My Vampire System
286 Strange actions
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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286 Strange actions

Duke had left the room, leaving both Nathan and Peter together. Although the two generals didn't get along, they knew they were both working for the same side. Duke wasn't oblivious to Nathan's real strength and how he had gotten to his position in the army. If it was just restraining a single student, he could trust him.

The reason for leaving the room was to contact Truedream himself. Below the Special Vip room, there was the Duke's office. After popping inside, he immediately opened up his communicator and started a video call. An electronic display hovered in the air, and the lines at the bottom were showing that a connection was trying to be made.

"What is it, General Duke?" Jack Treudream said. "I told you only to call me if you found those two kids."

In the video call, Jack was sitting in his chair, and in the backdrop, the whole city that was directly under his control could be seen, showing through the glass windows in his skyrise building.

"Now, you know me better than that," Duke replied with a smile.

Suddenly something grabbed Jack's attention. Ever science leaving the military base, he hadn't forgotten what had happened at the school, how the Pure's group had made him look like an idiot. Not only that, but he remembered the fear he had in that room; for some reason, the sleeping ability from one of his trusted guards didn't work.

It had put him in an unfavorable position, and there was the chance he could have died that day. Before, Jack wasn't too bothered by Pure and the politics between the military and them. Now, he had a significant interest in getting rid of them.

"We have found the boy known as Peter. He was one of the students that Pure said they had safely in their hands. It turns out he never left the academy and was using a disguise ability." Duke explained.

"Excellent, and what about the girl?" Jack asked.

"We have reason to believe Pure might have genuinely taken her. My theory is that the student known as Peter was initially working for Pure all along. They must have hidden that he had the Disguise ability waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. It would then make sense why the sleeping agent didn't work on him if they managed to prepare something beforehand.

"I have to add, though; this is all just speculation. We are unable to confirm anything; for some reason, it seems our truthseeker is unable to use her ability on him. Perhaps Pure is advancing quicker then we think and have been able to find something to stop abilities."

The military knew Pure's goal, so they gathered that they must be working on some serum or vaccination that would target the MC cells. So far, there had been no sign of a result.

Duke's line of thought was that if they couldn't take away or get rid of their abilities, maybe they could create or alter a person who was able to block them.

"Have you reported this to Paul yet?" Jack asked.

"No, I did as you asked and spoke to you first."

"Good, if Paul were to find out about this, he would want the student to go through the court process. If that happens, he might eventually shift them to the research department, and from there, he will be out of my hands." Jack said. "I believe the punishment that will be given to the student will be too light. I have an idea that will not only be a fair punishment for Peter but will perhaps allow us to punish those pure members... "

Jack went on the details of the plan and recounted the outline to Duke. The two of them needed to be on the same page. After all, technically, Duke worked for the head general Paul. Doing this would mean he was not doing his duty as a soldier and had decided to help out an outsider like Truedream, who technically didn't work for the military but only closely cooperated with them.

"Excellent!" Jack said with cheer in his voice. "Then, we shall meet at the Inter Military Tournament.��

The tough decision was for Quinn and others to leave Peter behind, and two members of the group were struggling with this significantly. In Logan's room, they continued to track Peter's movements, and it was as they expected, Someone had taken Peter to the underground dungeon. Or at least that's what they suspected as the spider's signal was lost, and the area last seen was the dungeon entrance.

The next day had arrived, and there seemed to be two members of the group struggling with Peter's disappearance the most. One of them being Quinn. He still felt a little responsible for what was happening to Peter.

Although the System had reassured him that Peter was fine. Taking that if Peter was hurt or in trouble, due to the current distance between the two of them, Quinn would be able to feel it if Peter was being tortured or hurt.

However, Logan's was a different case. He was in his room, working on one of his gadgets at his workbench. He had been working through the whole night, and usually, he worked late, but this was later than usual, and he didn't even take a break.

It was as if he was trying to get his mind off something. Finally, after hours of work on some gadgets, he decided to take a break. Lifting his robotic molecule and leaning back in his chair.

"Oh, that was hard, Peter, would you pass me a sandwich?" Logan asked with his hand held out, but he felt nothing in his hand after waiting a while. He turned around in his chair and looked at the spot Peter would usually stand at.

He hardly ever moved from there other than to bring him tools and play the VR game once in a while.

"There has to be information on that dungeon!" Logan said as he hopped onto his computer and started to type away.

Back in school, lessons had resumed as usual. Quinn didn't know why, but he seemed to be avoiding the others and was starting to hang around with Fex more often. Even in his room, the conversation with Vorden felt a little awkward.

Vorden had helped him out wherever possible, and it was the first time he had decided not to. It wasn't his fault, but Quinn didn't know how to deal with it.

Besides, he had his problems he was trying to solve. The voice in the back of his head was starting to get louder as more time passed. The voice kept telling him to go against the school and fight them. Try to get Peter out of there.

He continued to ignore this and went by his days as usual. However, Fex noticed this strange behavior. He would often, at times, suddenly stop while walking, grabbing his head. By now, Fex had already figured that Quinn was the one who turned Peter and assumed that the pains must be from whatever the school was doing to Peter in the dungeon. For some reason, Fex didn't quite believe that though.

The evening had come, and the lessons were over. Some students were still outside the school during this time, while others decided to relax in their dorm room.

Quinn had stated that he was going to play the game for a bit to practice. Hearing this, Fex agreed to come with him.

"Hey, I'll come with you. I haven't played myself in a while."

"Oh.. darn," Quinn replied. "I just remembered I promised Vorden I would do something with him tonight. Maybe next time."

"That's okay," Fex said as he watched Quinn walk off, he knew something was up. It was clear Quinn had said that to get rid of him.

These strange actions led Fex to act. Whatever Quinn was doing, it was clear he didn't want others to see. Once the two of them were a great distance away, Fex decided to follow him. The distance between the two was quite large, and the reason for this was because of the smell.

Another vampire was able to smell another. They had a stronger sense of smell and could tell the difference between them too. Still, their eyesight was far better than their sense of smell, so although Fex stayed a distance away, he could still see Quinn.

While following Quinn, it had led him down a hallway, where he could see him talking to a student he had never seen before.

'I didn't know he had other friends besides those weirdos?" Fex thought.

Quickly, the two of them left the corridors and started to head outside. Finding this all too strange, Fex continued to follow the two of them.

Eventually, they left the school grounds and entered the woods by the park nearby. Fex quickly realized what was going on by the strange movements the student was taking. He was under the influence of Quinn.

Finally, when they reached a secluded spot, Quinn looked around to see if there was anyone he could spot. However, Fex was well trained in the arts of spying and following someone. The experience and training he had were levels above Quinn's even if Quinn was technically stronger right now.

Raising his claw-like hand, Quinn slit a part of the student's forearm and started drinking away.

"What is he doing? He has Layla that he can ask for blood anytime he wants, right? So why go through all this trouble to get a stranger's blood?" Fex thought.


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