, that's all."

A little bit before the incident had occurred, one of Zac's team members had gone to the Admin room to have a look at Quinn's last match. To see if there was an error in the game. When he had arrived, he asked the Admin to check, they pulled up the previous match on video, and both the Admin and the student observed the whole one-minute video.

"So, the game was broken right; it didn't count any of the strikes made to the machine?" The student asked.

At first, the Admin just sat there and remained silent. The student thought he might have been doing some extra checks in the game, but instead, he was looking at it, amazed. In all of his years working, he had watched countless students play the game, but it was the first time he had seen someone do something like this.

"He's amazing." The man said. "The game wasn't broken at all; he managed to hit every section; the second they started to move."

The question wasn't whether this was possible or not. There were plenty of people who would be fast enough to do something like this. The real problem the man was struggling with was how? If one was to know the exact pattern of attacks and had it memorized, they could do something like this. But the game was random and didn't always perform the same set of actions.

Somehow, the student was able to tell what was about to move before it actually moved. The man played the video again, and while doing so, a loud crash was heard outside of the room. It was the sound of Quinn kicking the top of the compartment of the machine into the wall. The two of them left immediately to have a look at what was going on outside.

The game wasn't quite over yet. At least not in the mind of Quinn and his group. Because Quinn, Vorden, and Fex weren't exactly stupid, they knew something must have happened. The whole machine was acting strangely and only when it was Quinn's turn and in its final moments, something happened to the machine.

Using his inspect skill on Zac once again, he confirmed that he had a magnetic skill. He must have tampered with the game.

"Well, it looks like the machine broke, good thing no one got hurt, huh? Why don't we just call this one a draw? You keep your armour there and I'll keep my crystal. It was a fun little game wasn't it." When saying these words, Zac's heart was beating faster, and when looking at those in front of him, it started beating even more quickly.

Not only was Quinn giving him strange stares, but the other two boys next to him were as well. The look in thier eyes was no less frighting then Quinn's. "What's wrong with these guys?"

Vorden wanted to say something and prepared himself a speech while the others were playing, but when he saw Quinn stepping forward, he realised there was no need for him to say anything.

"First, you try to take my armour from me forcefully, let me guess it's because you saw we were low levels, right?" Quinn said, lifting and revealing the number on his wristwatch. "Then you try to pretend to make things fair by playing a game that none of us have ever played before, and when you see where about to win, you tamper and cheat at the game?"

"Cheat?" Zac replied nervously, taking a step back. The others with Zac knew that the person in front of them was impressive when it came to hand to hand combat, but found it strange why Zac was so scared. After all, he was only a level 1 ability user. If the two of them were to get into a fight, Zac should be able to wipe the floor with him, they thought.

Seeing Zac take another step back angered Quinn even more, he didn't know if it was the game or the fact that he had been starving himself for the last two days and a half, but he was getting extremely agitated by the whole thing, more so then he would have done. He was ready to snap.

"Stand still!" Quinn shouted in an aggressive voice.

For some reason, Zac's body seemed to no longer be in control. He tried his best to move the muscles in his legs, he screamed at his brain, demanding to move his leg's to get away from this person. But nothing was working, he was frozen in place.

Quinn didn't realize what he had just done. That he had activated the influence skill on its own without using his system, something he had never achieved before.

Zac could do nothing as he watched the glowing red eyes of the student in front of him.


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