My Vampire System
273 Why them?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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273 Why them?

As soon as the names were called out and announced, an uproar began to erupt among the students. Why hadn't they been the ones called? The names were so unfamiliar to them. Apart from Vorden, the rest of the names that had been read out were a complete mystery to the other students.

Although Logan was a high-level user, he rarely ever visited the classes, so there weren't many that knew what he looked like apart from the ones that were in his class, but even the ones that were in Logan's team were confused as to why his name was called out and not theirs. Especially since Logan had gone missing for most of the expedition.

However, the students weren't the only ones that seemed to be confused by their names that had been called out, but so were Quinn and the others. They hardly had the time to scan anything, and even when Peter was underground he didn't use the scanner, because it didn't work while they were down there.

"How did they get the top marks? Our group managed to scan around fifteen different plants and 3 new beasts. Are they saying they scanned more than that?" A student complained with a frown.

"They must have done that, otherwise why were they called up." Another replied.

But for the students that were part of Del's class, they knew that Quinn and the others didn't have much of an opportunity to do anything. Still, they decided to remain quiet. Many of them remembered Quinn's brave actions in saving some of the students from the advanced tier beasts and bringing them to their side.

Even though there weren't any points awarded for this, they felt like whatever reward his group was going to get, they deserved it. However, there was one person in Del's class that didn't feel the same way, and that was the teacher Del himself.

He still felt a grudge towards these two, and especially after what had happened while they were out. Del was even surprised that the two of them were still alive.

"That's impossible, there must be some type of mistake or some cheating going on!" Del remarked loudly. "Those students, I checked the scores on their scanner, and not only that, they had fifty points deducted from their team due to an incident that involved breaking one of my other pupils' arms."

Del then quickly looked around for the student who had suffered the arm break, but when looking he was nowhere to be seen, he quickly realized that the student was one of the ones that had been killed on the expedition.

Still, his words were just enough for the students to rile up their anger once again.

"Hey, I think I recognise him. I always see him in Leo's class. They often spar with each other." A student said.

Another student blinked and frowned, "Wait, so are you saying that guy's like a teacher's pet? A suck up!"

"This is so unfair! There's no other way to explain this, it has to be favouritism."

The group of students that were voicing their concern started to grow, and now the ones that supported Quinn and the others were starting to take a step back as they quickly became the minority.

"Enough!" Leo slammed his sheathed blade into the ground and a small little vibration was felt on the ground. "The students that have been called, please come to the front. If I hear another word from anyone..." Leo didn't finish his sentence but they knew he didn't have to.

The students had been called and arrived at the front, but instead of looks of admiration and jealousy, they were all stared down with looks of hatred. Cia, who still didn't really feel part of the group was hating every bit of it. The only plus side of the whole thing was they would come out of this assessment with a top grade which would do well for her future.

Seeing that the students' anger still hadn't been quelled, Fay herself decided to take some action based on some information she found out earlier.

"Listen up all of you, there's a reason why these students here have been selected as the winner of today's event." From the crate for scanners that had been collected behind them, she looked until she pulled out one in particular.

"This scanner here is from the student Logan. At the time, each of these students had discovered something that was worth a lot more points than any beast or plant would ever be."

After pressing a button on the scanner, a 3d like holographic model appeared from the scanner. It showed a recreation of the town that Logan had managed to get on his scanner, the one he had made before entering the tunnels below.

"As you can all see, this right here is a Dalki base. It looks like they had arrived on this planet before us. This is the real reason why we are leaving. Not just because there are some powerful beasts on this planet."

With that everyone understood. No longer did the students who were opposed to leaving were complaining they too wanted to get off this planet as soon as possible. Memories and thoughts went back to situations they would often hear on the TV and internet. Cases of humans, and Dalki interactions on other planets.

When this happens, a fight would break out and one side would be obliterated. The problem was a single planet was never enough for either side to reignite the war once again. So one side would have to just grit their teeth and bare it.

"If it wasn't for these students discovering such a place, then perhaps none of us would be left standing." Leo said.

With no more complaints, the students willingly grabbed their belongings and were prepared to head back to the school once again. It now made sense to the students why the shelter seemed to be on such high alert.

It was because the soldiers were getting ready to move out. After all their belongings had been gathered. Several portals had been pulled out and placed on the ground.

While looking around, Quinn noticed that the soldiers were busy gathering their things, the same couldn't be said for the civilians who lived in their treetop homes. They stood there with worried looks on their faces peeking from above.

"Why aren't they packing their things?" Quinn asked.

"What do you mean? These people have nowhere to go." Layla replied. "They probably spent all the money they had to move here. Even if the military did allow them to use the teleporters and head back to earth, they would only be made homeless with no shelter or way to earn credits."

"But if the soldiers leave this place, then there will be no one to protect them from beast attacks." Quinn replied.

Layla remained silent when Quinn said this and Vorden simply placed his hand on his shoulder. They were both aware of the fate of these people. While Quinn was a little naive. 'The government had helped him, when his parents disappeared... so why couldn't they help them as well?' He thought.

HE was starting to think his situation was stranger and stranger, but more than anything he was deeply concerned for the people above. Not only were there adults present but also children.

While the students walked through the teleporters, a young little girl who looked only around the age of five, started to wave her hand goodbye to the students. Unaware of what was happening.

"This world needs to change. The people at the top need to come crumbling down and When I'm strong enough, I'll come back for you." Quinn said, although he was aware by that time it would probably be too late.

Deep underground at the abandoned town, a strange man was still standing on the top floor completely naked. He had been standing there for a while now as he waited for his body to wake up.

He was unaware of how long he had been out for, still, it would take some time for his body's function to return to what it once was.

"I don't know why it's a vampire's tradition to put one in one of those cylinders completely naked, when one is to go into eternal sleep. They could at least allow for a set of clothes to be left behind." The man said as he seemed deeply concerned by this matter.

"I can't just go out and greet the people outside like this. They'll think I've gone mad. Or madder might be the correct term. " He said as he started to laugh out loud at his own words.

"Ah, didn't I leave some basic treasure of mine behind? I believe it was a set or armour. Although, whoever entered the tower might have taken a vital piece. I did leave it there as a reward. Let's just hope they didn't choose the area that covers the crown jewels."

As the naked man walked down the spiraling staircase, he continued to pace himself sloppily while holding his chained sword in his right hand. Eventually he had reached the platform where another room was located in the center part of the tower.

When entering the room, he immediately could see that five metallic cylinders were present.

"Looks like someone did take an item. Well that's fine, they did wake me up after all."

As the man walked over to the podium which wasn't encased in a metallic cylinder. As he looked down he blinked and raised a brow.

"Now out of all the items available for them to get, why on earth would they choose to take the ring?" The man thought to himself, rather confused.


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