My Vampire System
259 Another big one
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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259 Another big one

"That hit, it came from Fex. Was I too greedy this time." Quinn said. "It's not usually like me to be like that."

While having these thoughts, he quickly realized something. He wasn't dead. Surely a full-on hit from Fex would have killed him, but the reality was it hadn't done. In fact, Quinn had hardly been hurt at all.

[50/95 HP]

Using Quinn's blood bank, he was able to heal most of his wounds but not all and recovered around sixty of his HP points. That meant the attack had only taken a little over ten when being hit.

Opening his eyes, Quinn could see the Bloodsucker in front of him again. He had been chucked into the air and sent back, but it wasn't too far as the blow was significantly weakened and now he knew why.

When looking at Fex, a large thick blue spirit spear was stuck inside of the Bloodsucker. It was hard to even call it a spear as it seemed to be around the same thickness as an adult human. It looked more like a column that would hold up buildings.

"Quinn, I can't produce another one like that! Finish him now if you can!" a voice was heard shouting from down the street.

Looking behind the Bloodsucker, Quinn could see Vorden running towards him. The spear had come from him. Waiting for the right moment to throw the spear into the king tier beast. It looked like it never would happen, and eventually, the beast had already died, but Vorden was glad he had held out.

After Quinn's attack, he could see what was going to happen and threw out the large spirit spear into Fex. It was thanks to this that the blow was significantly reduced in terms of power and speed.

Still, Vorden knew he needed to continue and act fast. After throwing out the larger sprit spear, he was unable to produce it again. Because of this, Raten switched places back with Vorden, and had run out, hoping to support Quinn.

He could only throw the regular spears out now, but it was better than nothing.

"Kill Fex?" Quinn said. No, he couldn't do that. It was only because of him they were able to kill the king tier beast in the first place. They could have quite possibly had all died there today.

It wasn't fair for them to hurt thier saviour.

"What do you want to do?" A voice said next to Quinn's right.

Peter had now joined them as well. Vorden was stood off to the right of the Bloodsucker, While Quinn and Peter were stood on the other side of the street. Logan was still hurt and patching himself up by the two girls next to one of the buildings. Still staying out of trouble.

While watching what was going on, the girls started to hear a few voices from somewhere.

"So just a little further ahead and the beast you encountered before should be here?" A confident young voice said.

"Yes sir, every time we wanted to go explore the tower, the beast would come out and stop us. This happened several times while trying to make our way towards the tower, no matter what direction we came from. It seems to be protecting something." A female voice said. "Unfotuently, each time we faced the beast, although we were able to come out with our lives, we were unable to defeat it."

"I would agree with your prediction." The confident voice replied. "You were right to not report this to the other shelters, as well as the military shelter. Hopefully, that treasure can do well for our faction."

"Sir, what do you think about that loud bang we heard a few moments ago. Do you think this place was discovered by others?" Another male's voice asked.

"That's why we're heading there now."

The group continued to talk, and Layla and Cia, were starting to hear the voices even louder now. Soon they could see just where the conversation was coming from. Down the street, a group of travellers were walking together.

It was easy to spot them since each of them had a sticky light patch on them. It worked similar to a torch, only it didn't need to be held and could just be stuck on top of thier armour. It also glowed the surrounding area rather than just one direction. It allowed the area around the person to be bathed in light.

"Don't they look kind of familiar?" Cia thought.

The girls didn't come running out. Just because they saw things that looked like humans didn't mean they were, but as they got closer it turned out they really had seen them before.

"Yeah, back at the shelter." Layla replied.

They were the group of travellers who had reported to the military updating them about the exploration. Judging by the conversation they had just overhead. It looked like they hadn't exactly been truthful with thier report either.

Layla wanted to move from thier position. They weren't inside a particular building but were just between two buildings down an alleyway. She still wasn't sure about these people. If they could lie to the military, perhaps they would also happily silence them, for being down here and knowing about this place as well.

The problem was Logan, he still looked like he couldn't move. While she was thinking about what to do, it was too late to do anything anyway.

"Other there." A female voice said. "It looks like there are other people here. Heck, their kids aren't they."

The group quickly rushed over to students and were shocked at the state and just how young the students where. After seeing their uniform, they quickly figured out where they were from, the military. Something must have happened the group thought.

They were a group of five. All of them had beast gear covering thier body. The female was the first to approach them named Lilly, who also had a Bow on her back. Only hers looked a level higher then what Layla had.

Then there was a couple of bald-headed twins. Each of them didn't hold a weapon in thier hand, but there leg's were covered in thick boots, while the rest of thier leg's had light armour, it was a strange sight. They were called Rock and Pock.

There was then another man, who seemed to always be staying by the youngest looking person's side. He had a shield on his back with a sword sheathed by his waist. The man looked a little older than the others. It was as if he was assigned to look after the whole team, but after listening to them for a while. Layla quickly figured he wasn't the leader. It was the young man standing next to them.

The young man had brown wavy hair that was tied up in a ponytail. His weapon of choice was a spear that was as long as himself placed on his back. The most noticeable thing about him was the air around him.

It was full of confidence and one with a look of experience. When Layla looked at him, she was reminded of Leo.

"Im the leader Andre." the young man said. "What happened here, did you guys get attacked?"

"Quinn, move!" Vorden shouted.

As Andre asked the question, he had heard voices from down the street. When the group turned to look, they could see the three other students all fighting against a strange creature.

"Is that the beast you guys encountered before Andy?" Andre asked.

"No sir. That's something else. I've never seen that before." The older man Andy replied.

"It doesn't matter, they're in trouble and we need to slay the beast."

Then from the shadows, behind where the group had just come from. The sound of loud footsteps was heard. Out from the darkness slowly, a figure started to come out.

"Another beast, and it's a strong looking one. Turn around." Cia said in a panic.

But the group or travellers didn't look panicked at all. The strange beast looked a bit like a Lion, and was the same size as one. Its muscles could be seen as well but on its bottom half. Instead of a single tail, it carried several each one with a small flame at the end.

The lion approached Andre's side and started to lick him on the face.

"A tame beast?" Layla said.

"Thats right." Lilly replied. "You guy's don;t have to worry about a thing, we will get rid of that beast for you. For you see, our leader here, is from one of the big four families."


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