My Vampire System
261 An increase in power
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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261 An increase in power

After getting the last hit on the king tier beast and completing the quest. There wasn't much time for Quinn to check out the rewards, or see what he had obtained.

There was the problem with Fex, and shortly after the travellers appeared as well.

It seemed like the group was having problem after problem occur. Soon after seeing the travellers, he knew instantly how they would react to the seeing Fex. It was hard for them to even explain themselves out of the situation, since Fex was currently attacking them as w

However, Quinn felt like he had a way to solve their current issue only he didn't have much time to act. During the fight with the king tier beast, he hadn't done this action because they needed Fex in his blood sucker form. But Quinn still had the flask that Fex had given him.

Once he drunk the blood from the flask, it should be enough for his body to turn to normal. Right now, these travellers that were trying to help, were just getting in the way. Hiding himself in the shadows, Quinn started to think about his next move.

What he didn't expect to happen, was that the small group of travellers would be able to overpower the Bloodsucker.

After seeing him stabbed in the ribs and howling in pain, Quinn had had enough.

"I need to do something!" Quinn thought.

Although he didn't know what rewards he had received from the quest, there were two standout things he knew he had gotten without the need to read the system messages.

The first was his level.

[Level 18]

[10730/25600 exp]

[6 free stat points]

With each level a large amount of exp was required when leveling up, and from defeating one beast, Quinn was able to level up three more times. At the higher levels it would usually take a huge amount of time for one to level up.

But Quinn was fighting beasts several levels above what he should be capable of, it was something the system had never expected.

Before jumping in to help Fex, Quinn had made the quick decision to put all of his points into the charm stat.

[22 Charm points]

This unlocked the next tier in his charm, and straight away Quinn could tell they would be a difference when he next used it. When facing against humans, or those like them, he knew the best stat to increase was the charm stat.

His phantom punch had proven effective, and he also still contained the skills daze and influence. His speed was already great, and although he could increase his strength, based on the last fight, it was useless unless he also had the beast gear to go hand in hand with it.

This left the stamina and charm stat. For now, other than not being able to use the flash step freely, Quinn hadn't run into too many problems with his stamina. He still would have liked to increase both, but it made more sense to pore the points into his charm stat for this confrontation that was about to happen.

With no time to lose, Quinn needed to reveal himself from the shadows, targeting his blood swipe at the leader Andre. When the blood swipe left his hands though, he noticed that it was a lot more powerful and stronger than before.

This confirmed one of the other messages that Quinn had received.

[All blood related skills have increased by 1]

[Blood swipe level 3]

[Blood spray level 3]

[Crescent kick level 2]

[Blood bank level 2]

This was a huge improvement in power. It took a long time to level up his skills and Quinn was wondering if his blood bank would ever level up and it finally did. Although it wasn't much use right now, because it was empty.

"Why did you attack me, we are trying to get rid of this beast!? Andre said annoyed at the strange figure. It was clear the person who had attacked him was human so he didn't want to lash out immediately and decided to break down into peaceful negotiations.

There wasn't much time for chit chat though, for Fex had pulled out the spear in his side and threw it onto the ground. It swiped at Andre next to him again, but Andy was already by his side to block the attack with his shield once more.

The two twins were now coming up from behind and threw out two wind kicks, forming a sharp slice from the tip of their boots.

A few moments later and they could feel something run past them at an incredible speed. Quinn no longer had any MC points to use his shadow, so he could only rely on his blood skills for this one.

Catching up to the twins attack's, Quinn threw a quick kick from the side.

'Blood crescent kick!' A large red aura immediately consumed the twins attack and continued to go off into the darkness.

Annoyed at this, the twins continued to run forward.

"Stop getting." One of the twins said. "In our way." the other finished the other's sentence.

MAking sure to make eye contact with one of them, Quinn activated his daze skill.

[Daze ssessful]

One of the twins immediately stopped as they felt a chill run down the spine. They didn't know what it was but it was as if their body was being controlled. The other continued to run forward unaware of what was happening to the other.

Throwing out a fast punch, the twin was prepared to block the attack, lifting its two arms in an x-like shape, but the attack had never come. Suddenly, he felt a heavy fist in the stomach.

'Blood spray!' At the same time as the punch was released, Quinn used his blood spray at close range sending one of them flying backwards. By now the other had been released from the stun and came charging forward hoping to help out his brother.

A kick was released at an amazing speed. Using the power of the wind behind his kick, rather than releasing it as an attack at the end, he was able to speed up his attack considerably.

Seeing this, Quinn decided to match him toe to toe, throwing out a kick of his own just as fast. The two legs clashed mid air as both of their shins striked each other.

'Who is this person?' The twin thought. 'He's just as fast as me, and I have beast gear on as well as using my wind abilities. The gear he's wearing doesn't look like it's made from high level beasts. So what could it be?"

While in the middle of his thought, he could see a flurry of fists coming towards him. He had knocked away the first one and attempted to block the second moving his head to the side. Once again, just like with his brother, the attack that was meant to come had never come, and a fist came out from a different direction altogether, hitting him right on the head and knocking him down to the ground.

With this attack Quinn decided to not use his blood spray.

[22/95 HP]

Using the spray with his punches once in a while and the blood swipe, it would continuously lower his HP. It was the big downside of using the blood abilities. Still, with the phantom punch other than his mind feeling more tired as he used it, he had another skill he could rely on.

Both Andy and Andre, including the beast, were busy with Fex, but from the corner of their eye, they could see that the strange figure had easily dealt with two of their men. This had surprised Andre.

The two Quinn had dealt with, they weren't weak. They were strong, and had gone on countless orange planet expeditions. They were even able to survive and escape a confrontation with a king tier beast.

It was why Andre wasn't worried for them and continued to deal with the Bloddsucker, but he had never expected this.

Looking at Andre's fight against Fex, Quinn could tell he was strong. The three of them were evenly matched against him. Even with Quinn's speed increase and power increase, he wasn't as strong as Fex in his current form.

With the little Hp he currently had, ontop of no longer having any MC points to use his shadow ability. Quinn didn't want to do anythign stupid like confronting, Andre and Andy.

He quickly popped open the lid of the flask and straight away, he was able to smell the sweet aroma of blood coming from it.

"i hope this works." Quinn said, and just like that, Fex had turned his head, catching the same smell as Quinn.

Now this was the hard part, immediately Quinn started to run off in the direction of the tower, and closely behind him Fex chased after. The two of them went off down the street into the darkness.

Both of them were unable to be seen, for they were no longer in the sticky lights that Logan had shot on the street.

"Should we chase after the two of them sir?" Andy asked.

When looking at the two, Andre found it strange, it wasn't as if the creature was following the strange masked man like he was his master. Instead it looked like he was trying to kill him.

"Leave them be, we have to go back and check up on the students." Andre replied.

Quinn had continued to run full speed ahead, activating his wind walk boots, but he knew it would be useless with the great speed of the bloodsucker. The only thing he could do was run into buildings, to slow Fex down.

While Quinn was able to navigate smoothly through them. Fex would bang into several items, or just use his brute force to smash into them.

"This should be far enough." Quinn thought. In one of the abandoned buildings, there was a large room that was mostly empty. He quickly placed the flask on the floor and continued to run forward.

He was still unsure if Fex would continue chasing after him or go after the flask. When fex reached the flask on the floor, immediately using its clawed hands it picked it up and started shaking it and pouring it into its mouth, it didn't allow a drip of it to touch the floor.

Once the flask was completely empty, the Bloodsucker started to sway, as if he was drunk and was about to collapse on the floor, and soon after, he did. While looking at the body from a distance it looked like the body was starting to shrink.

"Well, I'm glad that's over with." Quinn said, while Fex was busy going back to his regular self, Quinn looked out the window and at the tower. It now was only a few buildings away.

"I wonder just what's inside there?"


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