My Vampire System
262 Part 2 of the Ques
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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262 Part 2 of the Ques

Deciding not to chase after the strange creature. Andre and Andy agreed to go over and check on the two twins. They were no longer on the floor in pain. Their armour had managed to take most of the damage. But still, the strikes and attacks they received were powerful enough to knock the two of them down.

"Who was that guy?" One of the twins said as he accepted Andre's hand as he stood up from the ground.

"I'm not sure, and I haven't seen that ability before either," Andre replied. "Most likely an original that's on this planet or an independent traveller."

"What? was it that strong that we haven't seen it before?" the other twin replied.

It was their job to know who was on the orange portal planet with them. After all, they would be working together and exchanging information while on the planet. They were sure that other than the military they held the second-highest position of power, as one of the big four on this planet.

There were other shelters around but these two were the most renowned, and where most civilians would take refuge due to its reputation.

"Hey, I think you better come and take a look at this!" Andy shouted others to the others.

The three of them prodded for long, but when their eyes made contact with what Andy was looking at, the two twins nearly keeled over from shock.

"Tha.. tha...That's the King-Tiered Beast we thought against before!" the twin shouted.

They had fought several times against the king beast as a team without Andre. So they knew the strength of the beast. They couldn't believe what had caused them so much trouble was now dead on the ground.

"What do you think happened?" Andy asked.

Andre then knelt beside the beast and started fleshing out certain parts of the beast's cadaver. They knew what he was doing, he was looking for the beast's crystal. Only after fleshing out several different areas of the body with his small dagger did he finally found the crystal.

It was located where the human heart would be, slightly to the left from the middle of the chest.

The extracted crystal didn't look like common at all. It was clearer and wasn't as murky and cloudy as lowered-tiered crystals, but there was something far different in this crystal. It was the fact that it didn't radiate any light nor sheen at all.

Usually, an extracted beast crystal would give off a glow, it would pulsate with energy as if the crystal was a living being. However, the crystal in Andre's hands didn't give off any light at all.

"I'm surprised... There's still a crystal inside? How come it wasn't extracted?" One of the twins said.

"Perhaps it was killed recently," Andy replied. "Also, the fact that there is no glow would suggest that the beast had gone into a type of rage mode."

Hearing this the two twins gulped. They remembered how tough and frightening it was to fight this beast without it going into a type of rage mode. To be honest, the two felt that they were lucky to be alive fighting against such a beast.

"Perhaps that creature and the strange man from before were the ones that killed it?" Andy said, "They were the only ones here at the time."

"No," Andre replied. "There were others here as well." While saying this, Andre looked into the direction, of Vorden and the others.

When they had arrived, it seemed like they were in combat with the strange creature. "They were here before us and they might have seen something, they might have some answers for us."


On the cold floor of an abandoned building, Fex could be seen lying on the floor. Snoring sounds would occasionally come out of his mouth as well as some nasal sounds that indicated he was in deep sleep.

Quinn didn't want to wake him up. He had gone far and beyond for the safety of others. It was a risky move he had pulled turning into the bloodsucker and he wasn't sure he could have done such a selfless act himself.

"Maye vampires aren't as bad as you say," Quinn said to the system.

"The boy I am not worried about." the system replied. "Just like with humans, not every human is bad, but right now the situation you are in is. This is because of those at the top, and sadly the same could be said for the vampires."

Thankfully Quinn was able to hide his identity using the costume and mask Logan had created for him. Also, Fex was unrecognisable as the bloodsucker. He had his uniform on, but in the fight with the King-tiered beast, it was badly damaged and had been rendered unrecognizable.

The travellers looked like they were trying to help Vorden and Peter. Once Fex woke up, Quinn would go and try to meet up with them before they left the cave.

But before all of that, there was still one thing he wanted to check out before leaving.

The Tower.

There were a few reasons for this and it was because of a few things the system had granted him after completing his last quest.

Finally, with Fex sleeping away... Quinn had a chance to look at all the rewards other than the EXP and the blood ability increase he had received.

With the blood skills increase, all his attacks related to blood skills had gotten stronger but the most impressive of them was the blood bank. It now was able to store double the amount of blood at 200ml.

Ten ML of blood restored 5HP.

Which meant if his blood bank was filled to the brim. It would allow Quinn to restore 100 points of HP. This was one of his most important skills as it often gave him a second chance during fights.

[Quest reward: Unlock one ability skill ]

When looking at this it seemed to be related to the shadow ability skill. Regardless of cost, Quinn was now able to unlock any of his remaining shadow skills. There were five skills still greyed out and unable to be selected.

But one of these skills costs a total of fifty skill points to unlock named ShadowEater. With only 30 skill points he was unable to unlock the skill before but now he could.

[New skill: Shadow Eater unlocked]

He would look at the details of the skill later.

With every new skill, Quinn needed to master it first before using it in a fight. Now wasn't the time and there were a few more notifications the system had given him.

He was a bit upset when he found out that he wasn't able to grab the King-tiered beast crystal, but in return, it seemed like the system had given him something else.

[ Small Blood crystal (1) Obtained ]

"That is a very rare item, although you have no use for it now, I suggest you store it in your system for safe-keeping." The system said, refusing to expand on any details. But hearing the system say such a thing was precious still placed a smile on Quinn's face.

The last two notifications were the strangest, as they were;t rewards for completing the quest.

Instead, they were new quests altogether.

[Quest: Reach level 20 for next evloution]

[Reward: Next evolution Vampire noble]

[Additnal rewards will be revealed once rank has been reached.]

Quinn had suspected that the next stage of his evolution process would be when he reached level 20, and the system seemed to have confirmed it. It seemed to have appeared now due to the fact that Quinn was very close to achieving that level, now being level 18.

When asking about Fex, He seemed to remember the system saying Fex was somewhere between a vampire and a vampire noble. Not quite at the next stage yet. Did this mean that he was now stronger, or just as strong as Fex?

It was clear that there were some differences, in terms of certain skills and abilities, but Quinn didn't believe his shadow ability was any weaker, then Fex's string ability.

Finally, the last notification.

[ Quest Part 1/2 ]

[ The king has been defeated and now the tower is left unprotected. Search the tower and discover what treasure it was trying to protect!]

Suddenly, groaning sounds rang out from behind. It looked like Fex was starting to wake up.

"What the hell happened?" Fex said, looking around at where he was. He then looked down and noticed the flask on the floor. Images of when he was the Bloodsucker started to appear in his head and he remembered everything that happened.

"You saved me?" Fex said.

"Come on, I can explain while we're making our way over," Quinn replied.

"Over where?"

"To the tower."


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