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275 The return of a legend Part 2
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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275 The return of a legend Part 2

Heading towards the direction of the sweat smell, it didn't take long for Arthur to finally reach the shelter. He paused for a second to assess the chaotic situation that was in front of his eyes. A sight he had seen too often, but was hoping not to see when he first had woken up.

There were Multiple advanced tier dinosaur plant beasts. They were the same ones that the group of students had encountered and had so much trouble dealing with. Three in total and all were using their vines grabbing and pulling the humans off from the platforms and bridges in the large trees above. They were making an effort fending off the vines with the little beast equipment they had, and some were even using their weak abilities.

But the group of humans were spread thin. There were around two hundred of them in total, living in the trees. While the bulk was dealing with the vines, the others were dealing with snakes, wasp-like creatures and even a few giant spiders.

Many people had already died, and soon it looked like they would all perish.

"Stay here," Arthur said as he placed the girl down on the floor just behind a large tree. Before leaving, he touched the ground just underneath her feet. "Don't worry, you will be safe if anything comes after you."

Dashing forward, he clenched his hand into a fist. "You guys aren't worth using my sword on," Arthur said. At the same time, Arthur was relatively low on blood, so he didn't want to use any of his blood skills, so he opted to use his brute strength.

Not once did he slow down and now he was right next to the beast's back leg. Using the momentum, he threw his fist, slamming it into the creature's back right foot. A loud shockwave sound was heard, and an indent was made.

The humans were above fighting on the bridges and platform. They were only able to see the upper bodies of the large giant dinosaur-like beasts. Then abruptly, in the middle of their fighting, a loud bang was heard. A few seconds later, one of the beasts toppled over onto its side, and its enormous body was slammed onto the ground.

The weight of ninety tones hitting the ground was felt even high up in the trees as the leaves shook and fell.

"What happened?" A woman shouted who had a bandana across her forehead. She had been leading the group for a while now. It was really only because of her quick decision making the group of people were able to last as long as they had done.

"I don't know, one of the beasts suddenly fell over. Whatever it is, it has to be good news right, Ruby?" A man replied as he knocked a vine away coming from another beast, not too far away from the first one.

"Not necessarily, maybe its something even stronger. A beast more powerful taking them out. I'm starting to wonder just why the soldiers went up and left like that." Ruby replied.

It was only seconds after the first large beasts had been taken down, but the same thing happened again to the next one and shortly after the third beast had fallen as well.

Ruby Quickly went over to the edge of the platform and peaked her head over. Not only had the beasts fallen, but they weren't even moving anymore. On closer inspection, she noticed she could see the smallest of wounds, one the size of a fist in a part of its neck.

"Isn't that where the beast crystal is located?" She thought.

If the beast crystal was removed, it wouldn't always result in the instant death of a beast. Still, it would get rid of the majority of its powers and eventually lead it to die. They had never themselves encountered this type of creature before so they had no clue where the crystal was located.

But it was a good idea to target the crystal to weaken it. The strange thing about this type of action, was it was unusual for a beast to do this type of thing. Ruby looked and looked to see if she could see what had defeated them. Whether they were friend or foe, but she could see no one and nothing.

Having given up on finding what had possibly saved them, she decided to turn her attention to the rest of the platform and other areas that were still being attacked. When she turned her head, she could see that most of the beasts had gone and been dealt with.

A group of people had gathered around a single man and were gossiping and talking. No longer fighting.

"What happened?" She asked as she walked over to the group of people.

"This man, you won't believe it, but he saved us all." A man shouted with excitement as he called Ruby over.

Ruby gulped as she was afraid that the others might be befriending someone they soon might have to fight. When the crowd of people moved to allow Ruby to meet the man, she could finally see what had saved them.

However, what she was looking at was nothing like she thought it would be. She could only think one thing, Handsome.

At this point, Arthur had already killed the three advanced tier beasts along with the majority of the intermediate tier beasts on the platform and bridges. It didn't take long for the rest of the beasts to know they were outmatched and started to run away.

Right now, Arthur no longer had his helmet on. He had gotten a little hot from fighting and running about due to the helmet and decided to take it off for now and held by his side. When the others saw his face, they thought it was one of a hero.

How could someone this handsome exist and be this perfect? The world was cruel for giving those already with good looks, strong abilities and powers the others thought.

He wished to talk to the people, hoping to find some answers from them about just what had happened on this planet. But he knew they had just come out of a challenging situation and it would be a while before they could answer properly.

His questions could wait, he was used to waiting, he had all the time in the world, but it wasn't the same for humans. Their time was limited.

"Thank you for helping us, we are in your debt," Ruby said as she bowed down.

"Ruby!, Ruby!" An old women came running out from one of the wooden houses on the platform. She had a worried look on her face as she called out to her.

"What's wrong mother?" Ruby asked.

"I'm sorry... it's Minny, i don't know where she is. I looked everywhere for her." the old women replied.

"No..Minny," Ruby said quietly, as it looked like she was about to collapse, but one of the men standing by her side managed to catch her just in time.

"Don't worry, we will find her, she's a clever girl and strong just like her mother." Said the man.

When hearing these words, Arthur realised the girl he had met earlier looked quite similar to the older girl in front of him. "Was this a little girl around the age of six, she had curly black hair."

"That's right," Ruby said.

Arthur then pointed to the muddy ground below. Cindy had come out from the trees once the beasts had disappeared. "I'm down here, guys!" she said with a big smile on her face waving above.

"Minny watch out!" Ruby screamed at the top of her lungs.

One of the beasts had still yet to leave the area. It was a human-sized black and yellow wasp-like creature, and it had set its sight on the little girl. Hovering from above it came nose-diving down.

The people and Ruby felt lost and hopeless.

They were just way too far away to do anything, and none of them had the power to stop what was just about to happen.

The only one that didn't look worried though was Arthur. As the Wasp creature got closer to Minny, just underneath her foot, the shadows started to move like an ocean.

Then when the wasp was inches away, a gigantic hand appeared from Minny shadows and grabbed the wasp, stopping it in its tracks.

Arthur then held out his hand and said two words. "Shadow lock." The shadow dissipated and with it, the wasp did too.


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