My Vampire System
284 No Plan
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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284 No Plan

MVS 284

The little mechanical spider was neatly tucked just underneath Peter's shirt collar. It climbed up from below his sleeve and was now in the prime position for it to listen and hear everything around.

Although the spider acted as a microphone, and at times, a small speaker. It was unable to be used in transmitting any video footage. The other problem was that the situation which just occurred was unexpected for Logan. He was completely unprepared and never thought that something like this might have happened.

While the sound recorded by the spider was sent to the computer in his room, he could listen to it at a later time, however, that wasn't good enough. He needed to be aware of what was currently happening.

Luckily for him, the soldiers who came to grab Peter did so just when classes ended for the day. This gave Logan the opportunity to head back to his room as fast as possible. As he was returning, he placed his other hand on the watch on his wrist and sent out a message.

"This is an emergency, everyone is to gather right now. Peter has been caught, I repeat Peter has been caught. Everyone meet me in my room ASAP."

When the message was sent out, all of their group's watches started to light up. After what happened with Truedream, Logan made sure that the adjustments he made on everyone's watches were permanent.

The messages he sent were encrypted. In addition, all of their whereabouts were also sent to Logan's computer in real-time.

Once they saw the message, a devastated look could be seen on their faces. If they found Peter, then it was only a matter of time before their involvement would be discovered as well.

In an instant, they all quickly rushed towards the same location.

When Logan entered his room, he immediately ran towards the computer and listened to the spider's transmission. However, there was barely any sound so far. The soldiers were only silently escorting Peter, all the while they did this, they didn't say a word to each other.

"That's good, Peter. We still aren't aware how much they know yet," Logan muttered out. The next thing he had to do was check where they had taken him. If things went bad, then they would perhaps be able to come up with a similar plan with the one they did with Truedream.

After checking the information and looking at Peter's trail, Logan slightly raised his eyebrow.

"Now... why are they taking you there?" He thought.

Peter's tracks led directly to the second year building. The school campus was mainly composed of three main buildings with several smaller ones around it, almost similar to the martial arts hall.

It consisted of the first year building, the second year building, and finally, a separate building for the teachers and soldiers who worked as guards. These people would often rotate in and out with the others from the military base, in fact, this building was also the location where important meetings would be held.

Just as Logan was busy thinking about the possibilities, people started entering his room, the first one being Quinn. The door snapped open as he shot inside at a nearly incredible speed.

"Can you close the door?" Logan asked.

"Oh… My bad…" Quinn flusteredly said. When returning to close the door, a few more people entered the room. Unlike Quinn, they were sweating since they rushed over as quickly as they could

Eventually, everyone who knew about Peter was present, this also included Fex.

"It's good that you're all here, I won't have to explain myself over and over again," Logan announced. "I was there in the classroom when the soldiers suddenly took him. I don't know what for, but I think we already know what it should be about. It's obvious why they would do this without any warning. One of my spiders is currently attached to him, however, we don't have any new information yet. There is one thing I find strange though… they're currently heading for the second year building.

Both Vorden and Quinn reacted at the same time, they said one name, "Duke."

"What do we do?" Layla asked. "We have to get him out of there, right?"

"Let's observe for now," Logan responded to her question. "There are many things that they could be accusing Peter for, we might have just jumped the gun on this one."

Everyone was now patiently waiting in silence for any new information that might come from Logan's computer.

"I see you made it, Pio," Duke's voice rang out. "Please sit."

Before he took a seat, Pio glanced around the room to see how many people there were. This was perhaps in preparation that he could find a chance to escape at one point. But rather than finding any possible weak links, he instead realized that he was in a rather luxurious room. It was somewhere he didn't even know that existed on campus.

When Peter finally sat down, Duke mirrored him across the long table. They looked into each other's eyes without saying anything. Both men didn't stop gazing into each other for even a second.

"You're a strange one." Duke's words broke the sudden tension. "You didn't bat your eyes away from me. It seems like you're not scared of me at all, unlike the others. You seem to have similar traits to that of a trained terrorist." He now had a large grin on his face.

The old Peter would have been shaking in his boots, his heart would've also beated so loud that he couldn't even hear his own thoughts. However, right now, he felt none of it. The only thing he was aware of were the suppressed emotions of fear in his mind. He knew that he was in trouble, but his body and face weren't showing any signs of it.

"Let me ask you this, what's your date of birth?" Duke started asking questions.

Because it was a simple question, Peter responded instantly. Duke then continued asking similar questions like these. For query, Peter would perfectly answer back like a machine.

"Hey, he got all those questions correctly," Fex spoke. "It means we're in the clear, right?" When Fex looked around the room, he was confused as to why everyone's face seemed to be even more concerned than before.

The problem here was how quickly and perfectly he answered every question. Even to them, it almost sounded like Peter was some trained spy asked to infiltrate the school.

"Well... if you say you're Pio." Duke snapped his fingers as a signal, a guard went outside of the room. A few moments later, another student was brought in. "Then who is this?"

The man who was brought in was the real Pio. When the real Pio saw a doppelganger of himself, he immediately shielded his eyes.

"No! Don't let me see it! Are you trying to kill me?!" Pio yelled out while continuing to cover his eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" The guard said, gripping his arm even tighter. They had been rough with him for the last few hours and still didn't treat him like a student, instead, they handled him more like a captured intruder.

"Don't you know that if you see your own doppelganger you'll die in real life?!"

Duke let out a sigh before continuing, "As you can see, the jig is up. We already know that you're not the real Pio. You're most likely a spy since you've chosen to hide your identity like this. My best hunch is that you're using a transformation skill, we have the perfect person for people like you."

After waiting for a while, Nathan was finally brought into the room. He had an ugly expression on his face.

"What are you doing, Duke?!" Nathan stormed in while stomping down his feet hard. "The first year students are my duty, not yours!"

"I believe this matter will concern me a lot more than you." Duke cooly talked back.

Nathan stopped walking and listened to him. Usually, Duke would bluff, however, he felt like the man had some weight behind his words.

"Why don't you just use your ability and find out?"

Nathan looked at the two students standing next to each other. They looked almost exactly like identical twins. Although their body shapes were slightly different but it was barely noticeable. Nathan was briefed of what happened so far, if he wasn't aware of things, then he would have guessed that they were actually twins.

After lifting up his arm and pointing it between the two students, Nathan asked Duke, "The left one, or right?"

"The one on the left," Duke said.

A large bubble-like shape started appearing from Nathan's hand. It moved and slowly started covering Peter's body from head to toe. From another point of view, it looked as if the bubble was slowly eating him alive. When Peter was completely sealed in the bubble, he started feeling a strange energy from inside his body. It made him feel as if he was being drained. In just a moment, he fell to the ground.

Although he didn't feel any pain, Peter felt like he had just gone through a huge battle and had completely used up all his MC points. When he managed to lift his body off the ground, the others could finally see his face.

"I knew it!" Duke exclaimed.

Both Duke and Nathan knew exactly who the student before them was. They had already ordered other soldiers to put up search posters just in case they escaped from campus.

"Peter Chuck? But how? You were with Pure, and... your ability... it was an earth one, not something like transformation." Nathan gasped in shock. "This makes no sense."

The group had been listening on to everything that was happening so far, but not a single one of them moved from their spots apart from Layla.

'What are we doing right now? They already know he isn't Pio, we have to get him out of there!" Layla grumbled.

"But how?" Logan replied. "I hate to say it, but for once, I have no idea how we can get out of the current situation. With Truedream, Peter hadn't been caught and we knew that he was coming beforehand. This situation is something we can't control. They already know his identity, and if we try to help him, we would only expose ourselves."

After listening to Logan's words, Quinn clenched his hand into a fist. Vorden, who was right by his side, saw this. "He's right. There's nothing we can do."

Back in the room, Peter was still trapped in the bubble, drained of his energy. Keeping in mind that there were multiple soldiers and two generals around him, he processed multiple scenarios in his head. After looking at things, he finally knew that there was no chance he was getting out of this.

"Finally." Duke had a grin on his face. "Mr. Jack Truedream will be very happy. He said to inform him if we found one of you. We'll await for any further instructions."


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