My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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287 Addicted

"What am I doing?" Quinn thought in his head as he looked at the student opposite to him. The sounds in his head that kept telling him to fight back were getting louder throughout the whole day.

It took him a whole day to figure out what the voice was after realizing it was his consciousness. It was his true feelings about what he wanted to do. Quinn didn't want just to let Peter rot down in the cellar on his own; he wanted to fight and get him back.

He didn't know how much of his decisions were being influenced by his strange vampire powers, it might have been the connection between the two of them. Or whether or not it was his own decision. In the end, he felt like it was a bit of both.

He hadn't given up on Peter like he had told the others; he was planning to get him back.

To be able to fight back, there was something important that Quinn needed to do, which was to get stronger. Luckily for Quinn, there was a quick way to do that. It was consuming as many different types of human blood as possible.

It took a while for Quinn to find somebody, as he had to make sure that they met certain conditions. The student would have to be on their own and at night time. It was so nobody could see what he was doing, and when taking the student out of campus, there was less chance of someone spotting him.

The second condition was Quinn's influence skill needed to work on them. There were a few high levels and even some low levels that had a strong-willed mind. Thankfully, Quinn's Charm points had increased, giving him even more options than before. However, it was still incredibly hard to find students due to the conditions mentioned above that needed to be met.

Using his inspect skill, Quinn knew what stat he would get beforehand. However, he could not pick and choose as freely as he wanted to, due to the small section of students viable. He had selected his first target carefully.

After making a small cut on the forearm and taking in the blood, the system granted him with a familiar message.

[O+ Blood type consumed]

[One free Stat point earned]

Quinn decided to put the stat point into his charm without thinking about it, raising the total to 23 points. The reason for doing this was because the stronger his charm skill became, the more people he could use his influence skill on.

What Quinn released after the fight with the King Tier Beast was, even with his strength stat being high, that power meant nothing if he didn't have the equipment to back it up. It was nearly impossible for him to put a scratch on the beast with only his intermediate gauntlets.

He couldn't keep relying on the blood hammer strike, it took too long to use, and what would he do if the attack didn't work one day? With no way of getting any new equipment, for now, this was the only thing he could do to get stronger.

After fully consuming the student's blood, he commanded the student to head back to his dorm room and forget about everything once he returned.

Fex had already left the scene by now as seeing everything answered his curiosity. Although it only made him question why the need to do this. For now, he would put a pin in it and keep it in his mind.

'Come on, Fex, What are you worrying about? Is it really strange for a vampire to be sucking the blood of a human? Maybe he and his little girlfriend just got into an argument.' Fex thought while heading back.


While Quinn was busy outside, it left Vorden in his dorm room on his own. He wasn't his usual calm and chilled out self, and instead was continually pacing himself up and down the place in one area.

"If Sil finds out that I went against Quinn, do you think he'll try to take over," Vorden asked.

"Hey, hey, can you just stop mentioning it. Look, it's not like you two broke up or something!" Raten whispered angrily, making sure Sil wouldn't be able to hear. "Besides, if you didn't say it, I would have tried to take over you myself and stopped you—no suicide missions."

"Anyway, about the tournament, are you going to let me fight or what? Your weak ass would just make us look weak."

"You know my answer, why even bother asking," Vorden replied. "We have to lose on purpose. Many people will be watching this fight, and if we display anything out of the ordinary, then a lot of attention will be on us. It might even cause the family to get involved."

Raten laughed nervously after hearing the words "Family." It sent a shiver down his spine, and his heart felt like it had sunken in place. "Good point."

The next few days leading up to the inter tournament, everyone was off doing their own thing. Layla continued to keep an eye on Cia, and it seemed like she had held to her word, not reporting to any of the teachers or higher ups about the incident.

In fact, Cia seemed even to be talking to Layla more than before. Layla welcomed this; there was an empty feeling in her mind and body after Erin left, and although it still didn't feel quite the same, Cia seemed to be filling up the place a little.

Vorden was often called off by Del to practice fighting against certain students for the upcoming tournament with the other students and Logan continued to try to find any information about the dungeon, all resulting in a failure.

This left Quinn and Fex to their own devices, but Quinn continued to be distant with Fex and Fex decided to go along. He continued to follow Quinn at night, and it was the same as before, only slightly different.

Each night, a completely different student would be selected; it was never the same student. It was now the third night in a row that Quinn had led a student into the forest to consume their blood.

"This is strange, even for someone infatuated by the taste of blood?" Fex knew some vampires were obsessed with blood; however, how they acted and how Quinn acted were quite different.

When consuming blood, Quinn would take a minimal amount, this would make sense if he were trying to test out the taste of the blood, but if they found one they would like, they would often store it in a flask like container. Not only that, but they were picky; if it were blood they didn't like, they would spit it out in disgust.

The other thing was, Quinn was quite a young vampire. Usually, their sense of taste for blood was quite basic. It was only the older vampires who, after hundreds of years of tasting different blood types, started to get obsessed with. So everything he was doing didn't make any sense.

'Speaking of which, I wonder where my other flask is? Maybe I left it on that planet.' Fex thought.

When Quinn had finished consuming the female student blood, he once again had gained an extra stat point, this time in stamina. Yesterday his results yielded another O type blood, and he placed it into charm again.

[24 Charm points]

[19 Stamina points]

"Return to your dorm room and go to sleep, you will forget about everything that happened here tonight." Quinn said to the girl.

The girl started to walk off out of the woods and back towards the school. Quinn would often wait a while for the girl to return first before moving from his spot just in case anyone spotted him. He could always say he just went for a walk through the woods.

People would look at him weirdly, but it was nothing to be suspicious about. After some time passed, just as he was about to leave. He heard the sound of something landing behind him and the leaves on the floor crunching from the impact.

"Fex?" He said as he turned his head.

'How long has he been here? Did he see me with the student before? Well, it's not too strange, right.'

"Hey, don't look so worried, man. Whatever you do in the woods with a girl is your secret." Fex said with a wink.

Fex's jokey nature always seemed to calm down Quinn a bit, even if he did sometimes say it at the wrong time.

"What are you doing here?" Quinn asked.

"I was actually worried about you." Fex replied, "Look, whatever you've been doing these past few days is up to you. You're not exactly doing anything wrong, and you've been careful. Other than me, I don't think anyone has found out about this. Please think of me as your second pair of eyes."

"The reason I decided to revolve myself though is that I am a little worried about you."

"Worried, about what?"

"I still don't know who your master is, and don't worry; I am not going to pry about it or anything. I think you would have told me by now if you could, but the problem is, it seems like he hasn't been teaching you properly.

"I am serious now, Quinn; you have to be careful… If you keep consuming blood every day like you have been doing. You're going to become addicted."


Edit: this chapter was meant to come out yesterday, I pressed publish it said success but never released. There will be another chapter in 30 mins because of this.

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