My Vampire System
291 Finding Bloodevolver
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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291 Finding Bloodevolver

Right now, Quinn would do anything to rip the black sack off his head, and the problem was he really could do it. He was a hundred percent conscious of what was happening around him. The main reason for this was to see the color of the portal.

If it were a white portal, it would indicate they were traveling somewhere on earth. If it were a colored portal, he would know they were going to a different planet. Military base One was different from the other military bases.

It was where the current government would reside, hiding behind the most skilled personnel. It was also where the leaders would gather and was the only base that didn't have a school campus.

The place and locations of all military bases were kept secret to the students during their time at the academy. This was to stop information from being leaked outside. This included the smaller factions on the outside world that didn't quite agree with the military's doing.

This is why Quinn thought it would make sense for the main military base to perhaps not to be situated on earth. However, he wasn't able to find out, or at least, not today. Because before he could think of any way, his body was lifted and chucked into the portal to the destination on the other side.


Over at one of the other military bases, a school was also getting prepared to send all their students to military base One. Nate was at his desk, sitting down, staring blankly at the pieces of paper lying in front of him, while the other students were busy packing away their things and getting ready for the Tournament.

"You are still looking at that thing!?" Sam said in shock as he came over and placed his bag on the desk and sat nearby Nate. "We are going to depart any second now, and you still haven't even packed your things. Get up already!"

"I know, I know," Nate replied, "But I think I might have found the person we were looking for."

"You mean the Blood Evolver? I'm not saying he isn't in the Tournament, but I do doubt your slow brain, which is good only at fighting, was able to figure out something like that. Go on then, tell me how did you reach your conclusion?"

Nate then lifted the sheet of paper that he had been staring at all this time. The paper showed a long list that contained all the names of students who would be taking part in the Inter Base Tournament.

Seeing the paper's contents, Sam's eyes widened in shock, and he quickly moved his hands to put the papers down on the desk, grabbed his bag, and placed it over the list of names. "Are you damn crazy?" Sam whispered, "How did you even get the list of names of all the participants."

"It seems like fate wanted me to find them, Sam. When I came into the classroom yesterday night, it was on the teacher's desk. Somebody must have misplaced it."

Slapping his hand against his forehead, Sam was starting to wonder how Nate had ever made it this far in life. Although, this side of him was why the two of them were good friends and got along in the first place.

"That doesn't mean you can just take it for yourself. Oh well, too late now, as long as we return it, it should be okay and may save us from all the trouble we are going to face," said Sam.

"Anyway, after finding the list of names, I started to do some research. I contacted students from the other schools inquiring about each of the participants in the fighting tournament. The main thing I was looking for was a student that fought with gauntlets.

"Afterall, there aren't many students who chose to do battle with such a close-ranged weapon. Not only that but based on the information we have, we know he is a first-year student. This narrows down our suspects even more.  After asking around, it seems like there is only one student who fits the bill. He goes by the name of Larry Star. This person is our Blood Evolver. He has to be. No… I'm sure of it, I can feel it in my gut."

At the start of the explanation, Sam was actually onboard and was starting to be impressed. Was this really the same Nate he had grown up with? However, hearing those last words caused Sam to take a step back a bit. Whenever Nate had a gut feeling about something, it was always a hundred percent wrong. He decided to shrug his shoulders and let Nate go on with his wild thoughts. It wasn't hurting anyone this time, so there was no harm done.

"Okay, but what about the Zombie? You were interested in him as well, right?" Sam asked.

"About that one, I have no idea; we might not even see him since the nature of his ability is only to heal. I agree that He was strong in combat, but on a tournament scale while not in the game. The fights might not work out the same way."

Sam decided to move his bag off the list of names. He then decided to grab the pieces of paper and return it to the teacher's desk before she could enter the classroom. While placing it at the front, Sam couldn't help himself and take a peek at all the names on the list.

These names would be of the people who would, in the future, control the world. What Sam also noticed was by each of the names was a little number in brackets. When looking at Nate's name, the number six could be seen.

Judging by this, he could easily assume that all the numbers indicated all the students' ability levels participating in the fighting event.

"You've always been the underdog in these types of situations, but I know you'll prove everyone wrong." Looking at the names, one could see that Nate was one of the lowest levels in the fighting tournament. Especially when looking at all the second year students.

Nearly every student that was participating was either a level 7 or 8 in terms of ability level. Nate was the exception in this challenge. Using his high fighting skills, he would be able to overcome the difference in the strength of abilities. There was also a second reason why Nate could compete on an even level with the higher ability levels; it was because of his soul weapon.

Although abilities could be the same, soul weapons were often not. Even if two students had the same earth ability level, their soul weapons would be completely different. One could come in the shape of a hammer, while the other may be a shield.

Some soul weapons weren't even objects themselves but were seen as an evolution of their abilities. With how different soul weapons were between each person, they would sometimes make a massive difference in power. In this case, Nate's soul weapon would increase his power to the point that it will allow him to fight them on an equal level.

This was why Nate was respected by the higher-level students and looked up to by the low levels as well for overcoming that gap.

When looking through the names, something had caught his eye, he was sure that Nate would be the lowest level there, even out of the first years, but it seemed that wasn't the case at all.

'What? They can't be serious! Am I seeing things correctly?' Sam brought his head closer to the sheet of paper to have a closer look, but he wasn't mistaken at all. 'One of the first years, they have a level one on her!. What were they thinking? Are they trying to get him killed? It has to be a typo, right?'

When inspecting the names closer, Sam also noticed that there were lines between all the participant's names in the fighting tournament. He wasn't quite sure what this meant, but if he was to take a good guess. It would be who their opponents were in the first round.

Across from the level one name, Peter Chuck, was another year one student who went by the name of Larry Star, a level 6 user.

'Well, what are the chances of that? I guess you might be able to go against our so-called Blood Evolver after all. It should be an easy win for him.'

As Sam put the piece of paper down, he looked up and realized that all the students had suddenly gone silent and were staring in his direction. Finding the whole thing strange, he tried to turn away when a slender body came in his view.

"Now, would you like to tell me what you were doing with that piece of paper?" Silver asked with a smile.


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