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260 The Bree family
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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260 The Bree family

Seeing the leader of the travelers being able to control, and have a beast by his side like that. Meant that Andre must have been a member of the Bree family. This family wasn't any regular family, for they were one of the big four.

When looking at Andre though, Layla felt like it wasn't anyone she recognized. Although, those from the big four families, other than the leaders hardly any of the others were recognisable unless they had a bad reputation.

The Bree family were a bit unique compared to the other strong families and original families out there. Their ability had always existed only it wasn't as threatening as the others. Before earth started the exploration of beast planets, the Bree family were only able to tame one thing, the current animals on earth.

It was only after the exploration had started that their true power came to light. Beasts from other planets were a lot stronger than animals back on earth. Depending on their level and control of the ability, it allowed them to tame higher and lower level beasts. It would also affect the amount of beasts they could control at one time as well.

Their power was borrowed power in a way. They weren't the ones that did the actual fighting, or this is what others would think. It was the general thought between the public or those that had never seen a Bree before.

The Bree's were actually incredibly talented when it came to fighting. For when taming a stronger beast, one would have to show it was stronger than what it was trying to tame. There would be cases where this wasn't needed, but for the higher levels it was a different story.

With their incredible fighting skills and strong beasts they were able to work together, creating a powerful force and eventually climbed up the leader to be a part of the big four. Just relying on others powers wasn't enough to make it at the leaders table.

The group of travellers had already gone, Lily the archer had decided to stay behind to keep a close eye on the students. Just in case any other beasts appeared.

Layla wanted to say something, as she was sure Quinn didn't want Fex to be hurt and was trying to come up with a way to save him, but she couldn't think of a good explanation and they had already gone.

"Don't worry, my friends are strong." Lilly said with a smile. Trying to comfort the students. She thought they must have had such a terrible experience, fighting down here in the dark.

'That's what I'm worried about.' Layla thought. 'Because, my friends are strong as well.'

With all three of the boys standing around the Bloodsucker, it was confused with who to target. Suddenly, it started to sniff into the air like some type of hound.

"What's it doing?" Peter asked. Quinn thought the same thing but that's when he realised what a Bloodsucker really was. It was a starved vampire. It was unable to consume the blood of Peter and Quinn. So the only one there it would be interested in was Vorden.

"Vorden, run!" Quinn shouted as he tried to dash forward to his side.

But the larger spirit spear had worn off, and at most Vorden was able to produce two more spears, slowing down the beast by 20 percent. Even with this reduction it was still a lot faster then Quinn, and he would never be able to reach Vorden's side in time.

Seeing the Bloodsucker heading towards him gave him bad memories once again and he had frozen in place. Vorden hadn't felt fear like this in a long time.

"Sil, we need you!" Vorden shouted.

Trying to think quickly on his feet. Quinn took out the flask. He was hoping if he popped open the lid, the smell of blood would allow it to change its target. However, even before Quinn was able to do that, a strange lion like beast had jumped in between Vorden and the Bloodsucker.

As it pounced towards the Bloodsucker, it's flames on it's tails grew brighter. The two of them clashed in the center. Claw against paw and surprisingly, even to the beasts surprise, it was outpowered and pushed back.

It was chucked to the ground and rolled on the floor, before quickly picking itself up and growling loudly at the creature.

"Looks like you're going to need my help with this one cookie." The young man Andre held out his spear and stood by his lion's side.

"This is not the same beast we encountered before." Andy said. The others had now come and joined their leader in battle. "This beast is stronger than Cookie, not only that but it seems to be stronger than the king tier beasts we had met up with earlier."

When Andy and his group of companions came down before to fight against the king tier beast. They weren't strong enough to force it into a rage mode. This is why they believed the Bloodsucker was more powerful than the king tier beast.

When, both of them were fighting at their full power, they were actually even.

The two bald twins had appeared, one by Vorden's side, and the other by Peter's side. "You guys did well to survive against such a thing." One of them said. "But you can now leave it to us." the other said, ending the first one's sentance.

"We will take you back to your friends, follow us quickly as we must help our leader to fight." The twins were insistent,and before they could even reply, they were already trying to pull both Vorden and Peter out of the fighting area.

While being pulled along, Vorden was moving his head around the area. 'Where's Quinn? Wasn't he just on the other side. If he's hiding he has to have a reason.' Vorden thought.

However, when one of the twins tried to pull Peter, they were suddenly stopped. The twin yanked again and it felt like he was trying to move a large boulder. "What are you doing, why won't you move? If you stay here you will be killed."

Peter then looked back, in a certain direction, he waited a while before replying. "Okay, but don't touch me, or I might bite your hand off."

The twin was wondering, just who was this student. They had just come to save their lives and they were threatening them. Although he wanted to snap back. He knew they were only students and they must have gone through a lot, which was why Peter had responded the way he did.

The two boys were taken out of the area and now, Andre and Andy, felt like they could fight with no worry.

The Bloodsucker went towards the two in front of its eyes. It hadn't been injured much, but it was still starving from blood, as spit continued to drip from its mouth.

The first to move out of the two was Andy. He jumped forward and with his large shield and braced himself for an attack. Slowly, parts of the shield seemed to cover itself in reinforced earth. The core and metal part of the shield could still be seen but now the shield was twice the size and the outside covered in parts of earth.

The attack hit against the shield, breaking most of the earth away, but the shield was still perfectly intact. Still, the power of the strike caused Andy to slightly tumble himself, nearly falling to the ground but a hand was placed on his back stabilizing him.

"Im here." Andre said.

Instead of charging forward, the Bloodsucker could sense a slight vibration in the air and moved backwards, a few moments after and two slices of wind went past.

"How did he know it was coming?" One of the twins said. They had returned from escorting the kids to Lily and had used their wind abilities throwing out a kick and slice of wind.

"It looks like this beast has some level of intelligence." Andre said as he jumped up onto Andy's shoulder, before running on top of his shield and jumping right on the edge towards the beast.

From the side, Cookie, the lion beast pounced once again, the flames this time on its tail were even more brighter then before and when they clashed, neither one of them was falling back.

The Bloodsucker seemed to still be slightly stronger , but Andre just wanted it held there for a moment, as he thrusted his spear forward he was able to hit the creature right between the ribs.

Fex begin to scream in pain as the pointy object was jammed into him. Usually, his tough muscles would be able to form some type of protection. But seeing how easy it was able to penetrate him meant the weapon was one of a high level.

Andre let go of the spear, and was ready to hit it in further, digging it into the creature, trying to cause a serious wound but the second he let go, a large red line of arua had come from the side.

He didn't know what it was but he could sense it's power, and lent back narrowly avoiding the strike.

"Get away from my friend!" A strange robotic and deep voice sounded.

As the group turned to look at who had spoken those words. All they could see was a human figure dressed in a balck suit, wearing a demon mask that was covering its bottom jaw. While its eyes were white and shaped like a demon.


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