My Vampire System
265 A split in paths
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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265 A split in paths

Up in the air, hovering far above while looking down at the fairly large town, was Ham. It was slowly following the group of students, along with the travellers seeing just where they were heading.

It was high enough in the sky, so the light source on their beast gear was unable to reach Ham. Then again, with his eyesight, he was able to see them quite well in the dark anyway.

"I hope Master is okay," Ham said as he sniffled and allowed the large snot from his nose to lift up. He had been crying nearly the whole time, thinking about the possibility of Fex leaving him.

He sniffed one time, hoping to bring the snot up back up from his nose. However, while doing so, he did it just a little too late, allowing a droplet to fall from above.


A small drop of liquid was felt on one of the bald twins head.

"Is it raining in here?" he said as he wiped the wet mark from his head.

"You idiot. We're underground. Of course, it isn't raining. There's probably a river above or condensation or something," the other twin said.

As the group was walking, Logan and Peter made sure to stay at the back. However, Lily continued to stay behind the entire group as a type of guard, just in case anything would appear.

Now, Peter's pace was starting to slow a little as he was being more affected by his hunger.

"Peter, how long can you hold out? Until we get outside, I might be able to to do something by then," Logan whispered.

Peter, immediately looked up at Logan from his bent down position. He didn't say anything. Instead, his eyes were starting to show a slight tint of red in them.

"Okay. Looks like you won't last that long." Looking around, Logan was trying to rack his brain at every option possible.

Finally, the group had reached one of the tunnels that led out of the city from the streets. While looking at all the tunnels around them, Logan thought the place resembled an ant's nest with the many branching tunnels in the end all leading to one destination.

While walking through the tunnels, Logan had come up with an idea that perhaps would enable Peter to feed away from everyone. But before executing the idea, he needed to get some information.

"So with all these tunnels, how do you guys know the way out?" Logan asked.

"These tunnels are like a maze and they either seem to loop to each other, or all end up going back to the original town we just left from," Andy replied. "In the end, we never found an exit, so we decided to create our own. One of the tunnels we marked ourselves. When we noticed the blue crystal lights, we placed red lights by the tunnel we created ourselves that led up to the surface."

With the answer on how to leave the place, Logan could now execute his plan. The other students, including Logan, had actually come down the tunnels via the strange plant-like beast.

Logan had scanned the place before coming down, so he knew there was a space between the surface and the ground they were currently on and was prepared for it. But even Peter had broken his legs when dropping from such a height, and he had a stronger structure than a regular human.

It was a sad thought, but some of the other students were consumed by the strange plant-like beast. A few of them were most likely unable to make it and had fallen to their death. Unless they had an ability that could save them, this would be the case.

All Logan needed to do was to make them split up with the others and search through the tunnels for one of these dead students that Peter could feed on. It wouldn't be too strange if the teachers found a student's corpse half-eaten. Beasts would do these type of things all the time.

Finally, the group had exited from the tunnel and entered another larger section with several more tunnels.

The second they entered the room though, Peter loudly screamed as if he was in pain.

It seemed too sudden. By Logan's predictions, they should have had more time. Looking around the room though, he had soon spotted the cause.

His theory was right, some students really had fallen to their death after being consumed by the plant because there was a couple of students in front of them, their bodies mangled on the ground.

The smell and sight of the students had caused a reaction inside of him. If he hadn't seen them, then perhaps they really would have had more time.

Not knowing what to do, Logan rushed towards Peter with his suit still on and picked him up from the ground.

If it wasn't for the suit he was wearing, Logan wouldn't have been able to even pick up Peter due to the size difference. While lifting him and placing him above his shoulder, Peter remained motionless in the same position, not even moving his hands but continued to groan.

Right now, he was using every bit of energy and was concentrating on not lashing out and going towards the students. But even more so, he didn't want to bite his friend Logan, who was carrying him right now.

Logan continued to run with Peter on his shoulder, picking a tunnel at random.

"Wait, what are you doing!?" Lily shouted, concerned for them.

The others had already gone over to inspect the other students to see if they were still alive and anything they could do. However, it was too late.

Unaware of the commotion going on behind them, they only realised something was happening when Lily had shouted out to them.

"Wait!" Lily shouted out again, genuinely concerned for the two, so she decided to chase after them.

Suddenly, Logan's hand had transformed into one of his blasters. He aimed it at the ceiling and blasted it away, causing the tunnel to crumble down, blocking the path between them.

It wouldn't stop them, especially with their powers, but Logan wasn't hoping for that. He had analysed their leader Andre, and he was quite a smart man. Hopefully, him seeing Logan do these actions would suggest that something was up, knowing they didn't want to be followed. With his cautious nature, he would suggest for them to first go back and hand over the students before returning and Logan was right.

"We should go after them," Lilly suggested. She was genuinely concerned for the students safety. Especially since she was the only one that heard one of the students make a strange noise before everything had happened, and she codlin;t help but wonder if they were related.

"No," Andre replied. "Couldn't you see it? The other student caused the tunnel to collapse on purpose. They wanted to split up for us for whatever reason. For now, it's best if we leave that mystery unsolved and head back to the base. The students must be scared out of their minds after seeing what they have seen today."

The group continued to walk through the tunnels, while also instructing the students to look away from the dead bodies. Cia tired to stay strong but continued to put her hand over her mouth and eyes as she caught glimpses of the bodies. But the others walked past them with more ease than her.

Andre, seeing this, made a mental note. It was as if Vorden and Layla had seen death before. The normal reaction to such a thing would be similar to what Cia had done.

"Why do you think they ran off?" Layla asked Vorden.

"If I was to guess, it would have something to do with Peter again. Logan wouldn't put his neck out on the line like that for no reason."

"Do you think Logan will be okay again? What if Peter's gotten hungry again and tries to eat Logan?"

Vorden couldn't help but chuckle at Layla's suggestion.

"Impossible. Trust me, by now, you should have been able to tell. Logan is not the one to worry about if the two of them got into a fight. It's Peter."

Although that might have been the case before. Logan had used up several of his trump cards in the fight against the king tier beast. He was also slightly injured from the battle, and lastly, Quinn had grown stronger from the fight. Which meant, Peter had too.


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