My Vampire System
266 A tomb
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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266 A tomb

Excitement started to enter through not only Quinn's body, But Fex's as well. They both continued to watch the double doors open inward slowly. Throughout Fex's life, he had seen these doors placed not only in his castle, but the other vampire leaders' castles as well.

Everytime Fex would ask about what was behind these doors, they would tell him it was none of his business. This of course, just made Fex want to know more about what was behind the doors but everything he did, he could never find a way to open one of them and eventually gave up.

Once the doors had finished opening, at the same time, several torches from inside the tower started to light up, one by one as if it was leading and showing the two where to go.

"Come on, we have got to check this out!" Fex said, already leading the way and walking forward onto the litten up path.

Quinns still possessed the blood crystal in his hand. When inserting it into the door, it only required him to place it. He found even after taking it out, the doors still remained open. This was good for he was hoping that he might be able to use the crystal for something else. To make a weapon or something in the future.

Placing it back into his system, he quickly followed after Fex who was already quite away now, after a single step into the tower, the system had popped up with another message.

[You have entered a Vampire tomb]

[Quest: Explore the tower is now in progress]

'A vampire tomb? As in a dead vampire's grave.' Quinn thought. "System did you know what this was?"

"I had my gesses but I couldn't be so sure." the system replied. "Remember in my time the only place we called home was earth. I did not know about places outside of earth. There are two things I should warn you about before you proceed.

"First, a vampire tomb doesn't necessarily mean a vampire is dead. A vampire can choose to go into eternal slumber, which is similar to death but not the same. If they are one of quite high position or of importance to people, one of these towers will be created for them.

"Eternal slumber means a vampire has chosen to go to sleep forever themselves, it's a permanent state and there is only one way to be woken up from it. By consuming blood from someone of the same family. They do not need to be related by blood but only contain the same blood. An example of this is if you were to go into eternal slumber, then Peter would be able to wake you up with his own blood, as he is a part of your family but Fex's blood would be useless."

"Are there usually guards in these types of places?" Quinn asked, still worried they might encounter something.

"Usually,I would say not, Could you imagine asking someone to look over such a place and for how long? They could be in the tower for a very long if so. I would be bored out of my mind staying in such a dull place. My guess is two things. Either the vampire was a powerful one and his magic was so great he was able to convince the king tier beast to act as a guard.

"In order to keep it under its control for so long, it handed the blood crystal which you obtained after defeating the beast. My second guess would be after the beast found the blood crystal, it was compelled to this area. Something was telling it there was something powerful inside and it didn't know how to use it, at the same time it couldn't leave this place due to its curiosity of power."

Both things sounded possible. What Quinn didn't want it to be was some ancient powerful vampire that had decided to go to sleep on another planet somewhere. At least there was no chance for Quinn to wake it up.

He was human, and he was his own family member. His blood couldn't be used to wake up any vampire. With this, Quinn decided to carry on forward. If this was a grave, then maybe just like pharaohs did of the past, they would bury themselves with their treasures.

Excited by this prospect, he started to jog after Fex who had gone quite away ahead.

After they both followed the torches down the path, it eventually led them to a large staircase leading upward.

"If these stairs lead all the way to the top. Then it's going to be a painful walk all the way up." Fex said.

They had no choice and started their climb. It wasn't as hard as Quinn initially thought, the stairs were many and if it was Quinn before he had turned into a vampire, he would've had to take several breaks.

The two of them powered through the mainy stairs and didn't really feel tired, however, they did feel like the stairs would go on forever and were wondering when they would end. Finally the stairs had leveled out onto a platform and another large door could be seen.

It was the same size as the one at the entrance only this one didn't have a strange lock like mechanism. Up ahead, after the platform, where even more stairs leading up suggesting they hadn't reached the top yet.

"Maybe we should check it out before we continue going upward?" Quinn suggested. "Wouldn't want to miss out on anything."

"Agreed." Fex replied.

With a strong push, the doors opened. They were heavy, but with the two of them they were able to swing the door open. Just like when they opened the door below. Torches around the room suddenly lit up.

Instead dof lighting up a path, this time, the whole room was lit up. It was a fairly large square room but at the same time it was nearly completely bare. There was nothing inside the room apart from five podiums in the center of the room.

Each podium had an item on them. They were pieces of armour, a chest piece, a leg piece, an arm piece, and a helmet. Lastly on the final podium was a ring.

The armour had a strange medieval design to it, and didn't look like any of the beast gear Quinn had ever seen. It looked almost like knightly armour, only with points and such at the end, while red in colour.

If Dragons existed, this is what Quinn would imagine armour being made from a red dragon would look like.

"I can't believe it." Fex said. "This is really ancient old vampire combat armour. I've only seen these things in books. Not even our castle has a set like this."

Fex slowly walked over to the items, afraid that there might be traps around the room, while heading over to the podium he carefully placed each foot but found no such thing. The first podium he arrived at wasn't any of the pieces of armour, instead it was the ring.

"This looks like the one i'm wearing but slightly different. Maybe you can wear this." Fex said as he picked up the ring of the podium. In an instant, the room felt like it was starting to shake.

"What did you do!" Quinn complained.

"Nothing, I just picked up the ring. I was sure there were no traps." When Fex finished saying those words. A strange circular cylinder like shape, lifted up from the podium and covered each of the items. The cylinder went all the way up to the ceiling of the room they were in.

Once the cylinders were formed the vibrations had stopped, and it didn't seem like anything else was going to happen.

Looking at the strange metal cylinder, Fex gave it a knock a few times. "Damn it, there's no way we can get that equipment now. This material is the same thing the door down below is made from."

Seeing what had just happened, Quinn could only assume the other items were locked away once Fex had picked up the ring. Perhaps the same thing would have happened after touching any of the items. Maybe the Vampire who slept here was giving them a choice. A reward for discovering the place, but rather than give them everything, he gifted them a single piece of his treasure.

"Here." Fex said as he threw the ring over to Quinn.

He caught the ring in the air and took a look at it.

"It's yours." Fex said. "I already have one, and I feel like an idiot for touching the ring before making sure everything was okay. If we were only allowed to take one item, then I might have just picked the sukiest out of them all."


[A king tier blocking ring]

[When used on a vampire, it will completely block the effects of sunlight, as long as the ring is worn.]

Seeing the description of the ring, Quinn realised Fex must have made a mistake thinking the ring was the same because it wasn't. Fex's ring was an advanced level ring that was able to block out the sunlight for 3 hours at a time and he would have to go back inside to allow it to recharge.

But this ring had no such effect. It would allow Quinn to stay in the sun without getting any of the bad side effects as long as it was worn. There was no time limit.

With this ring, the one weakness Quinn possessed had disappeared. A huge smile went over his face as he quickly placed the ring on.

"I wonder what else is in this tower?" He thought.


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