My Vampire System
263 Just go to the toile
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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263 Just go to the toile

The group of travelers had regrouped and were heading towards the students. Lily had been watching the fight carefully and wanted to join in, but she knew her duty was to stay by the students side, in case anything happend. There weren't many strong creatures in the underground tunnels. Other than the hounds and the king tier beast. They hadn't run into anything else down here.

Still, that didn't mean there was nothing. Also, the group was unaware of just how strong these students they were protecting really were.

As she saw the two twins walking over still groggy, she rushed over to their side. "Are you both alright, I saw what happened, just who was that guy?" She asked as she gave her shoulder to one of the bald headed twins.

"That's what we want to know as well." Andre replied. "You students, you're uniform, I assume you are from one of the military bases out on an outing. Second years right?"

"Actually we're first years." Cia replied, going over to the travelers side. She still hadn't grown fond of the others. Especially since Pio had tried to kill her not too long ago and she didn't know why, but she had the strangest feeling that he was looking at her in a weird way.

Every so often her eyes would meet his. When this usually happend, one person would find the whole thing awkward and turn their head , but when it happend with her and Pio. He would continue to stare into her, as if he was picturing something. It gave her the shivers and she was a lot more trusting of the new travellers.

"It's a good thing we came in time then." Andy replied. "What are the military thinking sending in first years, have the times really gotten that desperate?"

"Well, if you look at the structures around us perhaps." Andre said. "I wanted to ask you guys, what happened? The king tier beast on the ground, did you see what happened to it and do you know what that other creature was, and last of all? What about the strange Demon masked man?"

Peter, Vorden and Layla wanted to keep their mouths shut. They were tired from the battle and worried if they were to explain things now, they might let something slip up. On the other hand, saying nothing would make them seem suspicious.

The others looked in Vorden's direction, he was usually the best when it came to coming up with things. They all gave the nod confirming he would be the one to come up with the story, but just as he was about to speak, Cia had chimed in.

"That king tier beast, it was killed by..." Cia had seen who had delivered the last blow. Although Fex was the strange creature that had mostly injured it. She had seen that it was actually Quinn who had killed it.

"It was killed by me." Another voice interrupted before Cia was able to finish her sentence.

"Logan are you okay?" Layla asked.

"I'll live." Logan replied. His wounds on the outside had healed up from the little robots, but his ribs still hurt a little as he breathed in. He then walked over to the travelers and lifted up showing his wrist watch reavilling he was a level 8.

"It took everything I had with the help of my friends here, but we were finally able to kill the king tier beast. Right after, that strange creature had appeared and had taken me out of the fight, leaving the others to fight for themselves. As for the strange person who appeared at the end. Your guess is as good as ours. He only appeared when you guys saw him as well."

Andre started to think about Logan's words. They were convincing and the power level on his watch was even more convincing, but what had convinced him more than anything was the starne round circular contraption that was on top of his hands. He noticed straight away that they were used to create energy weapons.

With the use of an energy weapon, what Logan had said would be quite achievable. Especially as a level 8 ability user. Also it was hard to imagine why the students would even lie in this type of situation, when they had seen first hand the creature trying to kill them.

On the other hand, there was also Cia. She didn't know who the masked man was while the others did but what she did know, was Fex was the one who had turned into a monster,and Quinn was nowhere to be seen after killing the king tier.

She wasn't complelty stupid. Quinn had been using the red aura attacks, and the masked man had done the same. Most likely Quinn was trying to protect Fex.

The question was, if Logan was lying and covering for them, it meant he also knew about all the secrets this group had and were hiding.

'Should I tell the travellers the truth?' Cia thought. It was a hard one for her, but in the end after looking at Logan she decided not to.

It was her way of returning the favour, not only had she actually been saved by Quinn, but also she had been saved by Logan earlier but with this, they were even. If anything else came up she wouldn't hesitate to tell the others but for now she would keep the secret.

"Okay, I've decided then." Andre said. "let's take them back to the shelter. Their teachers must be worried about them."

"But what about the tower?" Andy replied.

"The tower can wait, it will still be here after we return the students. Besides, I feel like we have made a mistake in not informing the military in what was down here. Now the lives of students and perhaps others have been harmed when we could have prevented it."

Andy looked annoyed, they had been fighting for days, trying to defeat the king tier beast and finding out just what was down here. If it was some unknown powerful Dalki technology and the military got their hands on something powerful, it could ruin the balance of the leaders table.

When looking at the injured students, he felt like Andre was right. His leader was always right, even if he was sometimes too kind.

The students and the group of travellers started to head out of the small town. While doing so, Vorden and Layla would constantly look around hoping to find Quinn and Fex, coming out at some point but after several minutes of walking, they were nowhere to be seen.

'I hope you bring me a nice souvenir to work on from that tower Quinn.' Logan thought. He didn't think Quinn was dead, something was telling him that Quinn was also interested in the strange tower and he hoped Quinn would discover it's secrets and bring back something for him to work on.

While Logan was deep in the thought, he felt a slight nudge to his side.

"Logan, I don't think I can hold it in for much longer." Peter said, as he held his hand on his stomach.

"What, if you want to go to the toilet just go. It's too dark here anyway, nobody will see anything." Logan replied.

"No it's not that."

Hearing those words, Logan knew straight away what Peter meant. He was hungry.


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